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Mar '13

the other issue?

Recently, I have been talking about who I would look for to launch WashingtonSTyle. I said quite frankly, no CIA girls. No style, no education [most have aids and saw no point in going to school], no multiple skills.

I needed someone who would know what to do with a USB port on a camera. Be able to use or learn Dazzle. Go to Lowes to build a set if need be. Write, be beautiful, be creative. I have some of these skills. I am not beautiful.

So I told the CIA who was interested in working as the production company– why I did not want them. Hayden’s daughter is not said to be interested– so that was not the problem.. I was upset about Amy leaving and I told Erica. Lester wants to know why this is my business? Because I want him out of mine. CBS looks great on weekends… the blonde weather girl- seemed to want to say something. I aid no thanks to her outfit. that’s all. This caused a brouhaha in earpiece circles. Today, Saying Hayden the general with the daughter and johns.. I would say no thanks pop. he bragged… I have no idea where these people come from. pissed off now because I had no idea it was him.. you were bragging on her?

Most media people work for the CIA. Pool people that say the same thing. Most are related to other notables or their prostitutes. I repeat no education.

A new idea? I used to go to bed– set up a breakfast tray and work late into the night on some new piece of code [tented]. I do not now because I have way to many x-ray cameras and I do not write code for my current web host– in that I want to move it.

I thought, rather than the Real TV telephone camera– cameras could be set up at some of the homes so the girls could talk about what they were doing. A new creative idea for the site– or the show. The other thing- the show would be part of the show. Most of the time reality shows do not talk to their own issues.

This one would make it a rather novel idea. I was watching a PBS show on Cumberland, MD this weekend and thought of a Martha Stewart show I had watched where a lovely bride and her maids had a tea. It showed the menus, the area, etc. Maryland is full of old inns… the show segment would high light the options selected for the lunch and glimpse the girls as they ate– while the website would talk to the wedding itself.

I have lots of ideas like this– based on things I like about other shows. Cribs– washington style another idea. I get excited over the possibilities with these ideas– and I guess the CIA saw some promise. I said no.

Do you remember this post. I was told after the fact– the girl in the pink dress was Cal Dodd’s wife. How do I know this? A cia employee. I do not want this for the show… I need real people that get up in the middle of the night with a new idea. Know how to use a paint brush or buy material and look real.

The cia seems to be in competition with show girls and not michelle pfeiffer in up close and personal. I need real people. Not cia fronts with no backs. Do you ever really listen to news people today and their opinions? Really listen.. no education. its more who are you doing… I said no to the cia and they did not like it..

No I do not want to own- but I have a lot of good ideas and can come up with them consistently…

I often said to thin air before the earpiece activation- when I felt some wanted the bag– if you could do what I can do you would be doing it… get off me.. I said no. Is this the reason for the latest round of mind fk issues? get off me.

You will not be running me. You will not be stealing more from me. I want to give back.. You will not even let me out of the door. stop.

Turn off the vibrations and leave me alone…. stop.


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