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Jul '14

biz renewal check cleared

The check I sent to the Maryland Department of Assessments for my business renewal [QiSoftware Trade Name], finally cleared.

I seldom write checks- these days most things handled with the credit card associated with my business checking account, so I am happy when they clear.

The Maryland Business Charter web site page for my business entity still has not updated. I spoke with the Maryland office that handles this on Friday, July 25th 2014 and asked them to process the check. The also provided the web site would update early to mid August.

Jul '14

sharon pratt kelly– suzy.. that’s cheryl get off me.

recently, when I talked about the fact that suzy rode with Cheryl and Freddie in my father’s car for the funeral procession, I noted aloud something I remembered Leslie [parents neighbor] saying about Sharon Pratt Kelly.

I searched on “Sharon Pratt Kelly” and found a post I wrote. Back up after back should show the post as I originally wrote it.

The post dated Feb. 26 08 suggests that even in 1989 Hillary was being considered for something in washington and that suzy’s presence at my father’s funeral is important because of who she maybe.

A mike bodoski, at the time a business partner in my brother’s pest control business [entech] was supposed to be related to her.

I had no idea she was related to hillary clinton. I was told 2 years ago– about the issue that I ignored her or looked at her meanly in dec. 1989. Hillary was said to have been upset by this. I was told in 2012 or so. Why didn’t I make the connection then? Not sure. that she knew one of my brother’s mothers was not a surprise to me. I figured out long ago washington very close knit- before activation so this did not bother me. That said, I was not staying and did not want to be a part of it. Why did I have so much notice? Why me? I thought it part of that.

I just thought Hillary a pompous white woman that wanted to be in the mix insofar as the US black royals. See a Mail paper report on Hillary. the Mail and English newspaper. Big Mama used then.

I told her no thanks in 96 or so. She never seemed to let go.. that suzy is her kid and she has a grandson via Andre– fits now… It was explained several times over the last two years but I did not believe it until last year sometime.

Sometimes I think people say things to see if I want to report a lie for a libel suit. I tend to wait for things that will back up statements. That said– most things do not help my case. I do not report most of what is given to me. I only report things that help with my case.

That said, I did not look at anyone meanly during my father’s funeral. I was so happy everyone was their taking care of my mother.

Cherly did not like suzy. Her outfit was bad and cherly said as much. Me, I as a little upset cheryl did things like this.

I am told Mike and Hillary are regularly pounding me with consoles. Cheryl do you have an earpiece?

That said– I recently, told both of them– no I did not say anything about Suzy and was happy to see her Dec. 26 1989 with my brother. She is a liar if she said I looked at her meanly. Another complaint the leather pencil skirt and silk blouse I had on teh day after christmas. why would Hillary and her daughter open their mouths about anyone’s clothes?

But if she every came to another family funeral to leave the cheap white trash look at home. it was a faux fur bolero type jacket that had large yarn fur. and a cheap cotton dress. I was a little embarrassed cheryl was being mean to her.

FBI I am told Mike Bodoski is thug FBI. I have been telling him to get off me for 2 years now.. I only met him once. Knew the name from Andre’s business and my father’s funeral.

Tired of Hillary all over me… get them off me.

Hillary– never come anywhere near me and keep my brother’s “girlfriend” far away from me… Andre did you marry her?

Newcomb– [looks like Admiral Roughhead] from Rockwell. I am told you raised my brother’s kid.

Hillary’s pedophile? Mike? who is suzy’s dad? I remember mike and his father coming by the house at the time of the funeral.. the dad actually Andre’s business partner.

Hillary I do not owe you and your family.. Necomb’s wife a well dressed tall blonde beauty.

Mike Bodoski short blonde guy. Get off me Hillary. Even leslie doesn’t think I look like Sharon Pratt Kelly. Who does? Cherly.

I did not tell hillary she had to pedophile. I did not tell hillary her daughter had to have a child with Rock’s nephew.

I did tell hillary to get off me.. Google aDsense… Hillary and her people are not part of my family. Did you pay her money from my adsense revenue?

I do not owe the clintons.

Newcomb it is a small world. In march 2012 someone claiming to be hillary told me she gave her daughter aids. I thought she was talking about chelsea. Suzy? Did you marry her? Andre did not. Should hillary be mad about that?

Suzy was not your wife? she was not the one I met. Andre’s son I am told was born without aids… Hillary seemed to want me to be her friend back then.. spring 2012. I said get off me.

Today, I am still hearing about you, suzy, and the son… why?

Newcomb I do not owe that crap.. Tell hillary what the wife looked like I met.

I am tired of the Darnettas, newcombs, etc. coming back to tell me who they really are.

You were not filth when I knew you… why on earth would I be impressed with the filth now?

FBI thug FBI does not owe me. real fbi does. He is insured and should not be pounding me nor accessing my feeds and earpiece. You know who hillary is.. get that and her clowns off me.

Jul '14

biz renewal problems.

Earpiece is providing that the Maryland Business Charter office is trying to make me angry. I am not sure why. I sent the renewal form on the 20th of June and when I called in early July they claimed they logged the receipt of the form and payment on the 25th of June.

I am told the FBI has repeatedly asked them to process the renewal, but they are dragging their feet.

They are trying to claim they could not get in touch with me via phone and this is the complaint. Everyone knows my phones are blocked— but the Better Business Bureau representative who contacted me on the 301-233 number on 22nd of July did get through. Oddly, enough the same day the Charter office promised to process the renewal application.

I started the business in September 2004 so I have gone through this process once before– in 2009.

Earpiece is saying someone claiming to be from the States Attorney’s office asked the charter office to hold off or try to void the renewal. “we want to make her cry” is what they are saying.

FBI told them they could not do that because everyone knew the US Government was interfering with her business.. As of last night the process is delayed but it will be renewed.

When I checked this morning it was not. Nor has the check cleared.

By the way, I am getting lots of information on how Federal and Local governments hire attorneys. Most do not have any law school. Did you know that?

Hillary and Bill Clinton both claim law degrees. Earpiece saying neither has an undergrad degree. Most lawyers in washington are not. Liz Chenney used to work for DOJ.. None. Check. Ask her where she did law school.

The reason I bring this up? They are saying the states attorney who contacted the Maryland Charter office does not have a law degree. The claim, Don, Bruce or Martin called the Maryland Charter office. I am not sure who asked them to play this game. Was that the states attorney they are claiming who was not a lawyer. A real states attorney should be screaming. They also said someone from the State’s attorney office. Martin and the state’s attorney claim law degrees. Earpiece said whoever called is lying about a law degree.

Read More…

Jul '14

who was chirpy…

Over the years I have discussed one personality or another not really understanding why some of these individuals seemed obsessed with engaging me over the years.

I have learned quite a bit since Feb. 2012 when an earpiece I did not know was in my left ear was activated.

Chirpy [the nickname I gave him], the guy who first started talking to me in Feb. 2012 said he had searched for the frequency for awhile. The problem.. the earpiece was never initiated by those who installed it– and those who have it know why this looks right.

He told me lots of things and though I guessed at someone else early on, I now believe I was wrong. Based on discussions I have had these last two years I now believe Chirpy is a son of John Maclaughlin. Someone pointed him out to me once, when he was on CSPAN.. He is about 35 years old, reddish blond hair and wears glasses.

Maclaughlin jr was pointed out to me about a year ago, and I came up with he is probably Chirpy about 3 months ago. Based on what I told others he told me, many agree he had access to that information and his story is the one chirpy would have told. FBI indicated they do not have the early tapes from when he first found the frequency and began talking to me.

Chirpy also mentioned the personality I reference in the first paragraph of this post. Several years ago- about 5 [long before the earpiece activation], I provided several reasons for why this person seemed obsessed with this situation.

About 2 weeks ago– I was given another piece of the “why”. I do not wish to say more here– but provide this “time bench mark” in case I need it in the future.

Other information gleaned recently? Those [I am told almost without exception] born HIV positive [AIDS] have larger than normal hearts and their bodies do not produce plasma. Those who got aids– can produce plasma after being cured.

I am told many in washington have undergone treatment. When I was first told about one cure [about 4-6 months ago]– I was very optimistic. Many have stopped screaming at me about their aids… but there still remain issues. I hope DOJ/FBI are working the problems.

When the earpiece was first activated– I was given never ending issues about aids, who had it, how they got it, etc. Most in washington had it. Most of my family had it. I did not know it had not been mostly eradicated in Feb. 2012. I never discussed aids in Q’s Wire Posts [like I do know] other than to say I did not have it.. when I thought someone was asking. I have a negative test result from 2002 long before any cures were refined and usable.

If I had known there was an aids problem– I would have discussed it more in Q’s Wire over the years… I did not know until Feb. 2012.

They are no longer screaming at me about their aids… that said.. there are problems.. FBI/DOJ are helping but it seems to be a long slow process.. hopeful this will be over soon.

Maybe that is why I was given the new information about the personality? IN hopes of discussing every issue? It was discussed. Tell them to make their own day.

Above image from a Nov 2011 post. Those with access to the AIDS database can also confirm– I am not on their list. Never was.

Jul '14

she started…

I haven’t tried to start my car since early December 2013. Back then I had to jump start it. If the motor was turned off– it would not start again unless jumped again.

I knew this was the battery, and earpiece confirmed that the surveillance equipment on the car drains the battery. In Dec. 2013, they knew there was a problem because their equipment signals were dying and told me when the problem first happened.

My mother purchased a new car in Jan. 2014 so her old one is available for my use, however since we only have a two car garage– I have not tried to start my car since Dec. 2013. Her new car has all the latest gizmos and I rarely use it… nor would I try to jump my car with it. It also gets her garage position.

With everyone gone for the 4th– I put her old car in the garage last night — since she took her new one with her, and this morning decided to try my car.

It fired right away– and the engine sounds great. Yes, when I turned if off it would not start without the jumper cables– but I am so happy it started and sounded so good.

That car has been garaged most of its life, I am the original owner and it has about 151,000 miles on it.

It is a convertible RX7 and it rides like a low slung sedan because most of the convertible roof is hard. The rear window is a real window and the center piece that separates from the rest of the roof and comes off. Its like a removable sunroof— and its hard.

I love my car and have missed it. I cannot tell you how happy this morning’s test has made me.

I have replaced the battery in my car before. But it is kind of hard to get the leads off. I did not want to take it to the shop– because too many want me to cry these days.

The reason for this post– just to let everyone know that as of July 2nd, 2014 there were no other problems with my car other than a very dead battery. The interior lights won’t even come on without another battery charging my dead battery.

Is this important? My car is 24 years old and they no longer make it. Yes. I last tested early Dec. 2013 and it started right up July 2, 2014. And my surveillance could see everything….

Earpiece noise has suggested some would love to help me restore it since the engine is still in great condition. If I ever get out of this– it won’t be the first thing I do– but I would love to have the car fully restored. Right now I am just happy it is safe and garaged.

Jul '14

Fiction Question…

In Feb. 2012 when the earpiece was first activated, one of the most shocking things I learned was about AIDS. Most of the people I knew were HIV positive. I had no idea.

Starting in Feb. 2012 [which tapes should be able to confirm], I was given many stories about Aids, who had it and why.

Many felt that because my deal was so large that I owed AIDS victims of the WAshington community. At the time I did not know that my affiliates had put a large amount of money on the table– and many misunderstood “copyright” and “web hosting” as related to why my affiliates went to a private VIP entity and not DOJ in the beginning. Keep in mind though, DOJ signed off on the deals in May 2012 and knew about the entire deal. They did not mind if the private party handled it- because it had become an embarrassment long ago.

Many in washington knew about the deal, but I was only given sketchy details [by those my affiliates and DOJ wanted to act as an intermediary for the deals] until I was able to put it all together in September 2012 almost a year after the deal was put on the table.

As related to AIDS, even today, someone will tell another console networked person that they do not have aids and that they cannot figure out why the person is talking to me.

that said, I explained I was HIV negative and had no idea that AIDS had not been mostly eradicated. Review news and television reports starting in 1995 or so… AIDS as a news story went underground. Probably because too many had it.

The only thing I remember seeing after 1995 or so- was “girl positive” on the Lifetime Network and then recently The Normal Heart.

In the Spring of 2012 I was told a relative was being used as sort of a guinea pig and had tried several medications– one of which, left her blood “cakey” and her blood was testing negative for HIV.

I am told this is like an inhibitor for the sickle like cells of AIDS.

So in the Spring of 2012, I knew a drug was being tested.. as a matter of fact several.

In the summer of 2012, I was told an innovative country had come up with a cure but that were not sharing. Another issue for the person providing the information, the country did not have an Aids problem– but those were the only details I knew about in the Summer of 2012. At the time I did not believe the information and simply ignored it.

Today, I am told that the cure referenced over the summer of 2012 is something many had known about for years– but had decided it was too risky.

Because many with access to my lifestyle have noted I nuke everything they asked why. I explained I have been the victim of food tampering too many times since 1999 or so and though I did not know I could render poisons ineffective with a microwave [don't think this works] did feel if someone sneezed in my food I might be able to avoid their cold.

I repeat, I did not know others had aids so that was not the reason I was nuking my ice cream [and yes, I like my ice cream a little soft]– I just know I have been sick too often after eating store brought food I like.

So, why don’t I have AIDS nor have I ever? Already explained. But what was explained after activation from many discussing all things aids with me- was that the AIDS virus dies when nuked.

So, I am told several years ago– many doctors looked at nuking to kill the AIDS virus. To date, I am told that between 10,000 – 20,000 people have used this method to become HIV negative.

What is it? First of all, I am told a patient must ween from AZT not Speed. Then use a sickle cell inhibitor drug to make the blood as normal as possible. Then– special rooms and machines have come into practice wherein a patient has between 7-10 sessions based on their weight and height– where they must walk around in a room with low levels of microwaves.

Walking is very important, in that you must stay active to insure you do not “bake”.

Does this seem far fetched? I only have the earpiece for confirmation– making it a fiction question.

Other important issues? I am told the hearts of those born with AIDS is in most cases too large for this to be an ideal treatment for them. It actually hurts them to breathe, I am told. Those who were not born with AIDS have been successful. In the beginning I am told– some had “baked” behinds.

The Sickle Cells of Aids is very invasive. Doctors test for aids, before and after each daily session. About 7 to 10 days.

Many say, your heart feels like it is going to burst when waking in the radiated environment– but it doesn’t.

Another problem– because reproductive systems are hard to “cleanse” females who undergo this treatment have discovered that their kids born after the treatment are deformed. This is one of the conditions females must understand before they undergo the treatment. Most are advised to have a hysterectomy.

Men– sperm is said to be okay– no problems for kids and the kids are born hiv negative.

I have been given a lot of data about this treatment over the last 3 months or so. is this true? I am not sure. I am not a doctor– but tapes will show it is being discussed.

Why tell you? I am told my discussions about AIDS– starting in the Spring of 2012 have helped to eradicate— less births of kids with aids in washington hospitals is one measure given to me. Why do they want me to discuss it? Not sure.

Keep in mind– it was learned early on– microwaves could destroy aids. I am told, this treatment has been worked and worked for many years…

Does this mean I want to cause havoc? No… speak with your doctors… I am hopeful about this.

Some in washington have threatened me with libel for claiming they had aids. I am told many have used the treatment and it worked. I am also told their doctors cannot lie about AZT and Speed subscriptions they have provided. There is also a national database of Aids victims. So I am not sure if it is just another threat or something they want to coverup? Washington should disavow– since I always use “fiction question” when providing earpiece information… this is what they said– what do you think?

What they have not provided is why they get to use me and when they will correct this injustice. I am told daily– soon. Will this delay? Everything delays… but what was explained to me most of the this morning– tell it now or never. Some really feel my ignorance on this subject has helped others.

Tapes back up what I am saying. You ask — what did i do to be in a position where I cannot stop the flow of information to a device I did not even know was there before Feb. 2012.

By the way– though I do not have aids, nor have I ever [hiv negative]– I am very hopeful about this news.

Jun '14

Gums again…


They are torturing my gums and teeth again. Please see the xrays… 6.21.14.

I posted a photo from my gardens on the tumblr blog. This is deceptive. I have been up most of the night in pain… Please check.

May '14

That was two years ago….

This photo was taken around the time the earpiece was activated.

Taken 2.26.12

FYI: New invoice for qisoftware.com web hosting sent 5/23/14 and paid the same day.


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