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Feb '13


I have been watching movies for most of the weekend. They include:

  • Two Girls and a Guy– This movie is with Robert Downey Jr. In 1996 or so, I went to a job fair in Tyson’s Corner. I think it was at the Ramada Inn right on 7 just up from the mall. Sprint was the host. At the receptionist’s desk– there was a guy that looked just like Robert Downey Jr. After watching this movie the other night– I said– “I am so flattered. Boy is he talented.” Why do I keep giving you my resume? See below… and this post.
  • Rent– I cried at the end of this movie which is a musical version of the stage play. Why? I talk to a lot of people during the day. Pentagon, CIA, media, Congress. The Generals. One in particular. I often think– I am sorry they did this too you. I am sorry you told me they did this to you. I also wonder if the stigma associated with illness caused some to just worry too much. I then think about their salaries, life, how long many have lived with the illness [speed the answer here], etc.. and say– but you are doing alright. “Doin Alright” by Tower of Power is a song that WHUR plays every Sunday around 6:55 pm or so. Many of the white generals who log in– tell me they like a lot of the music I listen too.. I asked if they were scared. And then I said– but you are doing okay– and maybe you just did not know you could live and live okay. I hate thinking a general is scared. It made me cry.
  • Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2
  • Mansfield Park

General, I am not doing alright. I am sane and mostly can stay content with project after project. I have a creative mind and my ideas work. WiredPages- one example.. it is in disrepair right now– however my hands are tied.

I am told– Friday that just past was the day- and then abandoned again. Then I suffered all weekend with constant vibrations. I keep telling the FBI agent on duty- “REMOVE ALL” works without voiding registered keys. They keep telling me I know too much.

The week coming up- also I am out of here. That said– recently someone offered “white women lost a lot of respect for you when you cracked your tooth”. I looked up in pure astonishment– and asked which tooth.

This is what I looked liked this morning– and most mornings.


I am not sure– why they continue to try to belittle me. They always ask me why don’t I dress and do my hair and makeup. My clothes require dry cleaning– i have explained. I did not invite you into my home and have no intention of trying to look attractive for you. Most seem to like my breasts. I would not go near any of them– so I am not sure why they continue to comment on my looks.

I got up this morning and tried on this suit jacket, in case I have to get ready to start going inside the bank, seeing lawyers, doctors, etc. They say any day now.

The jacket is from one of my mother’s suits. Hers was a pants suit. I have the same type of suits– but mine are smaller and had matching skirts. My surveillance team this morning also thought I would “clean up” easily and look very professional. This bothered them. When they are not hating that I can pencil in eyebrows and look– cuter they are hating that I can dress and look “very professional”.

I did it for a lot of years.. starting in high school. Ask Circuit City my part time employer when I was in college. Where are my suits– waiting for me to get a new treadmill and money to pay for a dry cleaner.

US Government– I agree my services are not going to be needed by most government personnel. further, I do not wish to work for the government nor have any dealings with them except DOJ/FBI. I also asked why the statement about my teeth came from government white women?

Dr. Goodman– a college math professor– said what up? I cannot afford a dentist- because the government will not release my settlement funds and I feel bad your women have no respect for me?

I did not know they did in the first place. that said- I do not work for the US Government– I am more business and technology– and most of your women would have looked out of place in the support roles available in any of my corporate offices– I fail to see why my time is wasted with crap like this.

I am not trying to get respect from white women of the US government. I am trying to get their asses out of my life and the cameras they have access to- turned off. My rights are being violated. You want to bring me in line? [Something I heard one of the completely bald white guys of gov. say --this morning. He thought it was a race thing-- that's is why it is okay to continue with the gain issues. No, he read the "trash on the pot.." post and it was not that bad-- he agreed-- he just thought he needed to bring this "n" in line. He also said-- their crap started long before I wrote the "Trash on the Potomac" post. Something I said too. That said-- more defined confirmation not provided until Feb 2012-- with earpiece activation. I am told he is in danger of losing his job-- because of last night and this morning.]. You want my bag? [This is confirmed-- I am worth too much they want the bag, part of the hold up. Not because of what I can prove-- but my software mostly.] You are violating my rights. Black, white and hispanic of government have violated my rights. It is not a race thing. I am not insured– and it was a cover up and I am just too connected. I did not know. Get off me.

Respect? are you kidding? Get your idiots out of my ear.

Update- later in the day.
Ben — do not know if you heard.. They bald guy this morning said “Ben said ” and not “Rock said”. I asked him if you were paying his salary. Last time I asked– you were still not a government employee. Joyce Anderson’s son. Ben– why are people asking if I am your “b”? Surely not those that listen to us, right? He does not seem to understand– our strongest bond is my older sister– is your older sister… How often do I tell you- Ben- go see your real older sister? Why belabor this? Get the tapes.


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