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Apr '14

I don’t get the rules…

So last night– more explanation was provided about the shooting. It was explained to me that I did not understand the rules. My cousin wanted some “tight as_”. When he got it he gave her a nickel. It was explained that was 50.00 dollars. It was also explained that the going rate for that was 100.00. That was why she said what she said and why he told the woman at least 10 years his senior what he did. Keep in mind this was a good looking young man without the plastic surgery crap washington likes giving to its people. Even Jan has had work now. In Feb. 2012 many proposed I get work. They seemed to have thought I wanted to be a good looking person for tv work or the bedroom. Told them I owned QiSoftware and I could be an ugly nerd if I wanted to be. Many knew I owned QiSoftware, since they kept telling me they wanted to own it– so why they proposed this work often, is beyond me. Most people over the years have thought I was too stylish to be a nerd. That said, I really have an undergrad degree in Mathematics.

Anyway– the point… don’s granddaughter like most of his people have had extensive work. Jan’s son was very good looking. Ask the staff at Johns Hopkins in Odenton. Dennis was a very light guy. About 6′ or so. I always thought he looked kind of young. The son that Jan and Dennis had was a good looking guy who did not look like a young boy. He had Jan’s hair and since Jan is tall also their height… He could have gone anywhere.

But in the land of WAshington– they tend to stay in washington. Aids maybe a factor. I did not know all of this until after Feb. 2012.. and when I heard that Federal agents had arrested her because she ran away from something in Feb. 2012 or soon after– it was not explained why. I thought it was because she had given someone in washington Aids. not because she had shot my cousin. That was explained last year.

I explained last night that I still did not understand why she thought she could shoot him in the back. I am told the gun shot wound is a little higher than the buttock and caused complications with organs above his buttock.

I do not owe Don’s thugs. Last night– Someone claiming to be Don started to say “when I tell you”. I said to Don– Don I am not one of your people. You do not tell me anything. And recently, I have heard you say to your granddaughter– hangup– get off the line I cannot afford to get you out of jail for this. Yes, that granddaughter likes pounding my heart. The FBI should have tapes. I asked- if she ignored him — why I needed to hear anything from him.

I did not know Don Evans existed before Jan 2001. Don– I am not part of your thug world. I am real. This is my work. I went to school then work. I did not know about this crap. I am owed a lot of money and they are using you and your thugs to hinder the process? Don– I am not insured.. FBI is on.. you are discussing crimes. Pay for sex is a crime. Maybe not in RI or Reno– but here, a crime. ask a lawyer.. fbi is on.

This morning I asked Don if he had talked to Al Gore about doing his granddaughter. The response– -she was not pretty enough to ask that when Al Gore was selected for the VP position. Evan Bayh said no, I am told. He left. So John Maclaughlin is mad? Who else?

Don what rules?

I was also reminded last night of Mary Buffalow, the woman who looks like Cindy Rose [cindy's mom] and who probably raised don’s Granddaughter. I am not sure how often Doug Rose was there [in Odenton] ask those that lived in that area. He may have split his time with Camille and the Roses. I saw him when I was in the 10th grade [we had a class together] and I thought he graduated that year. He gave me a senior photo. We were not really close. I never went to his house. He never came to mine. We never called each other. He lived [I am told right around the corner from Miriam Sheppard] in the older part of Odenton and I lived on ChapelGate a new part of Odenton at the time. Our house was the model home for the subdivision.

Anyway– because of Katy Perry’s x who looks like he could be the son of Doug Masterson and Don’s granddaughter– I thought she was there to see Doug– the reason she is dressed as a janitor in the elevator and wanted to have fun with me. Last night, I was reminded of who Mary was, and noted it may have been to see the woman she thought was her grandmother. Don explained last year– Mary was someone he saw at one time. Her mood card in the late 80s was always black. She gave it to me.

Apr '14

they are torturing me.. please get them off me.

Apparently, the US Government has decided it is only a matter of time before I come crawling or simply lose all hope.

I am being pounded and promised nightly while many watch. I am told judges in cases brought by Amazon, the ACLU and several other affiliates have ordered the payments to start– yet nothing.

What has gone wrong?

  1. My car is dead in December 2013. FBI saying surveillance equipment probably the cause– but too many want to hem me up so I cannot afford to take it to the repair center for a new battery. More likely it will be a 10,000 dollar problem when I know its not.
  2. Widgets on my site [mostly WiredPages] no longer work and when I try to fix anything– unless I move the widget– they are manipulating the server parameters in a way to insure this or that tool remains in disrepair. Example- the servlets that provide the feeds for my Remix Business Blog and the It’s Personal no longer work. Nothing I do works. I think they want a global move of the widgets from hosting-q.com to qisoftware.com. this is not going to happen..

For security reasons I add checks to software tools I develop insuring they are being used only from my sites. These checks include IP checks for both qisoftware.com and hosting-q.com [the web hosting arm of QiSoftware- not to be confused with the services I use for web hosting, i.e., LunarPages: Hosting-q.com and DailyRazor: qisoftware.com]. Hosting-q.com allows me to offer web hosting support for clients. The reason I started offering this service in June 2006 was because most of my tools require JSP support and I wanted to offer a low cost solution for clients that wanted a Blogger Calendar.

Here, look at this case. This first image shows a request from a widget I developed that runs on the qisoftware.com domain. It shows the IP address that was supposedly changed recently to a new IP.

The following image shows the email I received in Oct 09 updating the server to the 199 IP address that works with all of the widgets that I currently use.

The next image shows the email I received on 3/8/14 stating a new IP address had been assigned. Yes this should have caused all of my widgets to stop working– however my server is still reporting the old IP address. The problem– everywhere else it is the new one.

This is a clear example of the government not letting go. I was told that shortly after I signed with DailyRazor in the summer of 2007 the indian company was purchased by someone in washington. I am sure a private investigator can see the problem… US Government you are clearly violating my rights and interfering with my business. get off me.

It’s like I am treading water until the next problem while the FBI and DOJ promise this is over every night.

its like asking me to raise my hands and come out and talk to the authorities. I daily ask the fbi to help. I have already said no… to the filth way of life in washngton. I am not working my ass off so a bunch of sucking cows can pretend like I owe them. And– my repeated requests to the FBI are being heard they are responding we have tried everything yet I am being pounded. CIA– was that maclaughlin in my ear this morning? Don made him do Salma… I am told he got aids from her… why is he in my ear? I want nothing to do with your insurance and orgy crap… get him off me and the rest of your filth.

The reason, I am told the Maclaughlins are mad with me– in the late 1990s when Don told maclaughlin to get with Salma, Mclaughin thought she was Don’s child. When I posted this post trying to show that people were not really who they claimed to be- before I got activation in Feb. 2012 when it was confirmed, it was better if most thought she was Don’s child and he was insuring with his beautiful actress daughter.

I am told he [Maclaughin Sr] did find out she was Bruce’s child before my Sept. 09 post but hated me for telling everyone via the post. This lines up because when I first got activation– people kept telling me about salma from odenton. Washington folks really hate her. Don Evans a big deal in washington/cia during the late 90s and could ask that people oral her. they did not know she was born with aids. Many were angry Don asked them to do this– and I got an earful about Salma from many in washington starting in feb. 2012. I kept saying– but Darnetta did nto show me her kids. I did not know she had kids. Apparently, Salma was raised in the Rose household in another part of odenton and I never met her. why tell me. People like Maclaughlin and his son who got aids from his dad– I am told were simply mad “that nigger” gave them aids.. and for some reason I owed. I do not. I never knew she existed in Odenton. I lived there from June 1974 until June 1982 when I moved to my first apartment in Falls Church Va. People that were put in to my life were insured and did not tell me about bastards they already had… Based on things I went through and they Salma’s eyes I guessed she was Darnetta’s child. In Feb 2012 it was confirmed. Bruce Leshan, don’s son with Camille cosby the father. Also confirmed. According to Maclaughlin he and his son get to torture me now— because I Posted the Sept. 2008 post. Don’t believe me? Get the tapes. I am told in 93 or so- Salma came to my office appearing to be a Charles E. Smith janitor. I do remember what appeared to be a dark skin hispanic girl in the elevator saying muy bonita, muy bonita over and over again. she was with a guy. this would have been abnormal for a charles e. smith janitor. That’s why I remembered it. Salma apparently there seeing Doug Masterson. their child the second Arthur that was married to Katy Perry– who by the way is Darnetta’s child with Don evans.. I did not know my world was filled with insured people who knew each other. That said– the girl in the elevator had lots of plastic surgery and her skin died to become salma — yet her eyes remain like darnetta’s. this is how I have figured out who many are… Who I did not figure out? Scalett Johannsen. She is Turner/Redford. Camille one of the first. she has eyes just like Nancy Reagan. so does George Clooney… who is Cate Blanchett? Redford his first wife. How do I know? They told me. I did not guess this. Why do you never hear about Dianne Fienstein’s kids weddings? I am told this blogger is her daughter. Angus what does she know about pink lemonaid? A rockefeller the father. Have you heard about a big wedding in washington? There are all fakes and their kids are fakes. I am told Diane Fienstein was actually a girlfriend of David Rockefeller long ago. Then she had a child with a nephew. true? Not sure… who are her known kids? why did you not hear about a big society wedding?

William Hurt and Meryl Streep brother and sister. Dick Thornbough relative. Jenna Elfman, Rena Renée Zellweger related. Look at these two actresses– see how much they look alike? I noticed this recently. Then when watching the Fouth Floor the other night I was told about Hurt and Meryl and that they are kids of these actors. this just recently. am I trying to hurt them? No.. I am asking how do I know this stuff?

I do not want to join the insured filth of washingoton. I said no.

For those of you who were around in Feb. 2012 I talked of a “chirpy”. The guy kept going on about him and his father and aids. I now believe that was Maclaughlin jr. He was fired from the CIA. It was recently explained the reason he was fired. He raped Don and gave him aids in the early 2000s. When I was first told don Evans got raped in the early 2000s I was told it was Herbert and Perry King that raped him one night when he stopped by to see Darnetta. About a week ago I was told it was Maclaughlin jr. Don was at the office and he raped him.

FBI i want that idiot and his son off me. Isolate on the tapes… I am told salma also gave the preceding Anne Arundel Co Executive Leopold… aids. He is supposed to be the rich french guy she married. she had to marry him to pay him with earnings from her movies. Is this true? Not sure.. earpiece noise and my own speculation. Further I want this filth off me. I said no.

Every night they pound me. My heart and chest are hot. Sometimes I have a hard time breathing..

I ask the ACLU, DOJ and FBI whats up all the time. DOJ responds almost over. FBI saying mostly they are trying things but unsure what’s going on. but it never is… PLEASE GET THIS FILTH OFF ME.

check… listen to the tapes. I said no. Its one big orgy in washington. Are these people educated? no. they cross breed, insure and will not leave me alone. I said get off me. do you know how many times i have heard– well that gave that one aids? get off me.

Don’t believe the aids thing? Odenton– George Clooney is Camille’s brother and camille is Bruce Leshan’s mother. confirmed earpiece. Nancy Reagan married Ronald Reagan after the Bedtime for Bonzo movie. How many in Odenton that lived around the roses have aids? I am told many. I passed on Doug Rose. Crystal, Darnetta’s friend with the yellow camero… is your daughter Fresh Prince’s little cousin with Sam Brownback… my aunt judy’s son with Ronald Reagan? All of these kids born before I met any of you. all I am told have aids.

I am told that Susan Anton had kids with Sam Brownback, Bruce Leshan, George Clooney. Sam’s is a princess and married a prince. This blogger is George’s daughter I am told. She was in the movie a the perfect teacher as a blonde. bruce’s child is a very tanned blond in congress. Last week in a cspan house floor session she had on a gold jacket and red/orange skirt. She is very dark. Don’s people have a hard head. I call them thugs. I said no, Don. I hope Bruce’s child does not continue to get in my ear. Sam’s– we talked in the Spring of 2012… tell her I am not kidding. Sam is actually a cousin through my grandmother, that is why she is considered a princess. even without the marriage. the others are not.. All of the guys a bit short. they met the tall teen through hollywood ties. I thought Susan Anton beautiful. I do not want to be bored by her kids. and they want ot bore me.. believe me. The princess.. to me she looks more like Andre’s and not Sam’s. Is this possible?

Al- I am told Lori is still in my ear too. get her off me. I do not owe these uneducated pompous washington girls. I said no.

do you and your kids have aids… are you hiv positive. Liz benotte of my 1977 arundel sr high class- you look like Lisa Snowden to me. I am told you are your sister is her mother with George. Why? Earpiece saying you filed a suit against the real George Clooney in 1979 or so. Court documents will provide he claims his sickle cell trait from an incident with a monkey. Why are many asking I pay for this? I said no.

By the way one of the things explained to me early in the spring of 2012 by either an x of pat lawson muse of channel 4 or chirpy- was that salma and a cousin- [holmes wife] were known around odenton as $10.00 girls. When I got activation is surprised me how many did not like salma and for some reason thought I was a good sounding board. I kept saying – but I never met her– until it was explained to me she was the crystal city office building elevator janitor.

Recently, it was explained why this rose child was an odenton/fort mead 10.00 dollar girl. She needed more speed. who knew? Cousin– was that your excuse too? I am told there should be an arrest record. And cousin– too many will say to me– “what about your family”. I never make excuses for my family. What I say to most– King George gave us little choice what’s your excuse? Darnetta and Perry I am told get on too… this just in case they wanted to bring your name up.. I am told you and salma were known.

And don– someone claiming to be speaking for Pat lawson Muse begged to tell me the name of the dark blonde on cspan the other day. Pat has a daughter with sweetie and so does susan. she did not know before I repeated the information last week when someone told me. You have a problem with people like this. Problems I do not want. Scott Stanzel, Justin timberlake, salma, rachel ray, jeff napshin, chili of tlc the traffic girl in the morning on channel 4 all Bruce’s leshan kids. I call him sweetie. He and scott wear their collars very high. He and scott the reason I took the first version of this blog down in July 2007. Long necks with no pouch.. I was in shock. But felt if Bruce’s neck was that long from childhood– scott his son’s should not have been. I think I also knew him as Doug Rose in 1974 and Gene Turner in 1988 or so. I want you and your people off me. I am not have a contest with Pat. Have you seen cheryl’s child with bruce? get off me. pat. I passed on Doug and Gene— both versions of Bruce Leshan. He’s pretty hair would not be able to sway me… Don== tired of your idiots all over me. and the congress bruce kid… head her off at the pass… I do not like arrogrant whores of washington. The other reason I know who she is– she has huge hands just like Bruce’s. get her out of my ear. Apparently, in Pat’s world of who’s got the most important Bruce child she did not get– Maclaughlin was pissed salma is all nigger according to him. The blond is susan anton’s. One of those idiot white boys said He would have rather done her… have your idiot contest on your time pat.

The other reason some of those white guys are so offended? they say salma’s private area so ugly from her playing with it that it grosses one out. and smells. why did I have to know this don? The other day you asked me to reconsider giving salma’s money because you stole a million from Jan’s child with Dennis Edwards– the young man salma shot after this exchange.

Salma– You should be sucking my pusssy.
My cousin– you are an old whore why?
Salma pulled out a gun and shot him in the buttock I am told.

I have to pay to put back what you and salma owe. I met that cousin.. He was a receptionist at Johns Hopkins medical center in Odenton during the late 90’s. He looked just like Dennis and Jan. No. jan never told me she had a son with my college classmate. I am told many of my college classmates knew. I did not. The cousin she shot a good looking boy. I used to see him at arundel mills too. I think he wanted me to guess who he was. At the time– I thought you wanted to ask me something about dennis the reason I kept seeing him around town. Oh, he jan’s son with Dennis? Confirmed– after Feb. 2012. Too good looking for him to have to suck old whores, don. That said– you want me to rethink something and it sounds like a threat? I said no don.. Update– salma now wearing an ouch bottom. I should rethink getting one myself? I am not a criminal, did not give anyone aids, did not ask anyone to oral me, did not defraud my affiliates and do not owe anyone. I do not have sex to get out don. Amazon and my other affiliates owe me without sex. I am told the US government owes around 3 billion. I was also told in May 2012 they thought this was a good deal. the problem? greedy lawyers that think I need a contingency case when my affiliates have already paid. Or was I supposed to help the FBI and DOJ show the shocking state of events as provided to me via the earpiece? I heard 2 months ago– you were leaving the wrong way. Too many white guys in washington pissed about salma. White guys– do not look like insure filth that cannot say no… I said no. FBI– I do not owe help with htis… you know who they are.. arrest the right way.

And filth from washington.. do not every get back in my ear and tell me you idiot whore is upset I do not have to suck dick to get out of here. My broken arm. rights violations, I can program in c… do not make me explain to your idiot whore again.. i said get off me. And judge– you really do not want to tell me about your wife again. where in that law book did it say something about your wife? she got you sucking your white dick… a black judge with any say here is too insured… get your bitch off me.

Further too many of your people have already threatened me… SAlma was put in jail for shooting him… can she afford me too?

Another update? Someone claiming no don was not threatening I needed an ass like salma’s. he wanted me to rethink my position on him and his thug way.. Said no don.

What amazes me- the filth in washington cannot say no to don and his people– Rachel ray is Julie Nixon’s child with Bruce Leshan, I do and then you idiots want to control me?

I cannot afford people that cannot tell filth no. Julie the other secret? Victoria Beckham is first. One of aunt judy’s grandkids [jeffrey johnson]. Why did someone ask you to do this in late 1973? Because you are Byne’s [of the federal reserve-- told she was a relative of Nancy Reagan-- saw her once in a board meeting on cspan- cannot find her now.] child with my grandfather I am told.. You are not Pat Nixon’s child. Is this true? Did he marry your mother? Auntie– I want to help. Do not put your nose in my business… I am told I paid because you know about the Rostiski child. I did not know. please get out of my business.

FBI the one I do not like? Maclaughlin smiles at don’s “oral salma”, he gives it to his son– and he is still in my ear telling me he can have me killed? Because I want nothing to do with him? Because I told in that post Salma was Don’s son’s– bruce Leshan’s? I am told she cannot put that dye all over– when you were sucking her off you did not see her black ass?

Salma– don stays, and he makes the pussies continue- make sure you wash your ass.. this given as the reason he did not see your black ass in the first place. Me– i am not staying and I suggest you do not stop at my house.. FBI said you like riding by. You are on the record as threatening me stupid.. get off me.

Get that idiot off me. and fbi– i really resent being used to get don and his filth out so you can put more trash on me.. get that filth off me.

Apr '14

up to?

I have been going on and on about the Southern Maryland Inn project.

Earpiece continues to say– over this day– and it never ends. Being pounded. Mostly government females. I am not sure why this continues.

Last night, I watched the Fourth Floor with Julia Lewis and William Hurt. I always get stats about those I am watching- no matter if I ask or not. When I thought about what was discussed last night– this morning– I wondered if I was supposed to discuss what it was like not knowing I knew so many with AIDS throughout my lifetime and why I did not become infected myself.

Most of my family is HIV positive– mostly because we are part of the washington family VIP circle that did not get a choice. I did not know until Feb. 2012.

Should I explain how much contact and why I am HIV negative? Does this help? I am never sure what they hope I can do– to make life better for those with these issues to worry about.

I have provided a lot of data. Full blown aids means you are having unprotected sex and are getting more aids… even though you are HIV positive.

I am told Families with aids can travel overseas again.. Travel restrictions are being lifted. single men and women cannot unless given special permission.

Many want others to feel what they are going through so they give their mates aids.. — women to men. If the guy was a smoker- this can be devastating. I have heard horror story after horror story about how someone got the HIV virus.

Eat in restaurants… People who are HIV positive– I am told cannot work in a kitchen in the US. That said– wait 3 minutes if you are eating out. the HIV virus dies in 3 minutes outside the body.

I am not sure why I had the discussions I had last night- but many find it hard to believe I knew as many people as I did who were HIV positive and I am negative.

BWMC will show I do not shun those with aids— [I was told everyone there even the staff had aids during my stay in June 2012-- with the exception of one or two]– but I am kind of aloof anyway.. I have always been this way. I am not a hugger.

Smooth peanut butter cuts the smell of AZT. why am I telling you this? Because AZT smells like wet wood and many aids patients get peanut butter. Mood cards easily flag a most likely aids victim. I am told some are very mean. The azt warning is no longer when someone is using smooth peanut butter. Mood cards can show the problem.. black means a problem with blood pressure. My mood card readings are always blue or green. The sickle cell of aids- deflates the blood. blood pressure is lower in aids victims. Something else I noticed while staying at BWMC in JUne 2012. I am horrified and saddened by how many got aids. Done on purpose. This makes me so mad.

US Government– I have listened to a lot of government females in my ear. Listen to what I am saying– get my data sheets and get these people out of my ear. they sound stupid, crazy and uneducated. Tired of hearing from these women. get them off me.

I was given insured people my whole life who could not tell me anything. I am an air force brat. these women do not understand me and are making this worse for the US Gov. Get them off me. They are also pounding me and I owe them jail cells. I said no.

Update: 11:38 am. Since posting this earlier, someone explained they now have fake mood cards. Use your HIV status as the bench mark. If you are negative and the card shows black– and someone else shows blue using the same card– assume they are the opposite of you.


Apr '14

Malfeasance suits…

Earpiece has discussed issues with starting settlement so much in recent days that yesterday, I looked up a local attorney that could quickly execute a will.

The problem– there is a lot of filth in Washington that wants this business and told me they were going to cause him problems. I know his background from these discussions yesterday. I called his law firm office about 2:00 pm today.. offering my name and business because i am a bit concerned about some of the statements made to me via the earpiece. Yes, they told me about a real estate issue. the reason I asked about this service… They are not kidding.. just want you aware.. sorry I bookmarked you without providing a retainer.

As you know from prior posts, my wishes upon my death include, my company– QiSoftware be de-solved dissolved and large sums of cash or other liquid assets in my name be returned to those who paid the settlements [the government of Japan should be listed].

Last night– it was said the settlement was to start at 1:00 am this morning. I was pounded hard last night– and no– settlement payments did not start. They said it was James Kelly of the Marines. I saw the ACLU attorney this morning. He has been away. I am not sure if it is James Kelly. He is part jewish. The reasons he is angry with me? I am not sure. I can overheat. I felt really bad last night… the tapes would be shocking. I am told the ACLU and FBI are tired. 3 generals have told kelly to stand down– but earpiece continues to say it is kelly. Really no education and angry for reasons unknown to me… I want the FBI not the military.. he will not leave me alone according to earpiece. Also a known prostitute threatening my life last night. I want the fbi to do something about her. I have asked too many times she leave me alone. she has an arrest record… I said no.

Kelly, I thought they wanted me discussing things like the moon landings. Why did Rockwell personnel bring up issues related to the moon landings? I sit here year after year not knowing why. Too many non-governmet personnel have been asked to engage me over these last 20 years. Do they know why? Half the world asked where is the fuel for the moon landings. you go back and take partial differential equations and learn about ohms and get off me. I thought the Pentagon wanted me discussing this crap– especially with the internet coming on line. You are too uneducated to continue screwing me with the chant– “why do I have to be stupid”. get off me.

That said– I am told Alan M. Dershowitz is looking at Malfeasance issues insofar as the attorneys and judges that have watched as my rights have been horrifically violated over the last 20 years– and this may be part of the delay.

Whatever the case maybe– I wanted the lawyer that I looked up yesterday to be aware of issues that may result because I booked marked his profile page.

I also called a large law firm in Chicago yesterday to see if they would run a conflict check. I am told [via earpiece] they were a little disappointed that I did not want to wait and pay for the conflict check.

Yes, I remember conflict checks from my EEOC complaint days with a large defense contractor.. I was not trying to get away with anything. I am told most law firms know who I am . During my EEOC issues– local firms wanted to give me the contingency case– so even though I paid retainers– they did most things I asked without fanfare.

That said– I do not think too many in washington or local government can threaten you…

Said no washington.. get your filth off me. Alan M. Dershowitz can they threaten a local attorney I have not even put on retainer– but bookmarked and they saw this through the cameras located in my place of residence?

I will help him to sue the filth.. I said get off me washington and those I look up.

The earpiece identified an big guy with the ACLU sometime ago. I have not seen him in awhile. there are one or two females from the ALCU also around. I never speak to any of them. That said– this morning when I noticed the top guy walking again– I went outside and greeted him with “nice morning”.

I was pounded hard last night. In recent nights several have asked where is the aclu. I saw him this morning.. He might say- I always leave in case he wants to chat. He tends to want to chat. I do not want to chat. I want him to read my blog and call or respond to any one of the letters I sent. I am being pounded. They want the bag… I wanted him to know I am being pounded.. I said hi this morning.

There is a whole category of posts on “why me”. I did not learn of the aids problems until feb. 2012 when I got activation with the earpiece I did not know was there. Inserted during one of the many rights violations between 1995-1998. Part of the reason the US gov. owes so much. Mostly Japanese business paying the settlement. If not to discuss hints Rockwell gave me then what? I had no idea about aids. Kelly needs to get off me.

Mar '14

Alan M. Dershowitz

I saw Alan M. Dershowitz with Ken Starr yesterday morning via a CSPAN segment.

I was told Alan M. Dershowitz listened to a lot of the earpiece conversations yesterday. Also noted the pounding I was getting via x-ray cameras.

At one point either he said or someone speaking for him said– I did not realize this was really going on. I am paraphrasing.

I owe DOJ attorneys– fired. I don’t think he is impressed either… that’s just my opinion.

Other legal types– what don’t I get?

The deals set up in May 2012 included 13. Ten for my affiliates– like Google Adsense, Amazon, Paypal, Skype, LinkShare, Indeed, Commission Junction, etc.

The deals also included the State of Maryland and the Federal Government. the 13th deal was a private family, et. al.

Over the last 6 months 5 or 6 judges have ruled that DOJ payout on separate deals within the overall deal. The judges sent the orders to DOJ and the Federal Reserve.

DOJ lawyers claim they [the judges] should have enforced the orders. The other issue– the deals were really set up by an overall party and the affiliates paid their share into the fund. Because they are businesses– ie skype and paypal who are said to have a lot of issues– they want the deals paid as soon as possible, but as part of the overall template for everything negotiated in May 2012.

My question? Why does DOJ need an enforcement order to do what they said they would do in the first place?

And then they are allowing me to be tortured by their own employees. FBI working day and night to pickup consoles and arrest or send some in for psychological reviews– while the CIA continues to pass out new consoles. I am a civilian. Unless a national security threat– why is the CIA overriding the FBI on this?

Further, tape after tape will show– torture being applied in hopes I will libel someone to generate a law suit.

One console user explained to me that she would stop if I put her name back on the who do I read list.

DOJ– You owe warrants.. Not lawyers without the bar and big mouths.

The excuses DOJ has been using? Either too many threats to my life– aidsy kids of washington?; need one of the judges to enforce their order; the federal government owes a lot more than I agreed to in May 2012– is Regina stupid?

Regina’s response– my affiliates are paying their tab. I want to pay my affiliates back.. where are they going to get the 3 billion dollars they owe me? I agreed to a deal well under 1 billion in May 2012.. I will stick with that. I can pay that back.

last night, someone I have nicknamed as Kizzy [no I do not know her name] said to me-you fucked your own ass because you are too decent. I heard the same thing. she said this to me, I guess not realizing she was listening to my earpiece channel– [which I have asked her time and time again to leave]– but decided I should be given what she heard moments after I heard the same thing.

This the same kizzy that has found me a contingency lawyer and all I need to do is give her the word after we play jacks… DOJ- did you say her dad picked up that console this morning?

Mar '14

power cord arrived.. settlement as promised- no.

It’s been a long week. That said, a bright note- I finally got the new power adapter for my Macbook. I am on the Macbbook now.

Other news? Think they continue to hope I will cry. I have been asking why me since 1995. I am not going to cry over settlement issues. Said no Washington. Please move on.

Mar '14

site [qisoftware.com] and all sub-domains coming back slowly

In this post, I noted that I received a new IP address for qisoftware.com.

What I was not given, the new IP addresses for the new name servers.

Because I know the US Government interferes with my web hosting for qisoftware.com [part of the reason they owe so much] I opted not to change anything that did not need changing.

When I first received the notification it should have dropped widgets I developed that require specific IP addresses. The widgets stopped working about 4 days later.

Because I had been [before today] using customized name servers the site should have dropped the same day I was notified. It dropped this morning.

This to say- even though I was given the new IP addresses this morning after I noticed the entire site was unavailable [contacted my web host] I chose to use my web host’s name servers rather than the custom set I had been using.

QiSoftware.com is coming back up slowly in that it takes time for all of the subdomains to see the new addresses. This is called propagation insofar as the new IP addresses.

Yes, I knew there should have been a problem but was a little surprised this morning when the site was not available. This should have happened two weeks ago.

How to tell? See Al Gore’s speech before the first Gulf War in Dec. 1990 and then tapes of him shortly after he became Vice President. Jill Biden– see tapes of her before Jan 2009 then the commercial with Michelle Obama after. Why Jill continues to get in my ear– is a mystery to me. Pat Laswson Muse told everyone long before I knew. Recently– after Pat’s announcement, someone [sounded like the black US attorney] brought her tape to my attention after I asked you to compare al Gore’s. Get out of my ear.

In the Spring of 2012– someone claiming to be Al Gore came online. I was happy to hear from him. I had picked him in 1991 as a presidential candidate. I was angry with him from 1996 until they left in 2001 but for some reason had a lot of hope in may 2012 or so when he came online. At that time– someone told me his insurance and not to get to happy. I was very concerned after hearing most of the crap going on in Washington– and thought he could help. He noticed what I had noticed earlier– in that americans tend to take too much credit insofar as innovation. Gore said= “he developed the internet”. Not because he did– but because he wanted his outlandish statement heard.

I was very hopeful in the spring of 2012— after horror story after horror story. I started asking marine generals to save my country not really understanding what was going on.

The point– i was told about his son in the spring of 2012. that was why his demeanor changed over time. I am told he blamed me for liking him for president. Others insure… what’s makes a socipath? Jill seems to change right before our eyes. A black female US attorney told me why.. Pat told long ago… I am told pat has the same problem.. using a young black female for insurance.

The point– these eople are insured criminals. I said no.. look at their tapes. Jill will not leave me alone–even though most black who’s who in washington know what she did. Long ago..

Jill tried to use a race card with me– the reason Pat blurted it out in my ear recently..

I want these people off me. I said no. Ask why you see the changes in personality. They told me– I did not tell them.

Why was jill in my ear this morning? I am told she was at Blair House. she is not really a doctor. She is a gal from washington. Should be easy to prove.

Any way– my Macbook power cable has been flicking for about a week now. It intermittently drops power and I lose things I have been working on. Sometimes it takes a moment or two to jiggle the cable on. Anyway– my site also went down overnight. She thought this was the ultimate “FK regina”, said as much and hoped that I had a problem when I plugged the cable in. I did not. this is how these people work.

Social Security is almost insolvent– I am told. Most of them have aids and came from the whore pool. Most are fakes. We are in trouble… yet all this woman and others like her who are allowed to get in my ear– is wait to see if I will cry. My car is dead, my tooth broken, my macbook power cable dead, my netbook cable dead, no sleep, pounding.. and what does doj do? Allow them to continue..

Macbook power cord dead later in the morning– but not before i updated Network Solutions and wrote the first part of this blog post. [on netbook now]. Told she was kicked off the console at blair house. They took her console from her house long ago.. Abusive.

Is this supposed to be over? yes. Yet it never is. I said no.

By the way– Internet is a US idea. DARPA. little else. See Germany, Asia. Sorry.

There are a lot of jewish lawyers on. One is not really with DOJ but an independent hoping to find a client to sue me. The other was contracted by DOJ to help retire some in washington. This after settlement was made with me.

He continue to fail to do this. That is settle with me. I am not sure why he took the job if he is not going to settle with me..

He seems to think that only the Jewish community is owed social security. I do not owe only the jewish community. I am busienss, technology. I have a lot of good business ideas. I do not owe part of my settlement. The overall fee to clear this up was not mine to give away.. DOJ agreed to handle the other part…

That said– one of the jewish lawyers just said– I should have allowed jill to finish her ultimate statement this morning. the inference how do I know she was going to say she wanted to see me cry about the site which she was already laughing about and her reference to my power cord problems.

she only referenced both.. but did not say it was her ultimate fk regina thing this morning.. He just noted that.. I explained maybe he did not want to say Jill Biden was in my ear this morning… Jewish lawyers.. where is your bar these days.. these sound like idiots. get them off me…

I do not owe netty [nickname for US jewish community].. My affiliates were trying to help the US… Like Richard Gere in Pretty woman.. not pay flim flam artists they do not owe.. where is social security? I can help–the right way.. I do not pay filth and con artists I do not owe.. Check your boys and get their idiot asses off me.. they are too loud and stupid.. find real lawyers and tell those idiots to shut up.

Mar '14

Because, I note anything odd.

The other day– I noted that on occasion I have noticed black women being loud and disorderly in my vicinity. These occasions included:

  • While staying in Linthicum, MD over the summer of 2012, a black couple had a loud argument at a nearby gas station which continued onto the main road through Linthicum. It was a Sunday.
  • June 18th, 2012 a black female yelled and screamed while I was waiting to be checked in at BWMC
  • The incident on Jan. 1st 2014 which I discuss in this post.

After mentioning this the other day, I asked if I was supposed to go out in public and do the same. The response- if I had walked outside on the first [2014]– I would have been arrested just because I looked like I was part of the scene. I am told ACLU types and local police were involved– and Washington FBI asked that this not happen again.

That said, when I do have odd things happening like the email in the first graphic for this post- I note it.

Not sure where the process is– however a lot of the discomfort I have experienced with the earpiece, has subsided.

When asked why I would post the screen-grab for the email when this appears to be almost over– I said– didn’t someone tell me the other day, I could have been arrested two months ago [after all of this]– just because they want the bag and I stepped outside?

I then said– because I note everything. They have violated my rights in broad daylight.


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