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Nov '12

credibility checks… earpiece supplied…

They keep saying I know too many of their secrets. For instance I was talking to Ben last night and we were talking about the Credit Card Fraud that members of Congress– were responsible for. We keep discussing how we got here. I then told him that I thought Robert Meuller told me– the Queen gave Kelly A. of the senate a used porche for doing some of that. I also said– that someone told me she lived in the Barn. That was where she was picked up– in June 2012… Said she was arrested for the credit card crap. But her car and where she lived could have only been given to me via the earpiece and it was dangerous. Apparently, some members of congress had a way of erasing credit card debt- once the bank had already paid it… Several in congress in a lot of trouble for that… Said queen and family– had a lot of credit card purchases. why not parliament? Washington great place to find insured thugs with aids. It is said– billions defrauded from large banks around the world this way.. Many angry with washington.

What’s really odd about the Kelly info? Earpiece people always tell me about what others get hoping I will be envious. they first said Kelly was my mother’s and John G. Roberts.. his family stationed on Upper Heyford when we were. not confirmed. Then Kelly really my Aunt Judy’s with Cassetta of Tucson. Not sure the truth. I liked kelly. I am not sure she is related to me. She reminds me of my aunt judy. She is too short to be my mother’s and Cassetta. John G. Roberts? he is short. My aunt Judy is short. My mother about 5′6″. Nope, not jealous.. told thin air I would adopt her if she stopped doing the bald army guy I could not stand. Now think that is Bob Rostickies son. At the time I saw them in a cspan live session– I did not remember the earlier story about my eggs and a daughter that died. I certainly did not get he might be bob’s. Hated him when I first saw him about 8 years earlier in a cspan session. I had no idea what was going on when the earpiece was first activated. They way they do it– they will say somehting and then negate. Since Sept 2012 or so– two things they earlier said were again given to me– a court case in San Francisco involving Lunarpages and the daughter dying — that finally jelled. I do not believe everything right off.. why did they remind of of both these stories again later… must be key.

How it warks since earpiece activation [2.2012]? I flip through channels and they tell me who is doing who, aids status, other tidbits. Kelly A. too all over wiredpages.. that said– she go into trouble for the credit card thing. Disliked bald army general 8 years ago when i first noticed him. Bob your son? Told unclear which killed daughter they said was mine. Lindly [bwmc] like Kelly. Confirmed aunt judy’s daughter.

Maryland has strong laws about where known child abusers can live. they cannot own property in Maryland. In VA they can own property but not live in the homes too close to schools– credit earpiece…

Queenie [that's what ben calls her]– Ben said recently- “my mother’s is the only one she has to smell”… Ben– I am sorry you needed to say that to me… but Ben and Rock — have provided a lot of details about what may have happened before I as born. Tapes should confirm.

The following items can be checked. If any are true– how would I know? Jan told me via earpiece? No– mostly rock and ben. Kelly A. of the senate– think that was Robert Mueller.

Keep in mind– I am not saying anyone is a child abuser. I am asking why rock told me so much about this via the earpiece. Was it him? Whoever said it was.

  • John D. Rockefeller owns homes in Alexandria, 2 in McClain, he had to give up one in Maryland. Ann Marie Buerkle of congress lives in one of his homes. His daughter [flower lady from BWMC] has a home in Onley, MD. Ann Marie Buerkle is said to be related to Gen. Westmoreland and her daughter is the blonde anchor for CNN that has a british accent. Daughter said she wishes she had not done that. Vasco Martins of Rockwell said to be their relative. Yes, they all look alike…. Heptitis… issues.
  • Kelly A. lives [maybe gone now] at the Barn in Washington, DC and drives a Porche the Queen gave her for helping with credit card issues.
  • Bruce Leshan and his father [Don Evans] own several properties in Hanover, MD. Bruce had to leave recently [summer 2012]– for showing my niece something via the surveillance console network.
  • Jan used to work for Capital One [Chevy Chase] in Laurel MD. so proud of her son– she could not stop telling everyone Obama was her son. Yes, Michael Shaw of Wilmington, NC looks like his daddy. We had a prom photo of Shaw and Jan. You would say– yes he [Obama] looks like them.
  • Told Jan and Greg no longer together. She does not reside at the Severn, MD address… cannot own property in MD– like rock.

  • Ben and Jen own a house in New Jersey. Girls having problems at their exclusive school. Why? they will tell you if you ask. Nothing to do with me.
  • Brian Williams condo washngton, dc.
  • Alyson Stewart of Channel 7 news– Dan Quayle daughter.
  • black traffic girl in the morning — Pat Muse and Bruce Leshan. Pat insured her daughter.

  • Chelsea said [earpiece claim] her said her dad did her when she was 10 to insure. “I did not have sex with that waman”– said to be chelsea. Said chelsea kept telling everyone– which is what caused the rukus in the first place. She told me too. Keep her out my ear. This and several other things– get the clintons out of my ear– now.
  • Ben new place in Washington– recent purchase.
  • Another relative [female] has a child with Chris Rock [zeta jones, greg bruton] and a daughter with Ben Harper’s son. I have no idea if this is true- but according to earpiece it is. Also told Lester holt tried to set her up when she was 9. I screamed idiot- they only thing you did was risked a child endangerment charge.
  • Look up reports about Sharon Rockefeller’s twin death. Why? How old is Romney? How old is Lester Holt?
  • Virginia Clinton part black.. Hillary calls bill “nigger boy”. Told this is widely known in washington.
  • Joseph forced to insure. Told the military fu… he won. The problem– later a girl said he did not get no. He seems to get no when I say it… Noted we both seem to operate outside the system.. Is this good or bad. He says he cannot do it again… I was never part of it.. Said the reason Ann Romney would do him is because he was forced– good looking. She does not like the other generals.. that said she has been linked with Mattis and and Lester holt. Mattis insurance said to be Guy Allen. Not sure.. Guy’s ass– ouch when I knew him. Said Guy call Mattis uncle. I met his father at his wedding to swati… does not look like mattis. He told her he did not want anything from her… wrong lovers. She tried to yell at me for telling him. Guy’s mother and Mattis– jewish bother and sister.

If any of this is true- how do I know? You checked the bank accounts of family members and say– I know because of why the have money? Yes, those claiming to be family members do tell me things.. but Rock provides most of my information.. Why am I telling you? So you can check- and ask- how would I know i not provided via the earpiece.

My overseas relatives.. no thanks. I have explained this over and over again… no thanks. I do not owe this way of life.

Went out for gas yesterday morning.. 1440 tag AA co Police pulls in with a flourish while I am there… Earpiece said I should be worried about those idiots? Why? I am not a relative with secrets and live too close to an elementary school– which verifies. Why do I have problems and no money. Oh yes.. they have problems too but they have money.. Ben keeps saying insure… I said no thanks. I am not going to be black mailed by criminals..

I do not have a choice.. FBI why? Getting paid again to day according to earpiece.. Earpiece vibrating all night. Why fbi?

In Q’s Wire– I discussed “Eyes Wide Shut”, “the Ninth Gate” and the DaVinci Code”. All have orgy scenes to belong to a secret society… the queen thought I wanted to belong? NO thanks. I talked of insurance in Q’s Wire. Search.

FBI — idiots from Maryland police are playing a stupid game.. I said get off me. Further you owe me..I said no. I do not care who the raunchy trash that thinks I want to know its private parts. why tell me this crap? So I can be part of the filth? No thanks.

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