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Aug '13

I am a victim of stupid…

I read fashion bloggers. I love fashion. I used to buy Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Glamour. Today– I read to get a sense of what’s going on.

Regina, has her own style

— Freddie Cooper 1990 or so.

yes– I do– and I do not ask others for unsolicited advice where my style is concerned. For some reason– washington and their kin- misunderstand me. That said– many ask for my opinion on style– and really. I do not think my personal style should be everyone’s– and I am pretty good at what might work for others…

Yesterday– after noting an article in an online publication– I asked– but how many men are walking around with those women. And one earpiece guy said- “yes, regina– men will walk around with you”.

reading… I also used to shop Nordstrom– a lot. I love Nordstroms. In my area there was one at Pentagon City, Tyscon’s Corner Mall, Columbia Mall and Annapolis Mall.

So recently, when I started highlighting some of their online goodies– I also started noticing others who did as well.

I was looking around the Nordstrom blog the other day– and found a link to a relatively new blogger.

I am told I like beautiful more than most– so when I found the blog– I said “oh, now here we go”. The other– Courtney’s from Dallas. Don’t get me wrong– I show my fashion style too. But I have two reasons– for doing this:

  1. I believe I am the victim of mistaken identity or intentional mistaken identity– and I am just too conservative
  2. I try to show who I was before this began. I have too many business suits– even though about a third were stolen.

I am not a style setter– but I do have a sense of style. These days, my gripe against the more traditional style organizations– they let fashion bloggers set the style– and typically these bloggers never worked in an office and tend to be a bit more bohemian.

I keep asking the WAshington Post Style section– what happened to Linda Carter. They tend to want to tell me about Washington street style– and I want them to tell me about washington society style. Let the bloggers tell about their own style.. In most cases it should not be copied. Mine either– not unless you want to look like a television lawyer of the 80s. See I am hard on me too. That said– fashion bloggers today [small time--] tend to preach to the choir and no one else.

As I said– I have been wearing suits since I was in high school doing internships.. I will provide photos of the suits later.

Then an episode of Snapped came on yesterday– and I said oh my god. Earpiece confirmed.

what bothers me about this? The crap with me is too in my face– and everyone else’s. And though I heard the reasons for why the new blogger is blogging- it is just too in everyone’s face. She was too beautiful then.. and noticed.

I hate the way legal types think they can do anything and we are all stupid.. It is happening to me.

If you figure out what I am talking about— let me say– a judge violated her and they had to find another solution.. this is not my point. That said– I like pretty more, well dressed and sexy more than others and I go for this in my own style..

Too many women are petty.. this is not about her.. this is about why authority sits in your face and lies to you.. are you stupid?

Another one– a granddaughter I am told of a female senator in washington. I am not a fan. of neither the grandmother nor granddaughter. Why tell you? Because I had no idea they were related but after hearing why Rachel who married and did not know I was trying to tell “thin air” that her story about the suit probably screwed her and how the senator had the granddaughter lie on me– I asked others– “why don’t you see?”.

I tried to play car dealers in the area when I purchased my 1990 RX 7 Convertible– 23 years ago.. they told me they knew that and I payed for it. Not play them– just get the best price. When I read the story in the blog.. I said– I think you paid for that. Recently I was told who the granddaughter was who knew the bride. They pointed at one another. Other bloggers– do you hear me…

Pretty and style are yours.. conniving bitch– theirs… said let go.. washington.

Someone just said– but why didn’t her blog title tell Regina– there was a link? Because I [Regina] am not that pompous. And it is something I would not brag about– the blogger.

I am often told by washington folks in my ear I am ugly. That said– most will also say I am cuter in person and the hidden cameras do nothing for me. I think this is supposed to be a consolation prize. Not sure why. I am told console cameras do nothing for most.

A topic often in my ear? the Washington STyle Project that I think about when I am not doing anything else. Someone said– the reason they like you — you say you are not camera pretty and want to come up with ideas for the project. Not own but work it.. private ideas… No reality show appearances for me.. I then explained and the reason they don’t like you — is because you do not seem to know you are not camera pretty. I do not mind being ugly.. I mind rude bitches.


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