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Nov '12

earpiece 11.22.12

Since Monday, earpiece claim– they will start posting ach payments Friday. Me, whatever. Tuesday- chet– oral me and I will give you settlement. I got mad Wednesday and blogged about it all day.

For the most part– nice early Thanksgiving day. Cooked, ate around 2:00 pm. Then they came back online. Who? Claim, Volger, Chet. Volger claims he is with Anne of England. I am still asking why that concerns me.

Then I explain– I passed on England in March/April 2012. Go get the tapes. Here is one example. For some reason, those claiming to be of the English royal family wanted to know why I chose the name QiSoftware in June 2002 for my domain name.

I explained that in Latin my name means queen, I have always liked the letter Q– and I am a software consultant. They wanted to claim I should have asked permission. I told them- that in 2002 who the queen of england was as related to my business or problems I was having in the states never occurred to me. At the time I simply explained Q is one of my favorite letters and I am a software consultant- hence QiSoftware.

I felt it was a bullying attempt and I was unimpressed. It was also explained at the time- that neither were english courts with the assertion that somehow the domain belonged to them. Are you software consultants?

Also explained that Black Fraternity — Omega Psi Phi Fraternity called themselves Qs. I have an undergrad degree in math and Greek is well known to me because of this. I just loved the letter Q.

That and several other things– had me asking that they leave me alone– I pass.

Last night, when I explained all of this to the person claiming to be chet — he said he did not know that and he apologized. But I have said go get the tapes from the sessions over and over. Why don’t you do your homework. I asked him why are english courts telling the royals no– and US courts allowing you [Chet] to do anything you want? I also explained to Chet last night– you do not owe me an apology– DOJ owes you a jail cell.

For some reason Chet thinks I work for the US Govenrment. I do not.. What amazes me about this– they keep offering me a million dollar a year job with the CIA– with a bonus. Why on earth would I owe him respect as an employer if he keeps offering me a job. Chet– I want you to research, stop embarrassing yourself and my country and get off me. I do not owe England. I do not owe the CIA nor the Pentagon. Aids victims employed by the CIA get 1 million+ a year. A raped victim 1.5 million. They want me to bring the settlement and my business. Source said they are not paying the CIA. they said bring business. I said I do not like hard headed government types. no thanks..

FBI/DOJ– I want CIA and Pentagon off me. If they can not show national security– they need to

And keep getting in my ear with this pussy crap and I am going to keep reporting it. I am told- the many mistakes this week by chet is going to cost him his job. I do not care if he stays or goes. I want washington off me.

Also– awhile back earpiece confirmed Obama is Jan’s son.. told one of her mistakes was telling everyone Q’s Wire was right.. she is his mother. His x is supposed to be the black girl rice tied to the UN. Told last night she is upset I want a Ny Law firm and not a black law firm. I have heard general after general explain to Jan that I am the real thing. I own the business. Obama is a figure head. Jan has even said on more than one occassion he is sitting around waiting on them to tell him what to do. chet is the real power– CIA. So last night when they first claimed Rice said this then Jill Biden– owe lets start some crap with black folks? Lets see– I have business affiliates around the world, I am known around the world because of the Blogger calendar- and you want to know why I want a NY law firm and not a black one… I need a hard no. I need a law firm to understand I pick the fights I will have and not them. Yes, I should be very rich. I will take the deal offered in May 2012. I am told the Rockefellers do not thing that is very rich.

What I did not get– was why i had to explain to my cousin’s x why I need a tough law firm that says no – and gets no heard. Me– I say no– and idiots think I am getting. General you told Jan he is only a figurehead and then you want me to answer to his x? Make up your mind– idiot.

Jan the one you need– this is my business, my work, broken arm, and the rights violations done to me. I am the real thing. Have him worry about your housing issue– since he is sitting around waiting on chet to tell him what to do. I told him in Jan. 2009 to stay out of my business after I figured out who he was. Before that I paid no attention. I stopped asking the white house to help in Jan. 2001 when bush took office so it was not a black thing. It was that is not the real president and why bother.

Obama I never explain to your clowns a damn thing. Get black people pissed on this.. play your idiot shit with someone else– boy.

Two or three months ago- i was watching a program about customized buses. They can do some really neat things with these buses and so I decided I want to go on a cross country trip. Ben was online with me when was watching the program. Neither one of us ever thought we would go on a camping trip but we made plans anyway… Get a little car for the compartment in the back– and a motorcycle for ben. We decided we need a vacation. I picked the route… north, boston, chicago, Minneapolis, vail, aspen, las vegas, trout fishing, good restaurants, horse back riding dude ranch, etc. I do not think I ever want to get on a plane again so this seemed like a fun way to travel for 3 weeks or so. I would work and blog about it– he would go in search of hot girls. No complications, only those that could relax and not be a pain in the ass. My mother was not invited Then I told Joseph the general he could go. Ben and the General started arguing a lot — so I decided it was a bad idea.. But I had my reasons for picking both of them. Both good looking and used to women falling all over themselves. I made it clear I would be off limits.

joseph’s wife said he could not go…. but did we really think we would- probably not. This morning– volker told me he and pickering wanted to go camping. I asked him when he would stopped embarrassing himself and to leave me alone. He said he did it to mindfk me- because he knew I could not stand him nor pickering? My guys too goodlooking? I said– maybe you should ask ben and joseph to go with you so they can find a hard up idiot to like you… I would not go anywhere with you… Wait to be invited.

I tend to treat ben like an irritating little brother. I always tell him we share a sister. Joseph did not know that in the spring Ben told me all of the bad things he did. We were both worried about our families and rock. the General tried to tell me something about Ben. I told the general he already told me.. I like the general. i want him to save my country and I wanted to give ben a good looking older brother that I liked. Yes, Brian is his older brother– but I keep asking– if he is really Mrs. Anderson’s too. I am not a fan of Brian. General does not like ben.. I do .. Ben upset the general told me somethings…

Who the hell is volker?

Another thing that maybe key? In June 2012– according to Chet last night– came to him and said she was unhappy I wanted nothing to do with her. He said he would look into it. That is when DB asked if I wanted to stay 2.5 weeks at BWMC. By the way BWMC– I should not be receiving colection calls. Told Chet and Kagan key… Mossad what am I not gettng? Chet.. Kagan- I want you to stay out of my business. FBI you need to get her tapes.

Last night I also asked chet– after hearing about the contact the Queen made last spring- who he thought I owed. the pentagon or England? I told him I am confused. He is a marine general but associated with the CIA more than the pentagon. I repeat- Pentagon cut me loose starting in 92.. it is said a child died. Look up Max and Bob. I am told Julie knows about this. Waht amazes me with Julie- she is told Max was the secretary and I was the engineer and she still feels she should be running something in my world.. .Chet/FBi?DOJ- I do not owe these people. Why is this hard?

The other night– somehow the question of why I do not research chet came up. I know somethings about joseph, robert mueller, ben, gene, don. I looked them up. Asked some questions. Chet– I did not. All the photos I saw showed a short man with a big head who looked worried. I like this kind of worry. My ideal president is Jeff Bridges in the Contender. I keep saying we need a wise Jeff Bridges. For some reason, Tuesday night I tried to explain to Chet that’s want I thought he was but had not looked into it. He made a mistake with that oral thing.

But what I really don’t get– is what he wants other than he should be looking at my data sheet and reading the intel reports– tapes, etc– befoe he says stupid things to me. He looks too smart for this crap… what am I not getting?

The earpiece just said– said Don, “the problem with Regina she is too idealistic, too sheltered.” I take issue, Pentagon cuts me loose and does a poor cleaning job [she drank?] and then 20 years later they want me to pay aidsy generals and their relatives. I said no.

Queen says– pay her? I said for what and no. Why is that too idealistic?

One hid behind a child I knew nothing about the other buildings? courts why would I owe either? Jan confirmed one of her Navy guys behind my all night bout with food tampering several years ago. One reason I told gates to get off me. No, not trying to kill me– just wanted me to go to the hospital so they could have the bag. But why did I owe him the bag.. Mullen aid I was an idiot? Go ask annapolis… Cadets do not have aids.. how is hat missy?

Jan your guys making the mistake I want to be you.. too many old retired guys in this area– telling me to get busy… I know c. I do not need to now their manhoods.. and this happened way to often… One of the things I liked about Joseph? He siad to me– but kelly is prettier than you and she would– why don’t you. I told him to go get my data sheet.

I know something your sons want to know.. Jan does not. I had a toliet in Ffrance in and England. I believe Clive owens, Mariah, Obama and my brother [not] are Jans. He as a governor and jan did not have a toilet.. No old boys– I will not do you.. I am happy Joseph asked what he did not understand. I put in long hours for my career and read harliquin romances. I repeat– I do not let most guys talk to me that want to.. nothing personal.. Most flag wrong and I must not look as smart as I can be or too I won’t and they get it.

Woman who have indicated I should get busy [this means oral]– Queen, Ann, Kate. This all after Feb 2012. I believe Kate is actually Sam brownback’s and a cousin. Told the wedding not real. He married pepe or something like that. Kate said to be mad- that the Steve from Chippingnorton– oralled me when I was 7 or so. Steve could have been Sam. I have no proof and i was asleep if it happened. I am not sure about the Queen– said visit they asked for a prick test and it said positive. I am negative. The other two said [earpiece] to have it. William asked if I wanted to die for him… who are these clowns?

no. Aids afflicted person asks you to oral them.. that is illegal. Me? I owe shot to kill… Kate- you can be a nigga princess. waht you will not do– is steal from me nor put your ass in my face.. I told the queen politely no thanks. Earpiece now– no not the queen, charles. It does not matter to me– I am not oralling anyone unless madly in love and it is private… I am not in love with any of these people. Rude and overstayed their welcome in my life. I said no. Could I have misunderstood and she was saying kiss her ass figuratively? Why would I do that, one– but no I am told certain people really have to do that. I am not. And my no long before I got the NY buildings, BP oil, or earthquack issues. Bullies? I never liked bullies. She did not do it– someone else? Who would foul our coastline? who knock out our buildings. told Pentagon a ruse. not sure.

I am not a player. I say no I mean no.. why would this have taken so long. why would so many do the things done if I am not telling the truth. I do believe it was the queen and her family in my ear earlier this year. Did they do the things they are being blamed for? the shit I heard back then does not help them.. but all I have is the earpiece the dame earpiece hurting my heart.

By the way– fbi said– aids person in my life threatening me? That is a shoot to kill. Brother [i have several], guys in back said– I goofed. Rock wants it back.. Hillary set him up. PRobably thought Suzie would benefit. do not come after me..

Yelp pounding my heart for the last 2 or 3 hours. Chet- find the reason you are on the wall/fence [nicholson a few good men] and not the AIDS problem I did not cause. You should have been wiser.

The other thing I want you to understand– most of my relatives now- born with aids. Said even obama. Kate is sam’s? she was born after 69. tell her to stick her shit in gene’s face and not mine.

Washington gals- I know you think you are smarter than everyone else I have discussed here. Literly, nor figuratively should you put your ass in my face… Why this is hard I am not sure. I said no.

Chet– 3 or 4 weeks ago you said– “i wish you lied ann better”. You knew I often told her to get out of my ear. Law suit? Told she is a Nelson rockefeller bastard with prostitute. x of lester holt and chet. s/he would do joseph she said to me once when I was watching him live for the first time. Told David mad I showed no respect to ann– because I told her I was going to tell about the me licking shit. I asked her if she had aids? not that I was going to- just wanted to make sure she was the stupid bitch. She said I wanted her to write a post and defame her. FBI do you have the tapes? How many times to I tell that “pretty girl” that i what she called herself– to get off me. chet knew that.

Yes, recent crap does appear to want to draw the data dump? Amazon, paypal, etc– you can pay the queen now.. I bet english courts also get fraud. I do not owe chet.. let me know when I am done.

Earpiece just said– go to the hospital and get earpiece out regina. I did not respond aloud. Should I go by myself? One shot and I am out cold. I did not even know they were in there. Shouldn’t I wait to get an attorney? Is that you Joseph? Nope– rock said him with a filter.

get off me.

Get off me.

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