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Jan '13

Good Signs?

My mother and sister left about 10:30 am yesterday and did not arrive home until about 10:00 pm last night. I am told they were at the hospital with an ailing relative– who was going through a surgical procedure.

Earpiece provides — that my mother was actually having the earpiece she requested about 7 or 8 years ago removed. I am told it is a simple laser procedure that opens up the seam just behind the earlobe. I am told that is how both of my earpieces were installed.

Earpiece also provided that my brother had his removed about a month ago. This pleases me a great deal. I am told my mother’s did not have the dangerous features that the one in my left ear has– but my brother’s did.

She does not admit to having one– but I am told that the trancelike state I have often seen her in– is the same one I had when my earpiece was first activated in Feb. 2012.

Again last night– this is over– payments to start today– did not, so why is this a hopeful sign? They keep saying we really want you to get very upset before it really ends. My response — but I never get upset over this. You have been doing this since May 2012– when the deal[s] were first set. Their response– but I just want to see you cry.. Please cry. Don’t believe me — get my tapes… I hate the FBI allows this crap when this is supposed to be a credible investigation. That said– they are also allowing too much vibration and gain issues.

But here is a good sign… Months ago– I am told via earpiece my sister received trust from Rock. Why? I am told the biological son of Rock and my sister is the governor of New Jersey. Those who know my sister– probably say that looks right. What I did not know– was that they took an egg. Rock [via earpiece-- so I can only say that is how he identified himself] lied to me hoping I would print that he had sex with a 10 year old– so he could sue. Last night he told me the truth– and why he lied. I am not going to say who the surrogate mother was. This fits because I do not remember my sister with larger breasts before we moved to Odenton, MD in June 1974. Actually, I use photos and research to help with things like this- because I never paid much attention to things like this in the first place. Photos show that if he was born before 1974– my sister did not give birth to him. It made me happy that Rock told me why he lied to me…

That said– Judy did get a top early in 1975- based on a jr high prom photo. I did not get mine until Nov. 1999– the reason I know this is the answer. See Lauren. Earpiece claims Lester Holt the father. Judy 13 he 16 I believe. Lester looks like my father’s child with Sharon. Confirmed? Not really.. Romney confirmed as Sharon’s son. Told Lester raised by Joyce anderson. I never met him.. He is my father’s son. confirmed. Rock said– he wanted lester to have a child with Judy. Told he came to the house Thanksgiving 1974. Where was I? Cheryl, Roni and Jan know I was inWilmington in 1974 for Thanksgiving. Conflicting reports as to whether Roni died in 2005.

My web host is voiding features under cpanel. Cannot access myphpadmin nor edit my email accounts. Told I will be able to move the site soon. I am pissed about this. Silly emails that show responses not credible as to the reasons for this. I will provide details later. I am told that Rock actually owns my web host co– but the government maintains the site on government servers. Another reason dOJ and the taxpayer should be unhappy. Me– I cannot be held responsible since I pay a web host and had no say in where they told me to move my IP addresses. I was sent an email with instructions. Earpiece claims rock purchased my web host from an Indian based company shortly after I signed with them in late July 2007.

The other good sign– who are my biological kids/grandkids? They are telling me now. I keep laughing about the grandkid.. maybe he gets why. Told this is going to be over soon. Other news last night? Between 1982 and 1985 I lived at an apartment in Falls Church. I never spent the night away from the apartment unless at my parents. Boyfriends came to my place. Told the x-president’s kid born 1984. She thought her birthday earlier. How did they get an egg? In Nov 1984 rushed to Fairfax co hospital. Fasting, holidays, perid– caused problem. Shopping at Tysons Corner. Too late to have gotten egg then. Was told several eggs taken in 1987 when rushed to Shirlington in Arlington. Same problem.. Fasting, period. Told this is how Bob, Marty and New York couple produced a biological child of mine. The x-president’s? Not sure how. I lived by myself for the last 2 years I lived there [falls church]. Before that– rented the other room to other females. About 3. Never liked roommates. I am hopeful this is over. Rock– supplied– easy to harvest an egg. You were alone in your apartment.

Earpiece just a moment ago– hour after this post for first published– says Marty used because it looked bad — a bunch of white guys. Not sure of the truth. Also– saying Patti surragote. This suspect since everyoe knew she and her parents did not get along. afterthought– earpiece insisting patti Girl did not know. Too many mad I did not carry. I did not know I had kids, never wanted kids. You are mad? Told Aids problem with one father. That said– my Aunt Judy gets the problem. I would have told them all no… WAshington making a mistake now. You do not harass, threaten, mind fk, and torture until yes. I said no.

I keep telling rock we are not going to be in business together but I am worried because he seems to have integrated himself in every part of my family… My uncle ham appears to be his half brother. He is confirming via earpiece. I want this over and wish him the best. CIA– noise now– Rock leaves I [cia] am in? I said no thanks. FBI/DOJ– I said no.

FBI– conviction without trial? I was just watching CSPAN and the new congress being sworn in. In the seats a member with a young girl on his lap. Why would this make me scream? Get that filth off me. DOJ and FBI– owe me explanations… to violated and I said no. Further if payments are not starting– stop allowing the crap. Too many get- the deals real. stop.

Another- warning? I keep screwing myself with posts like this? Why are US government personnel– providing this information? To entertain me with fiction? Look at the category titles and get the tapes… disavow if not true… I say tapes exist and FBI always on… not true– why give me these stories. I told you– do not tell me if you do not want it posted. I provide “earpiece provided”… I screwed me? How’s that… get off me. How would I know these details — which many can be checked? FBI– who do I talk to on the phone? Skype? chat rooms? No one… why do I have some of these details which are too easy to confirm? I know too much? But I reported it.. not holding me up with your filth and secrets.. get off me.

What type of mind fk things to they do? within the last two months– someone provided [via earpiece] that my monthly service charge of $11.00, for my business checking would removed if I maintained a balance of $750.00. I should have checked. Going into Christmas I had about $500.00 in the account– spending about $200.00. I got $600.00 in christmas cash from family… On the 26th of Dec. I deposited $240.00 to bring the balance up to $750.00. On the first the bank charged me $11.00. I thought they were not going to because it did not show up on Dec 31st. Normally they charge on the last day of the month if a holiday or weekend is involved. That’s why I was surprised to see the charge on Tuesday, the first of Jan. When I called my bank this morning to find out what the minimal amount was to avoid the monthly service charge– the guy did everything possible to get me to scream.. Then he told me– $2500. I have had the account since Nov. 2004. Never an overdraft.. nothing. My credit card shows– Regina D. Thomas/ QiSoftware. Something else that pisses washington idiots off.. Look through this blog– how many times have I said– washington looks like a bunch of criminal and filth. why would they own this site? They are idiots? Makes me look too credible. They keep trying to see if they can make me go away.. they cannot.. WAshington idiot.. I developed the Blogger calendar in 2004 too… get off me and stop looking like idiots and filth. I said no.. That was my bank this morning? the guy needs to be retrained.. that said– government idiots routinely intercept my calls, emails and business requests… Ask Justice Kennedy.. get off me.

Trying to show– earpiece always lying, always playing games… why lie about $750.00? find the truth.. I said let go.. washington.

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