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Feb '13

I will get back to Washington Style later…

How long has Senator Blll Frist been gone? Once when he was on the senate floor offering a live speech– I asked thin air- “who did you kill?”. Why? He was a doctor and I thought politicians were insured. All of them. The thing with him– I thought I was joking. He did not look like a bad man the reason I thought I could joke about it.

I used to think Richard Nixon’s insurance was my part black mother. My mother is 75% white. Her mother — George V’s daughter. I did not know this at the time– but I did know my grandmother’s hair was too straight and her features too european– though she was a little darker than me.

Several years ago– I heard about a story in Texas where a black man was dragged to death by idiots in a pick up truck. The man reminded me of my father and the story has always stayed with me.

The reason I bring this up? I am a logic analyst. When I thought about the things i had been through– I thought it was I was not insured. I often said in blog posts at the time– I said no. What part of no is hard for you. As I figured out more and more I definitely believed my non-insureance status was the problem– given I was too connected. Who my relatives actually are– would be mind boggling if I had not figured it out piece by piece.. Obama– the day he took office [white house] the first time. Have no idea why I never figured out he looked just like Jan and Michael Shaw when he was a senator.

This is why– I told the CIA many years ago– to take a clean shot and to stop dragging me. At the time I knew nothing about Aids, nor the fact Military and CIA types insured.

Keep in mind– I had been through horrific rights violations between 1995-98 and worked too hard to get no where with my business. A death wish? No– I am well adjusted and love working. It was more the people that engaged me and my “loud work– I developed the blogger calendar in 2004 and understand online forums and promotion”. This looks bad.. why are you doing this. I got Richard Nixon in late 1998. Too connected. At the time– I did not suspect he might be Edward’s son nor my ties to England. Only my mother had a remarkable resemblance to the Queen of England. I have enough problems here– I am not going to ask why.. my attitude back then.

Since September 2012 or so– I have been tortured with the features of the earpiece in the left ear. I have one of the early models and all of the bells and whistles are there. I think the developers had no idea how powerful the devices were and took them off the market. I think that device went in in 1995. Earpiece claims my sister asked for the same devices- all the bells and whistles but she had to have it removed. I am not sure when hers was implanted but do remember her being rushed to the hospital for what appeared to be an epileptic seizure. Earpiece claims now the problem the earpiece. Who did it? I am not going to provide who– but it is earpiece data. Why is this important?

Because they said they forgot. I am told the earpiece in my right ear was never initialized so the frequency key is odd. Then they did not want to own up to the rights violations, knew I knew nothing about it, so they gave me jury duty and said basically– prove rights violations.

Then my business takes off– but I do not know it. Family and the powerful of washington begin calling my affiliates first explaining they will pay me then threatening when they will not pay more.. You should have paid her directly. So my big affiliates went to someone — fearing more fruad and perhaps a credible law suit from me– and offered a big deal…

WAshington filth and the Pentagon decided they did not get in on the first fraud issues where me and my business were concerned– so they should now get paid… Turn on the earpiece– this happened in feb 2012…. Big deal for me– offered Oct. 2011.

Someone just said– do not leave out the child– the military wants the child in this. Again– they told me early in 2012 about a child Bob R. of Rockwell had that died. Today they are saying max’s son and not his son. His son looks like the bald headed guy reviewing the troops with OBAMA on inauguration day. When I asked– they confirmed. They say– Max’s son had aids and gave the child aids.. I am not sure that there was even a child. I never knew. I do remember signing a condolence card when I heard Max’s son died while I was employed at Rockwell. Told child dicd around 92. Max’s son– late in my tenure– I left 95. Told bob and lindy [birth mother] did not have aids. Me either.. wanted lindy to get aids as to reason the child had aids.. earpiece info. Unsure if true– but parts have been repeated several times now.

Yes, they are now saying they paid people who knew about the child– what child? Too many have already said– bob paid “child neglect”. They are saying prejury… auntie, lindy. Earpiece unsure if true. always looking for a libel suit. FBI– what part of what I am saying is not what you and I both heard?

In a recent post– I discussed certifiable as related to mental health. Most people asked me what I doing at the center being evaluated in June 2012. My rights were violated. Told it was too make sure I was healthy. I am both mentally and physically healthy- I am told. All thought settlement just around the corner.. that also why a judge had the bag picked up. Later things that happened — suggest the bag was protected. Too many still trying to get it. But when I wrote about it recently– they decided the torture since September made me mentally unstable. The thing is– I wrote about it after the police played in teh streets Friday morning for all too see.

Many in teh earpiece– you are worth so much — give us the bag. I aid no. Then I come up with neat idea after neat idea for Washington Style a project idea I cam up with years ago– but recently worked on while waiting for feb 1st.. No i did not cry… they made a big deal out of this date and kept asking me to go to the bank — because too many were given my login info. Bank can check IPs. They wanted me to go to the bank and act up. When it looked like that was not going to happen- engage the police outside. nothing…

Torture over the last six months made me crazy? all agree– to sane bwmc– July 2012. They actually ask me my opinion on crap like this and did yesterday– Saturday. FEb 2, 2012. Said Friday post made them look bad. No.. I am sane. FBI– you owe jail cells.

I like this– “you are worth too much, can come up with good ideas and you do not even have aids..”. They also said they wished they had remembered about that vibrate thing before Septemmber 2012– and before I started soaking my ear in water. Told the only things saving my life- all the walking I have done. BWMC knows I walk too. Early morning.

I did ask– How they would get the money if I was dead.

NOw they are explaining the flip flop on the child as I was writing. I provide too many details.

In some of the group meetings I attended at BWMC over the summer of 2012.. many said they kept a journal to avoid reverting back to a behavior that was unstable. Most people I meet appeared to be addicted to cigs, drugs or alcohol. Me– nothing. That said– I have often said– what kept me sane? Why me and blogging. I had no idea. I am sorry you activated the earpiece in 2012. I owe conduct unbecoming Pentagon. My best.


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