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Jun '13

Adsense– please fix your reports

Last spring– when I negotiated settlement deals with several of my affiliates- several indicated that once the settlement was in place– my stats were too “big” to pay actuals. This meant my impressions, clicks or sales would be ignored– and instead they would pay a weekly dollar figure– if I wanted to continue with a relationship.

Affiliates include:

Those settlement deals have been promised over the last year– and are still being promised — but have yet to be put in place. Washington– the hold up.

So, in the past week, I have started to monetize my sites further. I added, Adsense Ads to the forums and two blogs. Daily, I get about 1000 signups for the forums. My site stats confirm a lot of unique hits to the forums. Here are the AWstats for the sub-domain for June 2013.

The problem– Google Adsense reports– stats for this blog’s subdomain– where there are no Adsense ads.. and none for the forums subdomain.

Earpiece is saying– they have always put in false stats. I am not sure why this is legal.

I know my site[s] get hits. When I used the GoodGuide API for a widget that I installed on the WiredPages Shopping page– I had to take it down because it had too many hits. I knew this before earpiece activation in Feb. 2012– but it was confirmed after activation.

Another example– the Zillow Widget I maintain here. Earpiece said I did the right thing– by not putting the widget directly on the WiredPages Real Estate page.

In both cases, the widgets enabled users to request data- quickly rather than go through page refreshings– so this added to the resource drain on the data providers. Meaning one user could have been causing the problem as opposed to many unique visitors. That said– it has been confirmed [via earpiece]– QiSoftware site areas have gotten and still do get a lot of unique visitors. I developed the Blogger Calendar in 2004 and have a lot of innovative tools to my credit. Why doesn’t washington get this?

That is how my VIP relatives and associates defrauded some of the big name affiliates– first by claiming they would pay me– and then attempting to blackmail– claiming they should have paid me directly and not them. I knew nothing about this until– Feb. 2012. Rock– approached in Oct. 2011 about a big deal for me. Why you Rock? Why not DOJ? Jason– I said no. That washington filth is still in the middle of this– amazes me.

Recently, I have used some of my Christmas money to get things I have needed. I have discussed the items. Earpiece says- I have sold sandals and at least 20 clocks via Amazon– yet I only got credit for one pair of sandals. Amazon– too claim they are waiting on WAshington– to put in the deals. Is this true? I am not sure..

WAshington will not leave me alone. They will not put in the deal– for which my affiliates have already paid and they will not stop bothering me.

Recruitment? I said no. Guy Allen the other night –said he should own QiSoftware.

I was looking over the forum lists I maintain.. Blogger tools and addons and Celebrity Bloggers.. Both are in need of updates.. When I think about the time I spent just putting those lists together- and then a statement from someone I knew at Rockwell that knew what I had been through– through the years– and he should own QiSoftware?

Rockwell– Guy Allen is going to put on those sandals and sell? Many in washington want to own QiSoftware. I asked- what they would do with it in terms of a business plan. Blog? Sell my software? put up your blog and sell? He wants to own it because I worked at rockwell, had a degree and he got aids? Matthis– have you counted my very important relatives? He only has you. get that idiot off me.

That is my blood, sweat and tears. Get off me.

Here are stats from my Adsense account. I just added– ads for personal, remix and forums on Monday.

Adsense.. please put the numbers in right.. I have not had adsense ads on this blog in over a year.. please fix this.. I am tired of liars.

What I really find amazing? the Amazon attorney is giving washington the number on sales– however telling the filth- no amazon will not be paying them.. Amazon– should you be giving them the number of sales from my sites? That clock has been in my wish list for about 5 months. Someone actually claimed they gave me the idea? and that’s why they should have been paid for clocks sold?

Washington– get off me.

Update: just given the reason Guy Allen made that stupid remark.. he should own QiSoftware. I wanted to make her mad… so that washington could keep the money my affiliates paid to have this issue cleared up? How’s that affiliates?

By the way doj– I am told you can see guy and his daughter– danielle on those console knobs.. you owe arrests.

DOJ- openly saying they are using people to harass.. first it was hayden and mullen. they stopped. now guy and danielle. Jason– I have heard you instigating.. Jan had my sandals fedex’d when I ordered them so she could show them off over the console network? she wants credit from Amazon. Jenna wants my adsense revenue– because my nephew gave her aids? Don Evans why are your grand kids in my business? I did not know they existed. I was told you went to jail already– tax evasion on the LunarPages crap. Rock set you up? I always liked you. He told me he minded. your grand child next? fraud.. get that person off me.. I have told you this before. And Angus– they think you look like hayden.. on the surface you don’t.. stop opening your mouth.. FBI– said “fked everyone in your house”.. I mind excuses.. stop being an excuse.. you sound stupid to most.. that’s the surprise.

These are things said to me over the last several days.. whenever Amazon reports numbers– given to Jason [hidden Doj]– he reports and they want. Jason– go see scrapy– I said not in my business. get off me.

Phyliss saying no her son did not. Don– everyone knew those boys had aids in the late 90s. Gene, Bruce, Sam.. how could they give any newcomers aids– especially if they are related to you?

Earpiece keeps trying to use Jenna? why? Does she have aids? I have no idea.. twice heard this story about Phyliss and Bruce’s son.. the one with the brand [star trek next generation] on his forehead.. and Jenna. why keep telling me.. I do not owe Paula, Laura nor Jenna.

I liked Kathleen. [don] your daughter with Laura? The other twin hers- with Sam.. Aids she smoked– I am sorry..

I was being poisoned. everytime BP came out I had another episode.. she [jenna] wanted to play with the big boys.. Little girls should not think they are cute while threatening. I said no don.. Never liked laura nor paula. lIked Kathleen.. sorry she is part of this crap.. I do not like jenna. Tell W– Ryan [safehouse] is his winner.

Jason– why do I keep asking if this is your game?


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