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Jul '14

who was chirpy…

Over the years I have discussed one personality or another not really understanding why some of these individuals seemed obsessed with engaging me over the years.

I have learned quite a bit since Feb. 2012 when an earpiece I did not know was in my left ear was activated.

Chirpy [the nickname I gave him], the guy who first started talking to me in Feb. 2012 said he had searched for the frequency for awhile. The problem.. the earpiece was never initiated by those who installed it– and those who have it know why this looks right.

He told me lots of things and though I guessed at someone else early on, I now believe I was wrong. Based on discussions I have had these last two years I now believe Chirpy is a son of John Maclaughlin. Someone pointed him out to me once, when he was on CSPAN.. He is about 35 years old, reddish blond hair and wears glasses.

Maclaughlin jr was pointed out to me about a year ago, and I came up with he is probably Chirpy about 3 months ago. Based on what I told others he told me, many agree he had access to that information and his story is the one chirpy would have told. FBI indicated they do not have the early tapes from when he first found the frequency and began talking to me.

Chirpy also mentioned the personality I reference in the first paragraph of this post. Several years ago- about 5 [long before the earpiece activation], I provided several reasons for why this person seemed obsessed with this situation.

About 2 weeks ago– I was given another piece of the “why”. I do not wish to say more here– but provide this “time bench mark” in case I need it in the future.

Other information gleaned recently? Those [I am told almost without exception] born HIV positive [AIDS] have larger than normal hearts and their bodies do not produce plasma. Those who got aids– can produce plasma after being cured.

I am told many in washington have undergone treatment. When I was first told about one cure [about 4-6 months ago]– I was very optimistic. Many have stopped screaming at me about their aids… but there still remain issues. I hope DOJ/FBI are working the problems.

When the earpiece was first activated– I was given never ending issues about aids, who had it, how they got it, etc. Most in washington had it. Most of my family had it. I did not know it had not been mostly eradicated in Feb. 2012. I never discussed aids in Q’s Wire Posts [like I do know] other than to say I did not have it.. when I thought someone was asking. I have a negative test result from 2002 long before any cures were refined and usable.

If I had known there was an aids problem– I would have discussed it more in Q’s Wire over the years… I did not know until Feb. 2012.

They are no longer screaming at me about their aids… that said.. there are problems.. FBI/DOJ are helping but it seems to be a long slow process.. hopeful this will be over soon.

Maybe that is why I was given the new information about the personality? IN hopes of discussing every issue? It was discussed. Tell them to make their own day.

Above image from a Nov 2011 post. Those with access to the AIDS database can also confirm– I am not on their list. Never was.

Jul '14

she started…

I haven’t tried to start my car since early December 2013. Back then I had to jump start it. If the motor was turned off– it would not start again unless jumped again.

I knew this was the battery, and earpiece confirmed that the surveillance equipment on the car drains the battery. In Dec. 2013, they knew there was a problem because their equipment signals were dying and told me when the problem first happened.

My mother purchased a new car in Jan. 2014 so her old one is available for my use, however since we only have a two car garage– I have not tried to start my car since Dec. 2013. Her new car has all the latest gizmos and I rarely use it… nor would I try to jump my car with it. It also gets her garage position.

With everyone gone for the 4th– I put her old car in the garage last night — since she took her new one with her, and this morning decided to try my car.

It fired right away– and the engine sounds great. Yes, when I turned if off it would not start without the jumper cables– but I am so happy it started and sounded so good.

That car has been garaged most of its life, I am the original owner and it has about 151,000 miles on it.

It is a convertible RX7 and it rides like a low slung sedan because most of the convertible roof is hard. The rear window is a real window and the center piece that separates from the rest of the roof and comes off. Its like a removable sunroof— and its hard.

I love my car and have missed it. I cannot tell you how happy this morning’s test has made me.

I have replaced the battery in my car before. But it is kind of hard to get the leads off. I did not want to take it to the shop– because too many want me to cry these days.

The reason for this post– just to let everyone know that as of July 2nd, 2014 there were no other problems with my car other than a very dead battery. The interior lights won’t even come on without another battery charging my dead battery.

Is this important? My car is 24 years old and they no longer make it. Yes. I last tested early Dec. 2013 and it started right up July 2, 2014. And my surveillance could see everything….

Earpiece noise has suggested some would love to help me restore it since the engine is still in great condition. If I ever get out of this– it won’t be the first thing I do– but I would love to have the car fully restored. Right now I am just happy it is safe and garaged.

Jul '14

Fiction Question…

In Feb. 2012 when the earpiece was first activated, one of the most shocking things I learned was about AIDS. Most of the people I knew were HIV positive. I had no idea.

Starting in Feb. 2012 [which tapes should be able to confirm], I was given many stories about Aids, who had it and why.

Many felt that because my deal was so large that I owed AIDS victims of the WAshington community. At the time I did not know that my affiliates had put a large amount of money on the table– and many misunderstood “copyright” and “web hosting” as related to why my affiliates went to a private VIP entity and not DOJ in the beginning. Keep in mind though, DOJ signed off on the deals in May 2012 and knew about the entire deal. They did not mind if the private party handled it- because it had become an embarrassment long ago.

Many in washington knew about the deal, but I was only given sketchy details [by those my affiliates and DOJ wanted to act as an intermediary for the deals] until I was able to put it all together in September 2012 almost a year after the deal was put on the table.

As related to AIDS, even today, someone will tell another console networked person that they do not have aids and that they cannot figure out why the person is talking to me.

that said, I explained I was HIV negative and had no idea that AIDS had not been mostly eradicated. Review news and television reports starting in 1995 or so… AIDS as a news story went underground. Probably because too many had it.

The only thing I remember seeing after 1995 or so- was “girl positive” on the Lifetime Network and then recently The Normal Heart.

In the Spring of 2012 I was told a relative was being used as sort of a guinea pig and had tried several medications– one of which, left her blood “cakey” and her blood was testing negative for HIV.

I am told this is like an inhibitor for the sickle like cells of AIDS.

So in the Spring of 2012, I knew a drug was being tested.. as a matter of fact several.

In the summer of 2012, I was told an innovative country had come up with a cure but that were not sharing. Another issue for the person providing the information, the country did not have an Aids problem– but those were the only details I knew about in the Summer of 2012. At the time I did not believe the information and simply ignored it.

Today, I am told that the cure referenced over the summer of 2012 is something many had known about for years– but had decided it was too risky.

Because many with access to my lifestyle have noted I nuke everything they asked why. I explained I have been the victim of food tampering too many times since 1999 or so and though I did not know I could render poisons ineffective with a microwave [don't think this works] did feel if someone sneezed in my food I might be able to avoid their cold.

I repeat, I did not know others had aids so that was not the reason I was nuking my ice cream [and yes, I like my ice cream a little soft]– I just know I have been sick too often after eating store brought food I like.

So, why don’t I have AIDS nor have I ever? Already explained. But what was explained after activation from many discussing all things aids with me- was that the AIDS virus dies when nuked.

So, I am told several years ago– many doctors looked at nuking to kill the AIDS virus. To date, I am told that between 10,000 – 20,000 people have used this method to become HIV negative.

What is it? First of all, I am told a patient must ween from AZT not Speed. Then use a sickle cell inhibitor drug to make the blood as normal as possible. Then– special rooms and machines have come into practice wherein a patient has between 7-10 sessions based on their weight and height– where they must walk around in a room with low levels of microwaves.

Walking is very important, in that you must stay active to insure you do not “bake”.

Does this seem far fetched? I only have the earpiece for confirmation– making it a fiction question.

Other important issues? I am told the hearts of those born with AIDS is in most cases too large for this to be an ideal treatment for them. It actually hurts them to breathe, I am told. Those who were not born with AIDS have been successful. In the beginning I am told– some had “baked” behinds.

The Sickle Cells of Aids is very invasive. Doctors test for aids, before and after each daily session. About 7 to 10 days.

Many say, your heart feels like it is going to burst when waking in the radiated environment– but it doesn’t.

Another problem– because reproductive systems are hard to “cleanse” females who undergo this treatment have discovered that their kids born after the treatment are deformed. This is one of the conditions females must understand before they undergo the treatment. Most are advised to have a hysterectomy.

Men– sperm is said to be okay– no problems for kids and the kids are born hiv negative.

I have been given a lot of data about this treatment over the last 3 months or so. is this true? I am not sure. I am not a doctor– but tapes will show it is being discussed.

Why tell you? I am told my discussions about AIDS– starting in the Spring of 2012 have helped to eradicate— less births of kids with aids in washington hospitals is one measure given to me. Why do they want me to discuss it? Not sure.

Keep in mind– it was learned early on– microwaves could destroy aids. I am told, this treatment has been worked and worked for many years…

Does this mean I want to cause havoc? No… speak with your doctors… I am hopeful about this.

Some in washington have threatened me with libel for claiming they had aids. I am told many have used the treatment and it worked. I am also told their doctors cannot lie about AZT and Speed subscriptions they have provided. There is also a national database of Aids victims. So I am not sure if it is just another threat or something they want to coverup? Washington should disavow– since I always use “fiction question” when providing earpiece information… this is what they said– what do you think?

What they have not provided is why they get to use me and when they will correct this injustice. I am told daily– soon. Will this delay? Everything delays… but what was explained to me most of the this morning– tell it now or never. Some really feel my ignorance on this subject has helped others.

Tapes back up what I am saying. You ask — what did i do to be in a position where I cannot stop the flow of information to a device I did not even know was there before Feb. 2012.

By the way– though I do not have aids, nor have I ever [hiv negative]– I am very hopeful about this news.

Jun '14

Gums again…


They are torturing my gums and teeth again. Please see the xrays… 6.21.14.

I posted a photo from my gardens on the tumblr blog. This is deceptive. I have been up most of the night in pain… Please check.

May '14

That was two years ago….

This photo was taken around the time the earpiece was activated.

Taken 2.26.12

FYI: New invoice for qisoftware.com web hosting sent 5/23/14 and paid the same day.

May '14

Why is the amount due $0.00?

I received my web hosting quarterly notice this morning. Why is the amount due $0.00? No, I did not notify them I would be discontinuing my service. I have been with them since July 2007, almost 7 years.

I have a support ticket into my web hosting service.

Above, the invoice shown with a credit. The problem with things like this. Too many in government like telling me what they own. I can show I have been paying that bill since July 2007. This goes to fraud and interference with my business by Washington.

I said no. And for torturing me all night and not starting the settlement process [just hints this time] once again.. bill paid? Said no thanks.

I am complaining that I wake up often with a swollen head. Just a moment ago, one government female offering an explanation to an unheard observer– explains they noticed awhile back that when they localize the vibration to her head she wakes up uglier. Her face and head are swollen. We don’t think it hurts, it just makes her look ugly and swollen was explained. Sometimes she is too cute.

I am paraphrasing what was said.

Please ask prison guards and Germany the manufacturer of the earpiece that was probably put into my left ear in 1995 or so– if this is possible. I am told many lawyers in washington who have seen the output from the xray cameras in my house can see the earpiece and the effects it has on any number of nerves in my body.

Ask a doctor– if it is possible to effect other nerves in the human body with a device that vibrates in the ear on a central nerve…

I got a note from the web hosting service…. too much paid… credit issues. not sure what it means. I paid nothing yet.

Support ticket notices this morning.:

The latest reason for the settlement holdup? Too many jewish lawyers will give me a hard time when I am out… I do not mind. Why is Rock’s old law firm using its consoles in a manner harmful to my health now.

I do not owe the “jewish lawyers” referred to by many on the consoles. I would love to hire a lawyer and find out why they think they can harass me now or if I ever get this settled… I will have my lawyers counter… I play by the rules and do not like threats…

The one I really like– the May 2012 settlement is not enough. You are owed a lot more. my affiliates paid that and DOJ tried to get outside lawyers to film flam the situation. Who is going to pay the handpicked outside lawyer to sue for the 3-4 billion they say I am owed.

Yet, DOJ has allowed anyone in washington to torture me with a console so that I can be worth more? ACLU, FBI how is that. How many jewish lawyers at DOJ have the bar? Why are they worried about what outside lawyers can do in a court room? The claim is the courts [jewish controlled courts] will come after me if I am paid the May 2012 settlement without paying a lawyer a fee. My affiliates provided the fee up front… I am not sure where the process is as related to settlement — but I do know they very recently, pulled the fee and fund when DOJ dragged it heels — for almost 2 years. A judge also threatened to confiscate the settlement fund [which belongs to the affiliates]– which caused the pulling. {I only want to hint at another problem going on here– and the issue of a judge trying to get a car and unable to because of budget issues.} Designed to get doj off the hook with Amazon order? Not sure. The problem a court ordered Amazon pay…. when they pulled that let DOJ off the hook… Did the put the money back.. not sure the status.. . DOJs fee always guaranteed.. Problem– fbi not allowing them to steal the money… they want me to get the entire fee so I can pay filth in washington.. I said no.. if it is not jewish lawyers threatening it is the filth in washington.. I owe none of them.

My affiliates paid DOJ the fee– and then they tried to film flam it… I do not owe a law firm a 4 billion law suit the US government cannot pay. Then you torture me to get the funds higher? The interest from not paying in May 2012 said I am owed more. I want what I can pay back… My affiliates did not owe for my eyes and what the US government did for 19 years.

How can they come after me? I am told that if DOJ sanctions– which is what I need to prevent washington from just stealing from me again they also cannot sue… That said– CIA should be very concerned if any of them try to sue even in DOJ does not sanction…

For some reason the jewish lawyers just got it in their heads that if I am paid I owe a jewish lawyer.. I have no idea why… I said no.

The other problem– DOJ keeps saying they want their [Federal Gov's] settlement tab to stay and they tell affiliate private attorneys to take it off… if they pay just the compensatory deals– doj also complaining… If you pay her that much money– I need to be covered.. I need my deal paid too– the US government is saying… Bottom line.. Me, I should get a lawyer and sue.. My affiliates already paid…Does the US want its debt to me cleared? Yes, I am told.. Can they pay it? No… Why would they do this? In May 2012– a survey of US law firms who knew about Jennifer road and several things between 1995-1998 plus what I wrote about- [I never posted about how I might have gotten earpieces I did not know existed before Feb. 2012]– reported I was owed between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars. Torture stated in Sept 2012 which at one point about a year ago upped it to 3 billion. The BWMC issue had also not happened in May 2012. I am worth a lot to a law firm… My affiliates paid… I do not owe a law firm.

Why would ben have told me what his mother did to me? At the time I thought Lester was her child. Not Brenda. Lester is said to be Sharon’s child. I did not know that. I found out in July or Aug 2012. Both my father’s kids…

My affiliates went to them [rock] with the deal in Oct. 2011.. I did not know and in Feb. 2012 I did not want to up the money.. they wanted it upped… I recently asked ben why he told me… Indication– was I was right— to get the money up…. I have suffered with headaches my entire life. I get travel sickness… ben said — our fault… why tell me in April 2012– if not to get the money up to the billion offered by the affiliates…. In May 2012, I am told– doj happy to have the issue cleared up.. signed off on the deal..the same deal I want to day… what happened? BWMC– I came back sane— with more rights violations– and a doj jewish lawyer decided I was stupid or could be broken with torture… I am not. get the tapes…

I do not owe a contingency lawyer for deals negotiated in May 2012…. then they torture me night after night… sometime promising when I awake money in play other times just laughing…I want to see if pinching your boob made it sag.. Your face is fat and ugly today… haha..

One of the DOJ investigators– he used to be a lawyer but it turns out he is only an investigator- made a comment to his wife about my boobs.. she used to pinch the left one all the time… She stayed up Sunday to see something after I announced I was taking a shower that evening… Don’t believe me…. be more than happy to have her polygraph…

ACLU.. FBI — please get these people off me.

May '14

kelly, again said no.

If you are so offended my affiliates offered to clean up this mess– with DOJ signing off in May 2012 and in Sept 2012 through today why continue to ask me if I will marry you and give you a kid or just give you a kid?

This morning, someone told me they would marry me if I had their kid. I explained but I would not marry them. I am told my white kids come out white looking. Why marry me if you are offended my affiliates want this cleared up and have the funds to do it?

Offended– means I do not pay a whore I do not want.. I am offended.

Kelly keeps insisting there is a secret mission, I just don’t get. Piss off my relatives in another country? I have a lot of business ideas– gov wants to own me and run my interests? You are not qualified. Further I do not need an outside business person for my businesses.

Projects I am interested in starting or helping? I won’t own.

But if you are offended my affiliates are asking for you to stop torturing me and let the settlement start– why are you offended? I won’t pay your idiot ass?

DOJ– what tapes are you listening to?

I once said to Dave Boyd– you know Dave, your problem is you think everyone is as stupid as you. Today, I say to many– “everyone is stupid but you, huh?”.

Have you ever seen War and Peace with Hepburn, Fonda? How about the Night of the Generals?

Looks like Pentagon guys with marriage, kids and offended issues. Did you ask the jewish lawyers if they mind?

Look closer… if they are offended– why marry a poor girl with nothing? Idiot– talk to Rockwell… I hate no class idiots on my time.

By the way kelly– they said it was carter’s son and you torturing me last night. I am told the son is married so he did not ask me to marry him this morning. Said it was carter who wants a kid. Is this a new barbaric sex ritual wherein the next morning you ask me to have your child…for what.. I said I would not go near any of you…

Go offend yourself.

I said get off me.

Fbi this morning I became offended when for the umpteenth time someone said that amy was born because the carter son had his wife oral him and then gave the sperm to his mother. Why do I have to know this filth- I continue to ask? They want me to say this.. why I am not sure. I do not know if it is true– but I am tired of hearing it… Search for photos of Paula Deen and Jimmy Carter. Paula looks like Laura’s mother. Confirmed via earpiece. They say— Rosyln carter never had to be touched again by her husband with this duty for her country– something she has loved. Look at her figure and her mouth and his hands.

Why does this look suspect to me? they are just telling me who was in the water park some 20 years ago when I was still with rockwell. I never liked Jimmy Cater but I thought he was mostly clean. I thought his insurance– really a black guy. That’s why initially, I thought they could not stay for more than one term. Why tell me their insurance filth now– if its true?

I say, yelp I get that [she does not have to be with her husband] and if that was her son in the park– she gets I am not interested in her guys– yet you let them torture me and tell me to have sex with them? Get that filth off me.

When does this filth stop, FBI?

And what does this have to do with the Pentagon being offended?

Can I still have kids? Recently, I was given something in juice provided by the fort meade commissary that made my period come on. Because I am no longer sexually active– I do not have a heavy period. Every month my breast get heavier and I release liquid like I used to– but I do not have a real period though I know I could if I wanted to have sex… I don’t.

With all the earpiece rape? No… I always wake up. SAying FBI owes salma charges. And Perry, not statutory. Get that filth off me.

It was something in the juice. Why test? I said no.. I do not want kids… To use my settlement to pay you and a bastard I am not having? But I thought you were offended?

Yes, I did wonder if the test was because I might change my mind after this was over. No, I will not change my mind. I never wanted kids. that was before this morning [wonder why they were checking to see if I could ovulate] and explanations for why I saw Kelly on CSpan yesterday, his staff torturing me last night along with the carter son and then this morning’s discussions about kids and marriage.

I never researched the carter family. Did they have a son? Earpiece said he was not attractive enough for the public in 1976. The red head guy I saw in 1994 or so.. not attractive but I would not have known it was a carter son unless explained [and this only very recently].

Why all of this now?

I am told it is very expensive to change presidents and though even Richard Nixon was selected by those in government he was probably the last real president.

That said, I always thought they were elected until Janet Reno and Clinton left in 2001. That was the day I stopped asking a US president to help me.

Since then– I thought abstract noise wanted to offer selection of presidents as a consolation prize. FBI should have tapes about W.. and my statements I do not pick presidents as a consolation prize for all they did to me. I found a sound board in my bedroom. Did you know that people can talk to you in your sleep even without earpiece activation? How do I know it was not activated before they told me W. would win? Because I would have known about Aids and torture before I did. I was poisoned too many times over the years. They could have killed me very quickly with the earpiece before I started putting water in it. Now they can damage my heart day after day. Yesterday, I got a heart massage to see how quickly I would doze off. The guy’s statement when I awoke from my 5 minute nap– yes that works. I have complained a lot they make me tired. Also, I know about a Kelly Davis being killed on the BW Parkway via sleep when I lived in Bowie Md– before my rights violations and the earpieces installed. Check with a doctor… suggestions can be made in your sleep– without an earpiece.. I knew W. would win before he won. twice.

I had a dream about Sam Brownback once. At the time I had no idea he was related to me. Earpiece saying there is an affidavit from Brownback that he oralled me when I lived in Chippingnorton England. Yes, there is a guy there that fits his description at 14 or so. I would have been 7 or so… The dream suggested Sam and I had sex as adults. I would not have considered Sam attractive. Also a dream about Lester Holt- before I realized he was my father’s son with Sharon Rockefeller. Confirmed. In the dream lester is waiting at the bottom of steps of a brown stone. the dream not of a sexual nature. These dreams about 6 or 7 years ago– so I knew this was possible. No one can enter my bedroom while I sleep. Ask those with access to the cameras. Suggestions via sleep can happen. Why would sam have done this? Earpiece saying they wanted to suggest I was responsible for Aids. He said he orraled me. I do not have the virus- HIV that causes aids…. he is reagan’s son with my aunt judy… that is how he got aids.

By they way– in case I said someone had aids and they don’t now– there is something very extreme being tested… two things… I am told one appears to work… Sam does not have aids now? I would not be surprised. That said– my data is via the earpiece. Flatlining… do not eat someone else’s food until it has sat there for 3 minutes… large amounts of blood– 3 weeks to become non-aidsy. I never had aids– so I do not need an extreme procedure– in case they try this too. Sam– do I know you.. Cousin, why aren’t you screaming on my behalf.. this another problem. Earpiece saying, not US health innovations/testing. Germans, other smart countries. Someone just complained that Jews were not being invited to the tests. Sounded like the jewish female with the big lips at DOJ. She is an investigator. I thought you were the smartest people in the world? Why would you need to be invited. Someone asked me would I want my family to go through it. I said no.

What about the doj jewish investigator with the big lips. recently, we have discussed jewish people with big lips and asked if there was hanky panky in palistine. Turns out her daddy is half white and half black yet she continues to whine at me about jewish lawyers and what they are owed.. Fraud jail– deal… get off me. Go watch Rope, or search photos of the jewish people that came here in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. I do not owe them nor the constant crap out of your big lips on the behalf of some lucky jewish lawyer I do not owe a contingency fee to.. get off me idiot.

I started hearing about this [aids cure] two weeks ago. all over the console network in the last 3 days or so. the decision to discuss here? No, I never had aids and do not owe the filth in washington.

Believe it or not– I picked Clinton twice. People with access to this house get why this is funny. They were going with Dole in 1996 but I wanted reno to stay. I wanted Gore in 1992 and he was made VP. Is this a brag? No.. out front presidents not real today. Elizabeth dole too mad via abstract noise.. confirmed 2012.

That said, I wonder why carter only had one term in this time frame if it is so expensive to change after only one term.

I watch a lot of documentaries. Always have. I am really not a television sitcom fan. So a documentary about a failed rescue of the Iran Hostages sometime before Carter left, with the documentary stating Carter ordered the plan- I think there was a loss of life with the helicopter mission and then the hostages in Germany the day Reagan took office– resonates with me. But if Nixon was the last real president, why did carter get the blame? Not sure…. But that was why I thought he was more real and took the blame for the failed mission.

May '14

kids I passed on…

Recently, something was explained to me and I asked if there was any point in my reporting what the earpiece provided.

I think it looks bad if true- and all I want to do at this point- is to walk away from the government of washington I want no part of.

So why would I tell? They are not letting go and it might explain to people not of the washington way, a certain mentality that I suspected long before Feb. 2012 but had it confirmed after.

It is about the cross-breeding that VIPs in washington tend to do. I am told Zeta was a big reason this started in earnest in the mid 80s.

Anyway, I did not have to take part in the cross breeding project and had no idea it was going on. I am told at least 3 girls were born using my eggs that I had no idea about. One died in 1992. I am not happy about this and want no part of it– any of it the kids who remain nor the tragedy about the child that died. I am told the authorities investigated. I indicated long before feb. 2012 that if something like this had happened I would be really mad. I am angry that one of these people in particular will not leave me alone. I said no.

Anyway– I have many relatives I never knew existed. Why is this important? My grandmother appears to be King George V’s daughter and many here want the lineage. I am glad I did not know. The other problem with my mother and I– Richard Nixon is my mother’s father– and I am not a bastard. Nixon is believed to be Edward’s son. the reason I am a problem– but not really.

Anyway it was said– kids were born with my eggs without my knowledge nor did I donate them. They were taken. It would be easy to confirm I never had a kid.

With that said– I want to talk about an incident in the early 1990s. I think around 1994 or so. Rockwell was trying for a constructive discharge– [corporate warfare]– because of a qui tam issue. I had gone to the eeoc for help. I had been with Rockwell for about 9 years at the time– and was really under some strain.

Anyway– most who know me– know I am not an easy pickup unless I meet you at a night club. None of the guys I worked with ever tried pick up lines with me nor the Air Force or Navsea Personnel I knew as a defense contractor. I tend to be standoffish about pick ups. Bill YOrk did work for Boeing and I did go out with him– however he worked in a different group at boeing. That said– my relationship with bill was too loud for the workplace and I would never do that again.

I gave my number out at a night club– but really frowned on being picked up at a market, store, workplace.

For example- I attended a Radar Seminar at GW in the FAll of 1984 with coworkers from Boeing. I believe a cadet I met in 1982 had easily obtained my number when I gave it to him in Aug. 1982 while at the Classics night club in Allentown MD.

I believe the same good looking guy with lots more hair tried to pick me up at the radar seminar in the presence of my coworkers and it took him a lot longer to get a lunch. The guy– looked a great deal like GEorge Clooney and probably was– according to the earpiece.

The other thing– if the cadet was the same person– my coworkers would have met him at the 1982 Boeing christmas party also.. was it a test? Not sure.

This to show– I really do not like giving out my phone number unless I am at a spot where I have gone to meet new people… back then discos were popular.

It took awhile for Rudy Matthews [howie johnson] to get my number while I was shopping at Georgetown Mall in the summer of 1989. He was persistent and made me laugh. He followed me all over that mall. Ask the friends he had with him. Even then– I told him because of family issues I only wanted friends.

Another example to show I am not an easy pick up in the wrong setting.

Back to the 1994 or so incident. While over at Navsea visiting our clients– I noticed a new guy that I had not seen before. He was a red head about 35+ or so. I do not remember who he was introduced as. Most of the guys I knew at Navsea had been around for a long time and they knew me. they never tried silly things with me. I had very formal contact with most of them.

Most people say, in person I am aloof or formal. Even my family. That is what my Uncle Howard said in 1996 or so. And yes, I agree. I am very formal. I used to call my grandmother– grandmother. I think I was the only one. I am told old coworkers are surprised I have a sense of humor and talk as much as I do now. There are also surprised at what I know [about things in general-- not what I did not know about my relatives, all get I documented what I suspected as I went along]. My coworkers get– I had no idea Richard Nixon was my grandfather and I got that in 1998. It has been a long journey. Silence often earns more knowledge in my opinion.

Anyway– Navasea was quite a distance from where our office buildings were. Our building right across from the water park on Crystal Drive in Crystal City VA [Arlington] and the Navsea offices near the exit to National Airport on Route 1. It was quite a walk.

So one day– I went out to the water park for lunch and the red head from Navsea tried to talk to me. He was not a point of contact for any of my projects so this was not good. Nor did the conversation seem to have anything to do with work– so I used my normal get lost approach and after a bit of a problem– he got the message.

It was recently explained, the person was a son of Jimmy and Rosyln carter. From the moment this began [1996 or so when I figured out I had some sort of interactive communications with tv land-- and really confirmed]– I sensed there was a problem with Jimmy carter but since I do not like him anyway– did not really ask why. He just seems sneaky to me.. and I am not a fan. Anyway when I was searching for why all of the bad things were happening to me I never asked him anything…

Then the other day– someone told me who the red head was at the water park. I asked the earpiece folks why hadn’t someone given him my data sheet. I had known most of the navsea guys for a long time and we never had informal discussions like the one he was trying to have– and why hadn’t he asked since I saw him at Navsea in the first place.

No response..


  1. I met a girl named Suzy who came with my brother to my father’s funeral and then the day after christmas 1989. my father died dec. 6th 1989. it was a sad month. I did not really pass on Suzy. As a guest in my parents home during a very sad time– I sat quietly making sure my mother was okay. I think I have seen one of Suzy kids. He looks like Andre. Who is she? I am told Hillary Clinton’s daughter. About a year ago– someone in the earpiece said “who was I to sit there in my leather skirt giving her an evil look?”. This did not happen. I was happy my mother had company and thought it nice my brother’s girlfriend gave my mother a gift. I am told Suzy married John Newcomb [of Rockwell he looks like the Navy guy roughhead] and Newcomb raised my brother’s kid. The Newcomb wife that came to the office was tall, blonde, very pretty and taught elementary school. Suzy is blonde and not that tall. Cheryl did not like her when she saw her at my father’s funeral. I had nothing to say.. worried about a lot of things. Not my brother’s girlfriend. Hillary mad I was dressed in leather and gave her daughter an evil look? even if this were true– I do not care. Hillary too concerned with her role as a grandparent to a black prince and takes her self way to seriously– I have since determined. Check post about “big mama” and Hillary. Check with DOJ and Andre’s other kids. She seems obsessed. I mean no. Now I get that. Also told recently.. Chelsea is Amy’s child with Bill clinton– earpiece is saying. I am not sure– I am told some have software that can correctly check this… Suzie– an insured child [parents too closely related]– earpiece saying…
  2. Bruce Leshan [Doug Rose in high school], Gene Turner in 1988. Gene Jones looks like clooney in 1982. George is Camille’s sister. Nancy their mother confirmed according to earpiece. Bruce is Don Evans son with Camille Cosby. Julie and Trish have kids with Bruce. Rachel Ray and Jeff Napshin.
  3. Trish Regan of CNBC. I did not know who Zeta was before FEb. 2008. That is when I said– oh my god– Gene Jones the cadet was George Clooney. Looking though George’s photos I saw many of Zeta. Zeta looks too much like Cheryl when I looked closer and when I guessed Nixon and then went with Reagan– Trish’s name seemed to concur. Plus Zeta has a slight hook in her nose like Reagan and cheryl and Nixon do not. I was not happy Cheryl had a child so young– but relieved it was not my grandfather’s I remember. Trish Regan had been on CNBC for awhile and I did not like her. She seemed to follow me around– I watched the baltimore local nbc station, the washington and there she was– live giving a report no matter if I had just seen her . When I got Zeta– I looked at why her name [Trish Regan] and asked if she was the daughter of Bob Dole? Why? Trish Regan was too mad with me and I had no idea why. After I got Zeta in 2008 I asked if she was mad because I wanted Janet Reno to stay in washington for another four years? In Feb. 2012 her relationship to Dole was confirmed with also the side note that she had to insure with her father and his arm bothered her. Her name, long before I found zeta– so after I found zeta, had me asking why she looked like the obsessed police psychiatrist in Basic Instinct. You know the one that went to school with Stone’s character and became obsessed with her. What was her name before she came out on CNBC? She is now with Bloomberg. I bet it was not Trish Regan. Yes, abstract noise suggested back then that Elizabeth dole hated me. who is president not my problem.. why DOJ ignoring my screams always my problem. I wrote about Trish Regan long ago.. see the blog post in this blog.
  4. The bald headed army general who retired but keeps coming back in his army uniform. I first saw him 10 years ago. I am told he is Bob Rostike’s son from his first marriage. No I never liked him. Always said no thanks to the live bug when he was on. I am told he is not really a general. Bob– I cannot believe this could affect me. He and your family should want me to notice nothing.. why would you? By the way, I did not get he was bob’s son until after feb. 2012.
  5. Katie O’Malley looks like a Mary that worked as a temp for Larry Frick a coworker in my Rockwell office. Told Katie was married to Sam at one point. Katie had a loud argument with Mary Buffalow a support staff worker [told the woman who raised Doug Rose and Salma Hayek] and I had no time for her. ID’d Katie as this person sometime ago. see past blog post. I had no idea Mary nor Buffallow were anyone but secretaries before all this began. Yes, I was not impressed with the temp. Too loud. Too pushy.

Did these things help to hurt me? Many are indicating yes. DOJ– I do not think I should be screwed because kids of VIPs in washington are mad with me. I said no thanks.


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