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Nov '12


Why is this important? It is not. Have you ever looked at the kids of John D. Rockefeller II? They really do not look alike. The other day- I thought it was Rock– he said, the same thing to me. Then he went on to explain why.

John D. Rockefeller IV is 2 years younger than my father was. Long before the earpiece was activated I guessed that the person I knew as Joyce Anderson was somehow related to the Rockefellers. Who else? Ben Affleck, and brian Williams. I made a mistake with lester holt. I thought he was Joyce anderson’s too. I believe Lester is my father’s child but not Mrs. Anderson’s. Lester is not a Rockefeller– but raised by one.

His mother– look around. I believe is Sharon. I looked carefully at her photos. I may be wrong but I believe I am right.

Lester was born in 1958 and so was Brenda. Brenda I believe is also my sister but Joyce Anderson’s child.

Rock said once- my father was cool. Photos suggest he was. He dressed well. What I believe happened– this is mostly my spsculation and not earpiece confirmed.

I have an Uncle named Adolph Atwood. I am not sure what he looks like but I saw a photo of a Paul Owens in my mother’s Willston yearbook and he reminded me of Darryl Anderson. I asked if Paul Owens was my uncle ham?

Look up IV’s mother. I believe Joyce anderson and IV have the same mother but I am told Mrs. Anderson’s father is II and IV’s father is III. III married Blanchet Hooker Rockefeller. Rock claims they did not get along. He also says there is another family. Check TSA guy.

Anyway to insure Blanchette and Mrs. Anderson– I asked if Paul Owens/Uncle Ham was really Blanchette’s son and Darryl Anderson her daughter’s son Mrs. Anderson. Key- the same father. Maybe a black servant?

Uncle Ham looks like Jan’s father and Ruby Rene’s. I believe my father was somehow tied to the early version of the CIA. I have a photo of him surrounded by a lot of white guys in military garb– that looks wrong for the time. I believe my father and Bill cosby are related. Half brothers maybe. Both would have tested smart.

What if III wanted blanchette bothered. she lived in Wilmington for a time. with her kids. I asked if III could have sent my father in to bother blanchette? See cosby’s I spy.

One account [earpiece]– suggests Mrs. Anderson really liked my father. But she may not have understood who he was– this is my speculation. When he married my mother it made her mad. the thing is– I do not believe III asked my father to marry Mrs. Anderson– only to interfere with her. I asked key family members recently and they seemed to think about it but did not respond.

When I was young, I am about 3 years younger than Brenda and Lester– it is said [someone key said she told him] that I was hurt because of the anger. I cannot point a finger.

Then because the Rocks knew of my grandmother’s true identity– they wanted several kids. They have several– as do many others.

I have known Mrs. Anderson. I always say- to Rock– Rock I am amazed washington let you get away with so much. I think I know why you tried. Waht I do not get is why Susan thinks she can do the things she does?

You have an excuse. she doesn’t. But the thing that bothers me? Pentagon went after me and are now allowing you to take most of the blame. You told me about Mullen. Has been confirmed. What’s their excuse if not a child I did not know about and plain stupidity?

This is more complicated than I have outlined– read between the lines. A lot of this is my speculation. Some confirmed. Rock– leaving out the unnecessary.


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