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Mar '13

clarence, said no thanks a long time ago.

Everyday, its going to be over. Oops, another problem. All the while being tortured with vibrations. Last night, someone claiming to be Clarence Thomas asked me if I was retarded. All, I could respond was “are you asking me if I am retarded?”.

Why would any intelligent human being ask someone else if they are retarded? How would they know?

That said– I have always tested high on the IQ tests and all the work on these sites are mine. Including that “blogger Calendar” thingy in the corner.

Yes, some of it looks in disrepair now– but there is a reason. those who keep up with my blogs know those reasons.

Ben and I were talking Sunday– and I gave him a list of things he should ask his tax attorney about. He said that when rock set up his trust he was a little short with him and told him to just put it in– Uncle.

Rock has been sending him messages ever since about his taxes. Last year, around June, Rock who had been using Connerly and Williams — stopped. Ben had them do his returns too… He forgot his uncle went with another law firm. CIA maybe a little mad with ben… rock is mad too. ben– who wants you? Anyway– i provided a lot of details about taxes so he could get a tax attorney. Retarded? Me?

Sometimes– because Ben has such a large head– we ask him if he was dropped on his head when he was a baby. No– most do not think he is retarded either. Washington, wealthy and connected kids– tend to rely on others. I did not get that luxury. I worked. I do not owe. Then Aids, Reagan Administration and insure too much– washington has problems.. I said get off me.

Clarence, if that was you– get the tapes from Sunday… I can talk tax issues off the top of my head and have only done one tax return since 1994- since I lost my position with Rockwell. why? No income. $40.00 a week in loans.

I do all of this work.. get off me..

FBI [or someone in my ear]– saying insurance issues with thomas interesting.. they did not tell me. I know way too much about Kagan. Earpiece used the term baby swiper. Check juvenile records. Dad [rich lawyer]– did not have sealed properly because of juvenile status. all earpiece supplied. Why was Kagan even in my ear. Told she was used for the rights violations in June 2012– after MD– started.

Someone claiming to be Justice Thomas started talking to me via the earpiece in Feb 2012 along with others from supremes. I am told he is a real lawyer. I have tended to pass- in that I did not think I had an appellate reason to ask the supremes for anything.

Over the last year– he has kept his distance. More recently, I feel he has been defensive. I am not asking him. I always say this is a DOJ/FBI issue.

What’s going on? They are saying Tony Cordesman a problem. I thought he had retired. I am told he was actually the head of the CIA. Robert Hale said to be his son. How would I know this if true.

Both I feel with no savvy with women? Why is this important? In a position of leadership like the CIA and the issues in washington– it shows up bad.

Look up Susan Collins. Find her real background. Earpiece saying Tony’s outside girlfriend. [earpiece calls women whores]. Sometime ago– for reasons that tend to contradict– quoting “Susan, said– tired of sucking your old di…” she stopped.

Bob, his son said he gave her aids. this true? not sure– but fbi has tapes. they are fighting over susan? Hale, yearned Gillebrand– who is said to be OBama’s girlfriend– or x. When the earpiece was first activated they kept calling her Andrew’s whore. They also did this stimulation with her at Andrews AFB that I thought was a game of chicken between Prince Andrew and a Marine General Dodd.

Today, I think I misunderstood. They did say she was seeing Obama– and I know that he is supposed to be Jan’s son too. My brother Andre is also supposed to be Jan’s son. Andre- W? May have been my mistake.

Anyway– when the CIA recently, had to downgrade million dollar salaries at the Senate– [check bank records]– Bob thought it a good time to have her picked up/or told her to come over– to have a chat [a get busy chat]– to see how she could make some extra cash. Really upset about Obama. He was said to have bragged about her not giving him the time of day and guess what.

They are too– needy of women and should not be anywhere near me. I am told Tony recently, retired . This true? have no idea. Washington– won’t stop.. Check.. check. check..

Being tortured.. they will not stop.. Bob also tried to set it up so that Tony could try to sue for libel. He is Tony’s son. the fbi has the tapes. Is everyone stupid but washington?

Tortured all night long. why? I have a legitimate vehicle for a large sum of cash… too many in washington– aidsy– perverts, insure with dads and just plain crazy. I do not wish to join up. I am owed too much.

Cannot get doj/fbi to stop them… Next CIA chief? My advice do not find hard up boys like tony and son. Indication- their insurance– each other- once. It used to be only once. Rock claims liked the idea of constant. HE calls it an act of love. His father taught him.

UPDDATE: Just asked the fbi– if they saved the tape where they were explaining how the baby was chewing on her– That was her in my ear the morning, FBI? I asked you to get that crazy bitch off me last may– before I even knew about this. Rock says he hired her.. check is record. Get this crap off me. this morning– I asked if Kagan had kids. Earpiece– no dad had tubes tied. That person should not be in my ear– if the claim is correct.

The other problem– she has it in for Rock. He rolled on her. Something about he did not want ot be alone and she was a little to cocky. Paraphrasing.

FBI/DOJ– I do not owe washington criminals. I said no.

Also this morning– someone claiming to be Thomas Payne in my ear. I am very angry with Rock this morning. That said– for some reason he wants to tell me he is related to Pickering of the Navy.. did not look up payne. FBI– these people look like they are trying to find easy cash… I do not owe them– further you are not correcting.. why are they in my ear?

another update: Hayden item from the last piece. Told a relative said no– he has aids. He gets a $10,000 whore allowance. Also the pilot that crashed in the desert not his brother but the person who gave him aids. Said when I mentioned this story from my Rockwell days– he thought I was making fun of him. Told last night– Hayden pysch review underway.

Other issues:

  1. Anyone who knew Perry King think it is uncanny how Eric Holder looks like him? Told he is one of Perry’s sons with a white girl. Sorry folks– not a lawyer.

    I am told Perry’s x via earpiece is Wendy Reiger– NBC 4 in washington. No I did not know. How do I know now. Told he died in 97 or so.

  2. Obama– Jan [my cousin] and Michael Shaw son. Michelle and Obama– not lawyers. Many in my family did not graduate from high school. Recently– Allison told me she did not either. Ben– no. Brain– just barely. No college– none. check.
  3. Marine Gen. James Kelly– who recently id’ himself in a session. He is supposed to have a Korean wife and a white trash whore according to earpiece. Some of my affiliates associated with Asia. I saw the ceremony where he replaced Douglas Fraser as a commander in Fl. I asked why they were using him. Fraser said to be in my ear often these days.

Why are these people Key to me at this time? Big boys hiding behind them? Even Jan says her son has little to do. Wait for them to tell him what to do. Clarence are you raising your hand. WAs that you threatening me with another pysch review?

I had one in June 2012– for asking local authorities to check an abandoned vehicle belonging to an Eric Blase with a criminal history. Anyone else in washington? earpiece claimed the trunk held illegal samples of speed for aids patients. I did not say this to the police. I simply asked if the tags were okay– and to check the vehicle– in that eric had bee arrested for drugs in the past. Also told there was a problem with a young relative– that I thought might show up. Earpiece also said the car was a stolen car from a police compound. I was concerned about illegal drugs in the trunk. Speed not illegal in dc I am told. Part of my aids education. Is in maryland. Police would love to set me up… Later it was said- the car being used as a security barricade.

People- I know and have known insure. My relatives– had too. Others just were…. I did not know. Washington wants me to sign up and bring my bib paycheck. I said no… they will not stop.

Another problem. In June 1984 my parents purchased the house I now live in . the residence is in Hanover, MD. The same day they moved– Jan and Greg flew in from Hawaii. It did not seem odd at the time. They stayed with my parents for about a month. I lived in Northern, VA at the time. Falls church– and worked for Boeing.

The house they moved from was in odenton. 628 chapelgate drive. I did high school and college in that house. I thought Jan and Greg were assigned to the base in Dover, DE and came over about every other weekend between the years– 1984 and June 1989. I often passed on these family gatherings– in that I really did not like greg. My mother would call to say jan and greg are coming over this weekend– are you? I would say no– but have a good time.

Earpiece is now saying– Jan moved into the 628 chapelgate residence. Liz Wiel who appears to be the mother of Steve Perry [cnn reporter] who looks like Perry– said “Regina the one who lived there” told her to get with Perry. Liz– appears to be the daughter of Trish and Cox. I moved out in 1982 when I moved to falls church, va. My parents, judy and andre in June 1984. Ask Georgetee Queen. Earpiece claims jan told her ravens player– Mccrary her son. I am told Jan was really there when my father died in Dec. 1989. I had no idea. they were supposed to be in San Hose. check. The king family home on the same street in Odenton.

I am looking for things that can be checked. WAshington will not let go.

Jan may go by– Althalia Janet Bruton, … Bryant. .. Edwards. Edwards– my college classmate whom she appears to have had a son with that I knew nothing about.
Liz mistook me for jan? Jan is 10 years older than me.

Earpiece saying Julie and Trish have had aids since late 70’s. check. Bruce Leshan — Don Evans son– key. they have cia million dollar salaries– check.. Don asked them to insure the reason why.

Wendy Reiger? Why wasn’t I told before earpiece? Greg used to call Perry– REgina’s Skippy after the Family Ties character. Most who knew us would know I was not the jealous type. Today, R. Kelly is said to be Cheryl’s and Perry’s. I like him.. he reminds me of them. I wish him happiness. I am told he [Perry] is still alive.

Bob– I wanted you arrested when I heard about Gillibrand. Get out of me ear. I do not want you to breathe on me. Tell dad– I called someone else a mangy dog because she would not get out of my ear. Then an ape that climbed on my back that I could not get off. Get the tapes. Tony called me a mangy dog? Told that was you in my ear–after I told bob too many times to leave me alone. Mangy dog would love to have you get of her. get off me and take that crazy idiot with you.

Also hear you and your hardup son– really get mad when pretty white girls don’t like you but like black. Tell that idiot to tell me about his dick one more time. Yelp– not the pretty one. But I was never hard up.. I know cool. You look like hard up trash. get off me. go find susan collins. You want me to make her look like a rich old white woman? God– I owe you jail. By the way– told they just told you bob– that is shoot to kill. I do not have aids. remember that.

By the way– I did ask listeners what Mike Hayden did at the CIA that would require a us taxpayer $10,000 whore account. Mike Mullen and Mike Hayden either want my bag or want me to pay them for some reason. Last I heard he was bragging his daughter could get more johns than me. No response. Told Hayden’s pay– $500,000. No he really did not retire. That said- really not a general. Listen to him. really. My guess, aids, insuring with daughter and fake caused him real issues. Too many in washington– crazy… get off me.

Told that when someone asked him about Johns and his daughter– he said isn’t that a good thing. Also wanted to try a new mind fk thing with Regina. get those idiots off me. He is on with me lot with those knobs and vibrations. Is that why he needs a $10,000 whore account? Relative– heard you told him to get lost.

Push/Pull. Two consoles. I am not sure if it is gain, vibrate or volume. They console operators using the same frequency alternate quickly between up down on when of the knobs. What this does? The earpiece sitting on the inner ear nerve — can somehow cause a loss of oxygen and a seasick feeling. Don’t believe me? Check with an ear doctor and an engineer. Bob- heard you are bragging. I have a heart attack bob– especially since government issued equipment is the only thing that can do this– and I will see you rot in jail.

I said no FBI. You see those lights going on and off.. get those idiots off me. You owe him jail. I do not owe him rich. I owe him jail. FBI– you owe me.. get it off me.

Relative die in prison–heart attack? Look at class action. Kagan hear your family affairs issues? they are concerned. Why weren’t you concerned when she was signing orders over at BWMC? Delete license key– fbi. Did you forget? Should we play the FBI call again?

Ben– don’t tell those old perverts you are not gay anymore. You thought insurance was insurance. ask the idiots if you look interested…. how do I know ben? one too many suck my d– thrown my way.

Amazon, Skype — just paid my bill, google you owe me. so does the US government. This is bad. I cannot even use my phone to get a doctor to get it out. Nor a lawyer. I need you to send my payments to the account I provided when I set up my affiliates.

I am not kidding.. Washington- thinks I want to pay their whores and pussies. I said no… you owe me.

The other update: Debbie Stabnow claim x- of Sam Brownback. Had aids when she arrived. Hepatitis with stud insurance– when she signed on. Weight loss. earpiece update. Congress new hires? Told old lamar is clean. Young stud– not.. they are crazy.. good looking senator from MA left, why? Told he did not like those idiots sucking on his di.. to insure? See his daughter’s neck for his. gone now.

blonde women hired.

Rock told me he knew the pretty judd– Naomi. True? Not sure. Bob wants me to see his dick? Nothing for these people to offer other their diseases. FBI you owe me.

Hepatitis A, B and Aids– issues. Why would they allow those unsuspecting to do this. Insure– eyes wide shut, ninth gate, etc. sadistic assholes that don’t stop. I said get off me.

JoHanson why is he mad with you?

Blumenthal you paid clinton or rock one million? I owe jail… never contact me.

I am told before I cam along in Feb. 2012 with my newly activated earpiece no one had consoles. My brother [andre] had one for about 2 years– but that was all. Surviellence teams in the area. Who did not? Congressional reps, pentagon – individuals.

I am told Camillie lives in the area. she has one. Jan does. My sister has a ham radio now.

the Pentagon and CIA especially look at this technology as a new toy. They do not listen to manufacturers warnings. Prison guards know the equipment. BWMC flower lady used to say what does this do. Pinch my heart dear. Many do this. Its like a toy to them.

I remember when G. and the supremes got them in late Feb 2012. I am told an asian engineer at the CIA showed the the push/pull concept.

There is no scientific study. Most are idiots. All of the clintons had units at one time or another. I heard nightmare stories about Hillary and my sister-in-law. told their are tapes. I am told she asked rock to put andre’s settlement in. knew she was in trouble. I told the person claiming to be hillary to get off me a long time ago. For some reason chelsea did not understand that. Rock– controls most of the trusts in my family. Andre’s is iron clad. the rest- not so. I heard one relative say– if I do not leave it on [when asked by the fbi]– rock will negate my trust.

What I do not understand is why the CIA and FBI are giving out the units. Government issue are dangerous. ask the guards.

Is rock mad with me? Yes. He seems to think I want to be an abused wife. I keep telling him I am not his wife. And did his wife know my dad? the answer- yes. Leseter the result. He has an amp. He wants me to give him a law suit. One tab in my deal is his and his family’s.

He has a government unit that he forgets to turn off and you want to know if I am mad? FBI– what the hell are you doing? The fbi often tells allison and michelle to turn off their gains. Why do allison and michelle have units at home?

Rock says G. is mad- because Burr of the senate was loved my their mother. G. I have gotten used to this– now. why did they tell me? why are you leaving your unit on– too? some say to moderate some of the noise.. why is the noise on fbi… why?

Both Michelle and Allison have directly said they want something from me. Michelle– be pam shriver to my venus and serna. she is not qualified. Allison more money to the settlement the cia gave her because of family insurance and aids she got when she was very young. they tell me things like this. I do not owe these girls. why is the fbi allowing them to torture me? they are not alone.

John Edwards? WAs that really his mother? Elizabeth. according to earpiece yes. A patient and his mom visitor at BWMC the same. earpiece saying some moms just love their sons. the oral wins. said Elizabeth really went to prison. Abstract suggestion before earpiece activation [2/12] that prison was dead. I thought that about Perry. Earpiece saying– me, salma his problem.

Why am I telling you this stuff.. everything the earpiece tells me. I cannot adopt these values and they will not let go. I am not asking for payment. I am asking they stop the torture. I went to a dentist awhile back. I should not go to a dentist unless I have a lawyer. I cannot afford anything. I have 1100.00 cash and cannot afford mistakes. CIA too all over me… no point. I need lawyers climbing up Washington’s ass. I need my affiliates to pay me.


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