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Apr '15

more outrage…

outrage after outrage… not sure where the process is… want this morning/night, timestamped incase the FBI and DOJ need reminders…

Please review the tapes.

Apr '15

Fiction Question- Correction, I think…

Last Fall, someone via my earpiece provided that the tennis pro- Belinda Bencic was the daughter of the star who plays Veronica Mars.

Then later that Fall, she was also daughter to Putin. This is important to issues insofar as my case– because over the summer it was provided that Kristin Bell was the daughter of Faith Ford– someone I am told was a Sonia I knew on Fort Meade in 1973. Do not look up her age…. See Christina Applegate’s husband– Jonathon.

Why would earpiece provide this id [putin tie]? I am not sure… However at the same time I was told Kristin Bell is the daughter of Clay Jones someone I knew from Rockwell and she Bell, was the mother.

While watching the Miami Tennis tournament last month, I was surprised by how tall Belinda Bencic appeared. She reminds me very much of Monica Seles.

I have been provided many identities over the last year. I have provided some of those identifications here– also providing Fiction Question.

I am not sure why someone may have lied about a Putin tie– but I do not [now] believe Bencic is related to both Bell and Putin. I would not have guessed either.

The tennis stars I guessed…. Timea Bacsinszky– Arafat, Victoria Azarenka– Evertte and Greg Norman.

Yes, I have been given a lot of information… The Bencic id bothers me…why would someone lie about this?

Keep in mind– I do this to show how extensive this is.. and to answer why me…

I have lots of relatives who are celebrities… The list to long to list and not important in most cases as related to me.

This next one– was also given to me… Doris Druid a secretary on the 12th floor at Rockwell… she has two daughters that play tennis… One I am not going to mention but the other looks so much like her I am going to … Sabine Lisicki… This for those that used to work at Rockwell too.

This information given to me via the earpiece.— recently when the player was in a match with Ivannia… when they told me I was surprised I did not see it before then myself. that said.. she was on the twelfth floor and I did not see her often.

The reason Doris stands out in my mind– late in my tenor with Rockwell I was visiting a local spot on the waterfront in Washington.. Hogates [later renamed- H2O]. She came in with her party– saw me and asked in a rather rude manner what I was doing there.

No, I never had cause to use the support staff on the 12th floor. I cannot think of a time I saw one of our secretaries out after work…

When they gave me the Lisicky tie- I did ask if they were lying and asked if they meant her daughter’s kids? they said no… Both tennis stars are actors kids…

how far does this go? You might be surprised… This post for the Bencic question and to ask why someone might lie. Or did I misunderstand?

Someone also told me that Flipkens is another Chrissie kid star. I guessed Victoria- because I remembered a blurb in a People Magazine about Greg Norman and Chrissie years ago… In college I had a Chrissie Everette tennis racket. News of her back then [1996 or so] would have caught my attention… I would not have guessed Flipkens.

A lot of folks in washington are mad about me and my “black and white” non-official royal relatives. They are angry about my relatives.. They refer to some as black princes and princessess…

Has this caused me a great deal of pain and unfairness? Yes.. that said my relatives have been on too… why don’t you have to insure too.. the main question…

A lot of people in WAshington do not like what they call black royals– yet they want a kid too…. I said no.. And then that have them– do not take care of them…. I am so tired of this crap.

I am a private citizen and I want all of this crap off me… I said no.

I also need to divest of this information– whether or not true or false…Timea Bacsinszky– Arafat father– mother said to be one of Guy allen’s wives.. The issue— Guy’s wife– jewish. You would not believe the amount of crap I had to hear– because I wanted to watch a new version of the movie– Munich… so much– that when I was given the mother even if false I should have divested immediately.. Guy’s child with the same mother– likes to get in everyone’s ear and scream Jew Power.. Jew power… Don’t believe me– ask the FBI.. Even her General Relative– Matthis asked her to stop.. I explained the wedding I went to, for Guy [while at rockwell] was Hindu because Swati his wife/girlfriend [the one i knew about] was indian/hindu. I was also invited to a catholic service earlier in the day — but I only attended the Hindu service later in the evening. I had no Idea the person I knew as Guy allen was jewish. Find his daughter.. her sister is the tennis player Timea… see if you get it.

Diego Swat… something of the ATP circuit another of Guy’s kids– supposedly with one of my cousins- roni… My relatives knew people from my office. I did not know this. Halep another relative… Janovic and Halep Jan’s kids…

They are still claiming Chris Hartman is father to Erik of Bloomberg and Gigror Dimitrov of Tennis…. April.. Erik’s mother. Zeta gave birth to Grigor. Pennetta also another of Zeta’s kids.. Information provided to me via earpiece. these would all be relatives of mine.. there are lots more.

I have said often since 2014– when they first started telling me who was who insofar as tennis– I am surprised this is the first time I am hearing about this. I am surprised you blabber mouths did not say anything before now.

One of the things that really made me angry– Doris’s daughter who is not a tennis star– wanted to run my business.. she is supposed to be a lawyer but really has no education… She wanted to be a front… I had no idea she had two sisters making millions a year as tennis stars– and then she wants to claim aids and why I should owe her… Over and over in my ear…

No washington.. get your crap off me.. Listen to the tapes over the last 24 hours– tired of this idiot crap. get off me.

I have had earpiece activation since Feb. 2012… The number of pro tennis players from washington related to me is staggering..why tell me just now.. This started in the summer of 2014 with the Grigor id… I said no..

By the way- someone suggested yesterday that I really had aids and I walked [the cure]. I have never been infected with the virus that causes aids… Two weeks ago- I was told the reason I was fired was because I was one of the few still there [Rockwell] who did not have aids… They thought they were doing me a favor…

What I know today.. A child died in 1992 or so.. Supposedly a child from one of my eggs. Navy wanted a cover up… I did not know about any of this… I went to college and worked.. I am not a fake and I am tired of this crap.

By the way — tennis players need skill. The problem maybe a lot of them are from washington and really know each other.. is it your turn to win?

CoCo Vanwegeie [sp], another tennis player reminds me of some female I have seen in WAshington. Think on CSPAN as a member of congress. Can you ID her?

Does– Caroline Wazanaki– remind you of Darryl Hanna and John F. Kennedy Jr?

My family– I was told– FBI was all over the US Open last year– as we were getting the details. Many NCAA players asking why they are not playing.. Play to win… stay out of trouble.. I know you were taught by the best… PLAY TO WIN… THEY ARE LOOKING FOR FRAUD. Too many gamble on sports.

Outside lawyers own Washington and their kids.. Many stars are refusing to insure these days. another problem…

I do not owe thug lawyers. WAshington and my family members– might. I said no.

Why does Jill Henessy of Law and Order look so much like Zeta Jones? I am told they are both Reagan daughters… Cheryl and Camille. Look again. I could go on and on…

Why can’t I leave? I have no insurance… this to pay thug lawyers.. I worked hard.. I do not owe thug lawyers. get off me.

Square pegs/carry, Oprah, Gabby Union– oprah’s daughter. Told you guys were here in recent weeks. Thanks for your concern. Asking DOJ/FBI .. Really– I would hate for you to know really how dire my situation is and you could do nothing but continue in my ear… bye now. Oprah– said no thanks years ago via thin air.. before I knew about my earpieces.. again– no thanks.. tell your kid too.

Feb '15

QiSoftware.com Web Hosting Paid For Mar 1, 2015 thru June 1, 2015

Copy of the receipt I paid for qisoftware.com’s web hosting, period: 03-01-15 thru 06-01-15.

Screen shot taken from my Tablet.

Feb '15

cross breeding…

For the past week I have been suffering with the effects of my period. why is this odd? Because I am over xx and no longer sexually active.

Monthly, I feel the effects, but only notice blood when I use the bathroom and it is only a smear. this perhaps once or twice each month [the smear].

This past week, I have more of a full period. Earpiece saying half and half tampered with. I thought it was internal bleeding from the vibrations of the consoles. Initially [last week] I thought it was my bladder. When I laughed I felt moisture. [sorry if this is too graphic-- but I want to show why I am worried].

I have a good bladder. When I was in college I had a bladder infection. Check with Kimbrough on Fort Meade. I lived at home, went to campus everyday and then went to work. I sometimes held off going to the bathroom. That combined with my distaste for “foreign” toilet seats [meaning I do not sit on one unless I have paper], caused the condition.

It is has been noted by many– during this 3 year period since activation of the earpiece in Feb. 2012– that I have a good bladder. I can hold my urine but I go to the bathroom when I need to. I do not wait. I do not have leakage problems that so many women have– I am told.

I am not sure but I think pregnancy can also cause bladder issues in women. I was pregnant once but for less than a month… 1990. I have never given birth too a child.

There has been talk lately of asking for a psych review [for me]. Violation of my rights again.. someone last night asked why?
She is being tortured and kept awake all night… FBI should have tapes. And yes.. anyone here can see I am working on different projects.. I will right about my new spreadsheet and java servlet later..

Anyway– with my period, and discussions from the young red headed fbi agent that was here last summer and now again this week– i have determined they want me pregnant.

Would they violate my rights? Yes. I do not want kids… I am tired of being tortured and the threats I am getting lately…

Older women can have a period if sexually active. Mine has been somewhat doormat for about 10 years. Yws, I can still have kids– but I do not have a normal period. My breasts get heavier.

This time it is normal. This is why I am concerned. I am told judge after judge has told the CIA and washington VIP types they cannot violate my rights.

Am I supposed to be worth a lot? Yes. The fact I am related to Nixon and English royality another factor…

Last night, many were told that the red headed guy who claims to be with the fbi is not.. he is a son of washington… I said no washington..

Yes, these people would violate my rights and this is for the record. I said no.. and I never want kids… get off me.

Those kids grow up to be uneducated and criminals. Have you listed to his tapes.. He finally had to admit who he was last night.. get off me. BWMC– who is moody… this before Aids… I said no.. Many have problems because of aids. that said– many have undergone the treatment… they did not go to school, do not work outside of cia crap.. and I mean get this filth off me.

Check with my surveillance people over the years. Before 1996, I was sexually active.. I like men and water. nothing illegal. After I found out I had surveillance– nothing. I am not an exhibitionist… this more the reason my period stopped. Most get I am not aroused by anyting.. so why the heavy bleeding? they tampered with my half and half…

get off me.

This may have been to draw a blog post about celebrities who you may not know their parentage. I am owed a lot I am told….. told it hit 4 billion. that said– other women have carried my eggs without my knowledge because of my lineage. Judges are you listening? Please get these idiots off me… and for the record– I am never having kids.. how will you claim a child if you rape me?

I am told my affiliates are still will to settle at the May 2012 level and I am still hoping this will go through.. it clears many books… and I can pay back the amount my affiliates did not owe– when I die.. this amount is well under a billion… there is another option– which me nor want… it is more money– which I do not want– but it is the wrong way…

Too many in washington– know the issues.. too many are thugs, greedy and need to get off me.. Judges.. this is a big problem.. I said no.

These days, I get comments like– I did not know you were really smart.. many watched as I put the cd writer in my new xp system. I do not code now because too many are watching– but I did write a new servlet yesterday… when I do these things.. they say– did not know you were really doing this work.

Surveillance people– who do they think was doing it? You have been here for 20 years.. I bought that cd writer 15 years ago.. did you see someone else install it.. why wouldn’t I know how?

I wrote the code. I had the ideas. I implemented.. why are these people screaming now?

I am a little angry this morning so some of this may be garbled. I have to run out for a moment but I will be back to edit….

Jan '15

The Kids…

Now being reported 3 of the kids washington claimed were mine- are not. Keep in mind, with activation of the earpiece in feb. 2012 I had no knowledge of any kids produced with my eggs.

In Feb. 2012, it was reported that a child died. The details were sketchy in Feb. 2012. Since then I have learned more. She was born in 1988 or so and died in 1992 or so. This is probably the reason for a coverup.. the problem was I knew nothing about her birth nor death.

Since then, 7 kids were claimed to be of one of my eggs.

Washington saying 3 are not. This includes, Gizzie. I am told Washington wanted to use her to try and make the black community mad. It was never disputed that I gave birth to any kids… only who was born as a result of artificial insemination without my consent. Family members who know the kids— are now saying– yes they did not get that [Gizzie]. I am sorry if the black community is upset by this. they should not be. Tapes will show– she was very arrogant. She has not been on since the summer of 2014. I think new dna tests were run then. they are now just explaining to me, the lies. I did not dispute Gizzie based on looks. I never saw her face. I should have asked why her skin tone given me and who they claimed the father was. I am pretty sure this info is correct.

This seems to be important to many… It was just explained to me this week.

Also keep in mind, I have never given birth to a child. My career was important to me and I never wanted kids. This information lines up.

Dec '14

Notes– 12.2.14

Awoke twice last night and got out of bed to use the ladies room. Each time had balance problems.

Conversation later in the morning. Apparently when I told the black male judge for the umpteenth time that if he needed to tell me he was the only judge helping me– and I said no thank you– I made him angry.

He has also explained over the last two years he is insured and can do nothing. So I assume that when he comes out to tell me he is a black judge trying to help me I should excuse him– something I always do.

What he can do apparently– is allow me to be hammered all night by a local party with a console versus someone in Northern VA.

He did say -”he should not have done that”. The part I want noted– when someone asked how long it would take to kill me — hitting my inner ear– he said about 200 days.

I had no balance. I did not feel winded. I think it may take longer with the inner ear. Someone was on my heart again… not as long… that may take 200 days.

Get off me idiot.

The latest I am hearing.. I am owed too much. they want the bag. Hoping I will act out and get arrested..

I have been here for almost 20 years. you have violated my rights. Not because I acted out..

There is a scene in The Counselor when Brad Pitt’s character is explaining to the counselor that anyone watching a snuff film becomes a party to the murder. Some can see my distress. Others hear… DOJ– are they a party too?

Bob Hale– were you a party to the incident with Bob Rostike’s daughter? Is this an attempt to repeat? Julie knew she existed. I did not… CIA I said no.. you owe a high powered rifle.. not prolonged torture… or let go.. I said no.

ACLU– there is nothing you can do?

Nov '14

this is hard..

This was the week for jury duty. On Monday, I called the jury office and found out my group number did not have to show up until today, November 20th, 2014.

All week earpiece said I did not have to go. So, last night when I called the jury office and found out my group did have to show up by 8:00 this morning, I was upset.

I curled my hair and put it on rollers last night. I was in bed by 9:30 pm but did not fall asleep until 10:00 or so. Then I was awakened at 12:52 am and again at 2:30 am. I never fell asleep again.

By 4:00 am I was up. By 6:10 am I left the house. 6:30 am in Annapolis. Road around for 30 minutes until I found the garage the court would pay [think it was a reduced rate] for– then decided on a garage closer.

It was 7:30 am when I arrived at Church Circle– after [about] a quarter mile walk from the garage– and when the court house sheriffs told me to put everything on the belt and walk through– [without incident] all I could do was cry after I went into the bathroom.

I was tired and overwrought. I sat in the jury room from 7:30 am until about 10:30 am when they told the 5 jurors who had asked to be exempted from service- they could leave. I arrived home just after 11:00 am.

I do not have to return for another 3 years if my name is pulled from the pool.

Earpiece saying i was probably right about the bag– but everything went without incident…

I came home took a 5 minute nap.. and up again.. I was so tired this morning- all I could do was ask everyone to leave me alone.. many were up this morning. Earpiece and console visitors.

by the time I reached the courthouse and sat down in my seat– I could barely keep my eyes open.. but its over.. for now.

Earpiece saying one group in particular not letting go… That said, Police on the job and everything came out okay… I am tired.. this is hard..

Nov '14

Notes on Yesterday’s post

Yesterday, I posted this information and photo:

Then on 6/3/2011 [8:31/9:31 am I don't set my camera clock for the time change] I took the following photo. Tell me why they begged me not to show this photo? Maryland Jewish Community do you know her? Tell me why I am asking?

Please note the driver is smiling [enlarge the un-retouched photo in a separate window- most of my photos allow for this]. I was not. What happened? she tapped my car. I was mad, she wanted to talk. I told her to stay away from me. I then got in my car and drove over to the Panarea’s Bread in Hanover, MD. It was a short trip. I am at a light on Arundel Mills Drive in the photo.

The driver of the Honda followed me to the shopping center where the Panarea’s bread is located and wanted to talk some more. I thought she was a lunatic and wanted her to stay far away from me.

Last night I was told one of the drivers saw the incident and explained– well everyone knows Regina and her car. We thought it was a game. Yes, we saw her tap Regina’s car.

There was no damage to my car, I simply thought she was crazy and her behavior odd. I left.. she followed.

The surveillance video from the parking lot of the shopping center should show me trying to get that woman to leave me alone. If the tape is available– check from 8:31 or 9:31 am forward on June 3rd, 2011.

There is a couple sitting at an outside table at Panaera’s Bread too who may have seen me trying to get that woman to leave me alone.

Yes, I agree with the other driver who saw the incident.. females like this tried to irritate me or cause a ruckus in public a lot over the years.

She was a hyper active overweight jewish type female… never stops…

I am told the real problem– she is an investigator with Maryland or DOJ and should not have been where she was when she was…

The other note from yesterday’s post… someone claiming to have read the book– states Barbar’s character from the Way we Were– did work in the coffee shop right off campus but was not in school with Redford. I have not read the book– but yes– her character was the underprivileged student.

What bothers me about the jewish history in america– they have too much IVy league credit and I cannot find anything to substantiate the credit.

Not even their own movies. The other problem.. a lot of jewish lawyers — aren’t… They educate themselves [mostly falsely I am told] an appoint judges..

How did this happen.. you need a paper trail for lawyers these days…

jews came here mostly poor. find your old photos.. look for body language issues [pointy mouth/ass]. I am told hasidic jews practice buttock standing sexual activity. I am not sure if it involves insertion in the butt hole.. will research later the correct terms. .. cheeks are puffy. I am told Mossad agents insure using this technique. No chance of breaking the thin intestinal wall and getting hepatitis.

Leo Frank– went to princeton. I think he is one of few. Look him up.

why– if I am right– they are mostly abused kids, who raised abused kids and it would explain why a complete idiot is yelling at you and asking you to mind her.. her abused child did.

I am not her abused child– and I want these idiots off me. Katie never stops in the way we were… you are not good enough.. he walks into a nice high rise in NY.. she is on the corner with flyers..

Now they are the smart ones? look again.. In the late 90s, I asked why these people sounded like technology and business idiots… Now I am asking if you have a real law degree.

You over talk people.. the problem is– I listen well. get off me.

Please see if the surveillance tapes from the parking lot exist… I also asked them to make her take a polygraph– since they tried to say I rolled back unto her. I did not. I will take a polygraph. Why is she smiling.. photo of course taken after she tapped my car.

The other discussion? Yes, the early tapes starting in Feb. 2012 are going to provide that those claiming to be from the Mossad are trying to frighten me with blowing my head off.

Initially, they wanted me to give them my software. They explained, I actually had a lot of calls for widgets and they could make money providing those who wanted my tools. I believe they knew about the settlement but only wanted the software at that time. I could not figure out why they thought I would give them my software– and also explained that building tools from API data was relatively easy and if you needed my software to get started — you were in a lot of trouble. GUI Software engineers should think I am innovative in what I have done– but would say it was not hard.

They also said- I owed because of 911. In the early days– I knew I had surveillance. 1996 forward. When I saw things on television I would say this is what I know about that. The FBI once said they did not like the twin towers in New York.. they were a security threat. This in a briefing at my Rockwell offices that all cleared employees were required to attend. Yes, I would have noted the briefing in discussion if I saw them before 2001. I was simply talking to things I knew. I wanted someone- more to ask– why was the FBI briefing her over the years– and not a commentary on whether the twin towers were dangerous..

I was always too clean and had no idea why my rights were being violated.. so I did mention the FBI briefing when I saw the buildings on television..

Then 911. I did not go to this tragedy.. I could not comprehend how this could happen. I was in a surreal world of my own– and this simply did not happen in my country.. then I thought– well the FBI never liked the buildings so it was them blowing them up– to get them down.

I was wrong.. Over the years, after 2001 I held this concept until earpiece activation… I was told many more died than credited– and initially given clues as to what really happen. Then in Dec. 2012– I was given more of the real story directly..

However, early [march 2012] when the Mossad tried to blame me for 911– someone said– Asia paid for that clean up– and she does not owe… By the way– Asia had nothing to do with 911 either other than the funds to clean it up.

Then the other reasons I owed– came later… I do not owe these people.. sometimes— jews here will combine with netty [netanuhu mossad]. I repeat I do not owe Mossad, Israel nor american jews.. I asked them if they wanted to help fix our country..

No, they want to own me.. I said get off me.

There is one more thing. A person I call Mike was on one evening when I was watching Munich. Mike is the brother of Jason Weinstein a US attorney who had been based in Baltimore but who Lanny Brewster asked to join him in washington… Jason was married to a blonde woman [non-jew] who had a half black half white son and their son. Sometime before he moved from Baltimore to Washington– Jason got into trouble with the legal system. He told me– he did not trust his wife and that he place their son in a position when she was sleeping. Just in case anything went wrong in their marriage. It did. The judge– went after Jason– knowing what he did with their child trying to put her in a compromising position.. Jason felt that was why Lanny asked him to join him in WAshington.

Jason’s brother Mike [not his real name] is an investigator with DOJ. He is older and does not have a law degree. He sometimes sits in for Jason in CSPan sessions.. those online via consoles- know who each is. So do i.

Anyway– I saw the original Munich movie years ago. I wanted to watch the new one– and Mike would not leave me alone. This about a year ago. I told him about the first one and explained I liked action dramas all over Europe and I wanted to see this update of the movie. He then told me why he did not want me to watch it.

Israel could not afford to send real athletes to Munich– so they thought it the prefect place to cause a ruckus.. Why they tell me these things- I am not sure– but I am told security agencies all over the world knew what Israel had done.. When Mike told me this– I was threatened again by Netty.. I want everything on the table. Did American Jews know? Not sure.. Mike did. Most world security forces knew in 1972 what happened so I am not sure why Netty would threaten me on this when he should have been telling Mike to leave me alone.

Lanny Brewster and Jason– also more the reason I was given details about who and what was behind 911 starting in Dec. 2012. I had figured out a lot of things by september 2012 based on clues I was given early on [Feb. 2012], but not who left the door open here. Lanny wanted me told– with the explanation he wanted to get Tony Cordesman- via Guy Allen someone I once knew from Rockwell. Guy liked getting onto my frequency. we did not like each other and he used to hurt me. I am told that is not Guy’s real name but I do have his real social security number. Larry Grey who also worked at Rockwell– was really an FBI agent. He worked in New York in 2001 and for some reason did not go to work on 9/11/2001. They said guy called him based on a conversation with Tony. Tony and Guy both used to get on with me.. DOJ wanted Guy to setup Tony.. Bob Hale is Tony’s son.. see his face cheeks. I am told everyone insures and his father has insured with him since he was 10. I asked Tony if this was the reason. Me– I do not wish to join and have no plans on insuring.. I already get the blame for national security issues.. without insurance..

I wanted them to stop telling me things…. I am not the national security threat… this filth is.. get off me. I am told Jason got into trouble for forcing me to know about the US people involved in 911. I am tired of getting the blame for this crap.. I said get off me.


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