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Jun '13

your boy service screwed you?

One or two months ago– Jason told me the original deal was supposed to start installment payments by June 13, 2012. I knew this. He said he scheduled the new deadline for June 14, 2013.

Two weeks ago he said he could no longer start the Federal Reserve account set up for me– because he looked too flim flam… I thought so too. Who agreed– the FBI. The source of the funding –I am told thought he was playing too many games– but stuck with him.

On Wednesday of this week, the vibrations were so bad I started submerging my ear in water again. Yes, some relief. then last night again. I heard many in my ear angry– because I did this. they linked up 50 consoles they claim the Pentagon owns. for some reason– when the device is water soaked it greatly reduces the pounding but does not destroy it completely… I think the vibrations on the nerve are degraded.

Jason I keep hearing– they went for national security– based on Pentagon crap.. even you say its crap. Did you send the billion back? I printed [see Three days of the condor]. Continuing torture.. I am printing.. those with x-ray videos can see. Told–FBI, DOj, some of my family members, Rock and certain outside lawyers including the ACLU. I am not lying. what is the national security issue they are claiming? The issues we discussed?

Several months ago, Jason told me he had a whore on account. He was at the office a lot.. Many have told me their business. Anyway– upon hearing about his gov. paid whore– I asked if it was illegal. he was told to get rid of the account and the whore. He checked.. fbi/doj gave the advice. Yes, I wanted Jason clean.

What that did? Cleaned up a lot of whore houses. My sessions too loud. But they are saying the tax payer was not paying for them.. foreign interests. I am told Lamar’s house also targeted.. a big 10 million dollar house somewhere in the WAshington Metro area. He got really mad. When I was told about Lamar’s 10 million dollar house he was about to loose because he was living in it for free– I asked if Lamar thought I wanted him to be my whore? No response… I do not owe washington filth.. my response then and now… Torture to pay for Lamar’s house? I owe jail.

I am not upset it did not start.. I am pissed some of the water evaporated — and I felt enough of those 50 machines when I awoke this morning.. Someone that sounded like an ignorant white boy and believe it or not a black girl from the pentagon kept saying things like you fckign bitch.

As if I am at war– trying to keep my own heart alive.

Also within the last two weeks– Angus was trying to demoralize Susan Rice the reason the selection was made. No, I have never been a fan of Susan Rice– saying – no thank you to Obama and his staff early on. I asked why not Victoria Nuland? [search state department spokes person]. No– I am not trying to get into gov. business… I offered it –because John Kelly keeps trying to blame me for his looking stupid.. as the reason he needs the bag– and me gone. Gone how? not sure. she looked credible.

When I was told she [Susan Rice] was actually his x-wife sometime after Feb. 2012– I said– and really no thank you… Angus thought I have sides within US Gov idiot contests…? No.. I always thought I was a DOJ/FBI question. See the FBI categories on my blogs..

Did you see the UN session when he spoke.. go review the tapes. I asked earpiece immediately as I was watching the press conference what her credentials were. Told none. Then told it was an Angus appointment.. not right then– but days later– to demoralize Susan Rice.

I thought there was an Obama play government and then a real gov. Angus- get his tapes.. You would risk others laughing at her throat with no other qualifications in a world forum– on top of everything else going on to piss off susan rice?

Then the Pentagon– says the reason– they need they bag– they look too bad? really? what am i missing..

They will not leave me alone.. I think I am degraded the earpiece– but I am not sure.. they have found a combination that can leave me sort of breath..

FBI– I did print. this is not a national security issue… Pentagon black girl– are you crazy? I cannot walk away, I cannot earn. I cannot get justice. All I can do is be tortured and you are helping?

I am not at war with the Pentagon.. Jason– find your law degree and show the civilian.. or was it too late.. the whore? or do you still feel I owe a contingency fee…

What I do not owe is the Pentagon my bag.. you said they left.. 50 machines belong to them.. idiots in my ear this morning sounded like them.. black girl claimed to be from the pentagon.

Jason what don’t I get.. I am not national security… I own the bag.

By the way- they are saying Lamar and Angus — kin to John Winston. For some reason they think I will like them better because of this. Philip– why don’t they get– I did work for John and I did tell him no…

I will never work for the US government.. filth. pure filth.. I was watching a movie with Bill Pullman the other night.. Miracle Day.. He was a convicted pedophile and child murderer. They tried to electrocute him– but the premise of the movie was no deaths.

There was a legal debate as to whether he could sue for cruel and unusual when the electrocution failed. What pissed me off– WAshington is filled with pedophiles, whores and criminals who are trying to kill me and I can do nothing about it. They have aids– so they have an excuse…

Angus– I am told you do not… John Kelly– you do.. Jason– you keep telling me you are a jew boy.. I said no.

The other news– a spat of high profile celebrities getting charged for things.. Do not screw your kids, idiots.

Cinamon– I am told you are Don Evan’s granddaughter. I liked Don evans a lot when I first saw him in Jan. 2001. At the time he was being fired from the lead position– something I did not know.. Aids to his mistake. Reagan– Camille Cosby– Bruce Leshan’s mom with Evans.. Camille — Nancy Reagan’s daughter…

Last night, Hayden bragged that he put you in jail. Hayden I said no thank you to– when I first noticed him as the new CIA director.. Evans — I asked how did washington get you? I thought he was in charge.. This back in 2001. So I have had a lot of distain for washington for a long time. He looked smart. Talked smart.. Keep in mind I am from corporate america and not government.. Government is not smart to me.. I always made a big deal over Evans.. this pissed off Rock.

Pentagon– you need to get Hayden off me.. replay his tapes– and have him shut up.. he is bragging he locked up one of Evans’ grandkids and he wants me to be impressed? Get your idiot off me. Don– are you impressed? As a matter of fact– you let these idiots continue to open their idiot mouths on this network– and I am going to show you and your idiots are the national security issue. Get off me.

On a separate note– R. Gil Kerlikowske is on CSPAN now in a congressional hearing. Does he remind you of Bruce Laingen of the Iranian Hostage Crisis? Earpiece– the same families just stay in washington? No response as to whether they are related.. waiting… nope no response…

I keep seeing him [Gil].. I said no thanks.. concerns me that I keep seeing the same faces over and over again.. Gil– you look a little too much like Bruce.. were your parents too closely related?

I want to be the american public.. not in the middle of washington and her idiots…

Someone soundign like Rock– just confirmed– yes, Bruce Laingen– boy.

The other thing Jason and I discussed? Ben so mad with Jason late last fall he followed him to a washington bar. saw him with an asian [filipino] guy… Jason claims asian guy his whore account. Jason went after rock hard.. Jason tried to arrest ben on car issue late fall 2012– not realizing because ben bragged about it at the time it happened.. he already went down for it.. All this too the punishment for insured washington.. In April 2012– Ben told me everything he did including his mother’s role in this. FBI should have tapes. Many have tried to tell me ben is mean to me.. the problem- he had already told me.. why didn’t Jason know- the fbi had already– arrested on the car tampering? I am not insured.. I needed Jason to be a real US Attorney… Why tell me about ben and the bar? Not sure.. Maybe that’s why Jaosn told me about his whore account.

Jason makes no bones about the fact- he wants a jewish team managing me.. I want no one.. At the time [last fall]– believing this would be over soon– I asked been to look at local college campus– for pretty, intelligent and creative for the WAshington style project.. Jason did not say that he went after Ben for this.. it is my question..

Jason too jewish boy.. he says this.. Source says they do not owe jewish community– too flim flma.. I say I do not owe.. I owe Jason as a legit US Attorney– looking into this crap.

I am told– Jason likes Jill, Matthis, Danielle and Guy for washington style.. I told them good luck.. I also asked if she had anything to do with red scarfs and washington housewives.. a disaster.. why don’t you ever learn.. No education.. matthis promoted his girl.. get off me jason.

Why try to the protect ben? I have a secret crush? No.. he is like a little brother to me.. when we first started taking he would ask– Now, is that right? Why did he do that? Once, when he was at Blair house- I asked him to talk a photo and send it to me.. my earpiece had a lot of bells and whistles. I am told it is huge. They could send short movies and graphics files. He asked the secret service guy on duty — and he said no. He came back and said to me– the secret service said no… for some reason I think we were all impressed. Ben grew up without either of his parents. Brian Williams’ dad raised.. [weather guy on channel 7 wash. wabc].
Ask the secret service. Ask the fbi.. he has a big head.. He seems very young sometimes.. I tell him we share a sister.. and to be careful.. No– my clit does not move for ben.. ask the x ray people.. some say I am dead. I say too many egos.. You do not look like heros to me.. do the right thing.. I might think about it.. I like men.. not pussies.. put your ego away.

Many in washington have consoles. Many have watched some of our antics [me and ben]. We have gotten in trouble for one or two.. Ben will tell me something in sequester mode– and I will repeat it for a larger audience. we don’t talk much anymore.. something bad happened late last year.. he did not give me details.. I did not know Jason back then.. one problem– DB and Rock.. Rock should not have kept trying to use my father as the reason he could do things to me.. The thing I say to most– I get rock.. I do not get you… washington too aidsy, screwing their kids and have no idea about right or wrong… Look at rock’s parents again.. you can find an explanation.. Washington should not be doing this to me.

I picked a song for ben and I.. Joss Stone with Common– tell me what we are going to do.. I am told a lot of people think it is a good pick for us. He liked it too.

My mother just hit the mail box and the paper chute. be back later.

Earpiece updating what I understood about Ben following Jason to a bar. Apparently, Rock upset Jason kept going after him so he looked for issues with Jason.. I am not sure what came first– Jason telling me about his whore or Rock hearing the tapes. Jason, too hard on Ben too. Bar– now kind of saying Jason had to get a lawyer for arresting Ben on the car issue that had already been dealt with.. What appears to be true– Jason’s wife said he could have a boy whore. He told me this. WAshington gives employees like Jason this.. or they used too.. that is what rock tried to use to back him into a corner with.. the other problem- Jason had his own agenda with me.. He keeps saying Mossad and Matthis. I thought Matthis was trying to save my country.. I even picked a song for them.. Matthis, Amos, Joseph Dunford.. Take that– Back for good. I had good reasons to be angry with Amos from the spring of 2012. Kate looked ill and he looked sad.. in the fall of 2012. I never said anything about what was being said in the spring of 2012. Joseph said the military mad– I brought him down.. that wasn’t me.. Rock does not like his game interfered with.

It wasn’t until this time frame that I felt Jason kept ramming Matthis down my thought. He is jewish.. I said no- he is saving my country.. Guy his nephew.. too Guy too young when Matthis started using his ass. When Matthis asked me to service him– I thought he was kidding.. Fall 2012. Joseph did not ask.. I liked him best.. I wanted him to be Ben’s big brother. thought they had a lot in common.. women would like them. I fired Brian– and Darryl didn’t like him.. ben’s words.

The Marine Generals..

Matthis had the wrong agenda.. I do not owe his kin. I thought he wanted to help the country. Do you think I was bored in the fall of 2012? Those generals are short.. the song fits.

I said no to washington. EArpiece– saying Rock heard the tape with Jason and I discussing whether or not he could get in trouble. Noise about Hayden and his whore account. A relative of mine involved.. earlier in the year.. the one that flagged. I thought it was Jason who provided the news.. why does he [hayden] need a whore? Wrong question.. why does it come out of a gov account.. no matter who funding.. is what gave jason the problem.

Why is rock [et. al. covered a lot-which rockefeller did not fund- but covered the family... keep in mind Andre, Jan and Obama all related to rock ] saying you [jason] forced him to say no on his tab– which is why I am stuck here– if he got the goods on you? None of you paid those tabs.. affiliates paid them to explain why they did not pay in the first place.. that’s why the US, Rock and Maryland are defamation and the rest compensatory…

Washington looks too greedy, ill, dirty and criminal.. what are my affiliates saying… [told they are saying please pay her]. I do not die because you are filth.

For those of you who do not know– court rooms screwed me badly in Maryland and VA– between 1995-98. OF course there is no record now. why don’t I sue now.. I will lose.. if I do it now– even with a greedy lawyer. Do you know how many no class lawyers are on now– hoping I will hire theM? Money already here.. FBI should arrest anyone on that gets hired.. just for looking seedy. I need doj/fbi to do the right thing now.. and let me hire my attorneys. Same thing with a doctor to get the earpiece out..

I said no jason.. DOJ lawyers need to find another job with outside law firms.. do you know how many law suits that would generate.. you said you were going to do it.. get this filth off me now.

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