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Nov '12

Web Hosting Bill & Payment

Just in case there is a problem– wanted it noted I paid this invoice for qisoftware.com web hosting to DailyRazor today via my PayPal account.

Here is the online transaction record from my PayPal account.

Normally, PayPal is good about sending right away– a receipt indicating I made the payment. Today, for whatever reason I did not get the email confirmation.

One of the earpiece threats lately- close qisoftware.com. If this does happen I will blog at blog.hosting-q.com to provide details.

PayPal is part of the settlement process I discuss a great deal in my personal blog- that said I am sure there is no connection to this delay in confirming receipt of the payment via email.

Chet– earpiece claimed you on last night with volker, pickering, ben, joseph, my brother– several others. Someone claiming to be you said I do white man’s dick- no settlement? Is that what I heard? I asked if this was just an excuse because I already told everyone in this blog– not going to happen.

Last night I indicated my private romantic life is not of a washington whore. My deal is private… I cannot tell you how disappointed that even it was not you- that you allowed your name to be used… I do not owe pussies… Volker– you came back? why? FBI– get the tapes- get the idiots out of my ear.. I do not owe washington pussies. They also begged me not to write about the events last night. a test to see if I want to play a scene in pretty woman? Why do you keep calling if you do not want me to answer? I said no.

Why bring up race I asked? Chet is said to be jewish. I asked if that was a white guy and why do I need to this? Said to make a statement. I said if I used your views on this– I would not be doing a white man, black man nor brown man. Asked why he wanted me mad rather than getting mad. Said “do you” white women pissed off some. But I explained cooly high and why I do not say I will do anyone… 17 years a broken arm– so you can say suck my dick or no settlement? But you knew my response? I said tell Paypal and amazon. Is that what happened PayPal?

Let me repeat- my broken right arm does not hold up your manhood. I said this a lot in this blog– chet.. I do not work for the government. I can tell you to get off me. Never do that again.

Joseph– you told ben not to behave like a loser.. What part of last night did you not hear.. Generals stop insuring– you look like losers.

I also explained to the generals last night– I need the reason he is sitting on the fence in a Few good men. Jack said– you need him to sit on that fence. General you never explained why I need to pay aidsy generals I did not give aids too… I also said conduct unbecoming.. I mean get off me.

Just now– earpiece said should not have written about it– told me I just lost. My country lost a long time ago… someone else offered to pay their part.. they wanted the affiliate part too. I do not owe pussies that cannot pay their own bills. Then they want to run my company and manage the money– they will not allow me to have? Go see if Ryan wants to make another movie with you.. you screw up your own movie– which could have paid your aidsy generals… But everyone is pissed I missed out on the aids pity party? 12 dover– was not that sophisticated. High school– no thanks doug. High school no thanks sam. college– boy danielle that is a good looking guy chasing me around the pool– no thanks I do not try to steal her boy friends… boeing– gene– I thought you liked lying around nude being celibate… Rockwell– walter reed address- again doug with another name and more weight– just not going to happen dude- I am not attracted to you.. I had a lot of chances.. How many did it take for a US general to become HIV positive.. get off me.

You know what else I told those guys last night– “walk with me“.. Please walk with me– this looks bad.. In Feb. 2012– I asked Robert Mueller to walk with me. Last night– Kennedy, generals, ben, etc.. They said “die dead”.

Peaceful waters.. you know what else I told them. i have not had sex in over 17 years– so I can oral a white guy to make a statement? I know how to use a pusalting shower, sir I explained. I do not. I am calling you sir because this may get tacky real fast.. You should not have said that to me… I love that song by Gladys Knight.. Washington– this looks bad. Stop. I said no..

Chet– you want to use Hillary? But I am talking to you. I do not mess around with the rejects from rockland servants. I hear rock– poached her from his daddy’s servants quarters. No education, no nothing and always asking others if this is right.. He is mad- the second wife got the heirs. He got the name. Hillary- I passed on the strapping thing with Ann. I like men. Looks wrong to me. I hear hillary went around asking everyone if that was right? Tell her to sue herself. I used it as evidence that I believe my survellance tapes will back up. Get them. Need a check for rock relatives? Told TSA head is younger brother of Rock. He is real heir but Rock made more. – complicated story about rock, mrs. anderson, my family and his mother… no useful purpose other than to explain why we are. DOJ- You owe explantions and arrests. Further get the idiot bunch out of my ear… I said do not test me..

Site went down– I went to the bank, came back and it was back up.. Careful boys– someone may think you are the idiot and I am not the liar. By the way– my bank thought I had 663+ dollars before I went over and posted 40 more. I took a photo– PayPal.. the Available balance…s

fBI- you owe arrests.

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