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Feb '13

Washington Style Buzz

When I first came up with the concept for Washington Style- I wanted members of a fashion group I belonged to — to interview washingtonians as to their styles for work, play and home. I was thinking an online magazine in blog format with multiple users.

In the Spring of 2012- when I first began hearing about the AIDS issues in Washington– and how many wanted WiredPages to help pay for health costs- I said no– however how about “WashingtonStyle”. It sold. So much so that I was told Marine General Amos’ legitimate daughter wanted to run it. I say legitimate daughter because Amos other daughter is a CSPAN reporter, Kate Bolduan. I am told [via earpiece] she is Amos’ daughter outside of his marriage. Ben said- she used to date Beau Biden. If true, how would I know? Beau is said to be interested in Obama’s eldest.

I was told in May 2012 or so– Amos ran into a little bit of trouble with appropriations concerning the project. Also it only launched within military circles. I never meant to own Washington Style. Only help to launch. Yes, the Blogger Calendar and WiredPages have given me a lot of notice online. I am told– the trouble Amos ran into combined with creative talent– ended their version.. is this true? Ask Joseph.

Recently, I have tried to garner interest for a reality show. Imagine– StyleBiz or WebBiz– showing real talent putting together the site. Yes, there appears to be interest. The web site would focus entirely on Washington Style- while the reality show on the behind the scenes efforts insofar as business, technology and style– only touching lightly on the real lives of the educated beauties that would actually own.

Me, it was planned that funds and creative ideas would be my input if I ever got my settlement. One of the reasons it was said Amos moved without me– in April/May 2012. He said in May– Rock said it was not going to happen- settlement. rock helped to put together the deal– and I know this because of the earpiece.

I am being tortured. Last night it was said– Kennedy and Pickering. The military still to all over me… DOJ– claiming they wanted to do something about Kennedy. Said he refused to resign.. Kennedy? Pickering black mailing him and trying to see his actress daughter because of it.. earpiece Pickering brag. When I first started talking to Joseph in September 2012, he told me Pickering a little hard up insofar as women. He asked about a relative. This morning I heard I am his [Pickering] “n” to “fK”. At the time- it sounded physical. Now I wonder if he meant figuratively… US governemnt has already fked me. … Also, at the time [early october 2012] Joseph was trying to line up a pity fk for Pickering it flagged as– will I set up a relative like that. I said at the time– none of my business. Same issue came up recently with rock.. I never speak for others and their relationships. I often wonder why I hear about this. Start crap as if to show I would wish a relative to be a whore for some hard up idiot in washington? No, I would not. I met people through the front door. Chris Hartman- do you remember your bachelor party? Why am I surprised by Erik on Bloomberg… no I did not know this side of the filth… get off me.

DOJ– do you have the tapes… Pickering Military, hardup and to abusive to me and others– according to earpiece.. That is him amongst many? All night so you could force Kennedy out? Pickering the problem– get him off me. I said no. there should be a tape of the Joseph conversation plus many of Pickering’s actions and statements.. He needs a psych review…. raping my ear, my heart– and he thinks he can fk me? He needs a jail. Kennedy and his kids sound like his victims too.

What does this have to do with Washington Style? I am trying to show the military should not be all over me and my business. Nor the CIA.

Further stop using me to arrest washington idiots.. I was told that if I wrote about it– Kennedy’s hidden arrest would be nullified. My response– you told me he was arrested before.. Pickering the problem.. get off me.

More corroboration? I always worry that ben does not have a life. I often encourage him to hang out with others like him in Washington- rather than spend so much time with Rock and “console land”. Several months ago– knowing that he sometimes saw Allyson Stewart [Dan Quayle's] daughter [friends only]– with Brian, I suggested the General’s daughter, Kate. He blew a fuse for all to hear.. citing Amos’ troubles in the spring with appropriations. There should be tapes.

DOJ– Rock does not like the military all over me. He wants to own me. I have already told him no. He already alluded to the fact he set up amos- kind of and told me after Mullen’s brag about not having aids because of insurance with his sons– to find out how old the sons were. Rock voice via earpiece claimed mullen given the clean job in 92 after the child died. It has been my experience that if someone is asked to engage me in anyway shape or form– they have a hidden problem. I misunderstood. I thought his brag was a grown son. Mullen with Julie. I keep telling Julie– she leaves my door open and I have said no. Check with Template Monster and Bruce Leshan. Rachel Ray, key. I want to help Julie. I cannot do it if she thinks she ought to run my business and life with Mike’s help. His brag about her- not too smart. My irriration why I have to listen to any of htis crap. I said no. Military- I mean get off me. My question to doj– why are either of them on me?

What did I do yesterday– created animated gifs to demo Washington Style logos. Why? Lauren Friedman’s site made me think I could be more creative in the art area than I actually am. I will show a screen grab later.

This all before I was pounded last night. Was I supposed to be paid this morning? Yes, according to some. Me– I believe Friday if any day. Do I think this will happen.. this post says– why don’t I shut up? My thoughts.. doj should not allow this. Funds in place. claiming more clean up. Me– not with my ear and heart.. Pickering, Rock, Clinton, relatives have all threatened me.. should not be hammering my ear, head and heart. I said no. I do not care what doj is doing. they should have enough to clean up without me. for some reason these people kept telling me their secrets. there are tapes… stop.

Update– my settlement funds disbursed.. why are they still bothering me? Amazon, Skype, Paypal, Linkshare, Google– sorry you owe. So does the US government.. Sue? Skype how is that? US government sitting on my communicaitons.

Update again: No my settlement funds were not disbursed.. too many calls. DOJ/FBI– you need to shut down the idiots.

Update III: Neil– just said [echoed via earpiece network] make he could use the association with me as related to his health problems. Meaning the reason he has health problems is because of me? No, your son on ESPN looks just like you. told yours with your mother. that is the reason you could know me. Told Gene- James Jones– to Doug… long before I came on the scene. Look at reagans.. I do not owe you. Who assigned Mullen? Sue him neil. I did not oral doug. Earpiece said you did… why try to sue me that way?

All night long.. pounding.

How can I come up with ideas for a business in Washington– given all of this? Believe it or not– I used to travel to washington quite a bit when I started with Boeing in 1981. Georgetown, Main St. I never knew of my political ties. Yes, I was a government contractor– but I was never government. I had an office in Tyson’s Corner, Va. As a young black yuppie- I partied in Washington… Hogates– now think its called h2o. I am not of washington as related to government. I know the other washington. How can Washington Style help government Aids victims? Believe it or not– most make good salaries.. they just wanted WiredPages. I said no. What I think washington style can do for the nation’s capital? Show the washington I used to know… Embassies, beautiful buildings, georgetown– folks not in government… Its a beautiful city. Rock Creek– I went to a tennis match there. Several large universities including Howard… Lots to love about WAshignton.. Idid not know government… wish to know more… Aids/Insurance– ugly.. hope Washington STyle can show what I love about WAshington…

Sometimes when I am watching crime shows I research online. Imagine– the Washington Christmas cookies– coated with gold dust and vodka [fabulous cakes find] in a banner photo– and then a reality segment about how the cookies were made. You click on the web site- and there it is…. Business, Technology, Style- all sexy.. real staff– some of the girls on Vanderpump Rules do not look like they can work in that restaurant.. I mean the real staff.. and how to get the business going — would be really interesting in reality.

Do you know who has property in Washington? It may surprise you. Imagine interviews and tours of their places in washington who you may never suspect even have a place here. It may become faddish for hollywood stars to have condos in the area. This idea for web site videos and not reality segments. Do you want to know what G’s house looks like. This is an alias for someone with good taste. I would too. what if he let us in?

Did you know Georgetown has boat races on the Potomac? Like in Oxford Blues. Soccer matches on the mall. And there is a great park at Hanes Pt. What if they offered carriage rides like Central Park in Manhattan? I can think of so many things for this site. A little to high society? Possibilities are endless in washington. I have noticed two reality shows based in washington… there may have been one at Howard too. not sure. the housewives was controversial and I am sure the secret service was not happy.. the cupcakes thing? Does not really show off washington…

Points of interest? the real stories. So much. Government has shunned itself. Often you will see soirees in movies with military leaders and politicians. I often asked many in my ear at night why are you not at some embassy at a party.. Aids and insurance… they shunned themselves.

Washington is the nations capital– I want outsiders that know this… not those in the middle of the crap– that forgot.

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