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Oct '14

Mastering Part Two

The first time I noticed a jewish matchmaker was in the movie “Crossing Delancey“, with Amy Irving.

In the movie, Yental with Irving and Streisand a match is made between the two females– by mistake.

In Crossing Delancey, I was a little surprised with the amount of insistence the matchmaker displayed while trying to get Irving’s character to date a jewish deli owner of the “neighborhood”.

No, I am not of the jewish faith nor familiar with the jewish culture. So the fact that they seem very pushy to me— should be of no surprise.

The problem, I started noticing this pushiness in my travels after I left Rockwell in 1995. To be fair, not really in 1995 [I spoke with several jewish lawyers in that time frame-- and though there were problems they soft pedaled- Roy Goldberg {he wanted me to take his contingency offer after he pulled my case from the eeoc-- fired him and asked him to return my $2500 when I asked to see the EEOC file, he asked me-- "why kill a tree?"}, Annette Rubin Leesburg] but more in the early 2000s.

I believe the local jewish community began to know who I was in 2002 or so. I thought they thought I wanted to be a celebrity through my family ties– and I explained no.. over and over.

I was a software consultant and wanted to be left alone. Little things. I was on rt 301 once visiting a southern maryland town with a community college- and a jewish guy stopped suddenly, and I tapped his car. I insisted we call the police. A state trooper showed up. I had a photo. I took a photo of the guy’s car and the state trooper.. I will check later to see if I have the photo. What was odd about the state trooper– he had the longest arms I have ever noticed on a guy. The photo was odd.

After my work became more well known– qisoftware, it seemed every time I went out there was a new jewish person all over me. I said no thanks each time.. I do not need an agent. I have a website.

There was a Diane Lafferman at Rockwell. I am not sure what she did but she was not an engineer. I think she was married to a jewish dentist. I think she was more into business initiatives. We had an omnibus contract so I had little dealings with her.

I mostly knew white men. Guy Allen now claims to be jewish but I did not know that when I knew him.

Back to the matchmaker… The show matchmaker with the pushy jewish woman has another example of a master. I saw an attractive blonde female who was slightly overweight as the episode in question began.

I turned away– because I cannot stand the personality of the show’s host. I think she is loud and uncultured. I also saw the guys that were going to be offered to her– once the blonde female had jumped through all of the host’s idiot hoops.

When I turned back– there was a carriage and the guy she said she was not interested in — instead of the guy she thought was showing up… the host explained sorry he was unavailable and I gave you what you should have picked.

I wanted to scream… what happened to polite people and the “Dating GAme”. Now some plastic surgeon’s work was screaming at guests about who she thought they should be and why.

She had a long neck.. was she a mastered person herself. I would never deal with anyone like this… when did this crap become popular… after jewish women learned to own their 5 year old kids? See the last post for more on what I mean.

I had noticed the matchmaker before. Dave Levine a client had been on her show. I did not watch his segment all the way either… I would never deal with a person like this.. the problem– too many in my ear and around are this person.. Mastered pushy witches that seem to think I asked them who I should be.. I did not.

I do not like smart women? No, I love smart women. I am used to smart white men. I had white secretaries. Jewish women over talk you. they are not really smart. they are loud and pushy. I listen well. Most people tell me that. I am someone who can sit in a lecture– and get it.. on most topics. even outside of math. I love listening to intelligent people.

Jewish women are not.. sorry. they only sound like they should know something. You should have looked at my school photos. My professional colleagues, my own way of doing things. I am more a quiet person… I never want to own someone else.. I have too much to do in my own life… You should have checked my IQ scores.. SAT scores..

Get off me idiot. Oh, and I am really tired of hearing about the jewish way. I am not jewish.

Side issue: Roy Goldberg, why would I have so many jewish lawyers in my ear trying to get me to use them in a contingency case? We– have been here. I do not like this, right? Yet, these lawyers have tried everything. including torture. My affiliates have the money. Not the US government. I have stated over and over I do not need a contingency lawyer. My deals were negotiated in May 2012… Why do these idiots continue in my ear… My affiliates are not going to pay a lawyer the funds the US Government owes me.. why is this hard for them?

contingency? roy– did they talk to you? What are you chopped liver?

Oct '14

Mastering… Part One.

What is mastering. It is a term I defined.

Jill of the Housewives of New York has a certain mouth type, so does Ducky, Barbara, Adam, etc.

A Mossad agent, in the Spring of 2013 explained to me why certain mouths look the way they do. But you have to see it in the elementary school photo to understand what I mean by the “mastering” term.

Why was I given this story? Harvey is said to be part arab agent– Harvey claimed that Jason Weinstein had pissed him off when Jason explained why a lot of mossad types had rounder bottoms. They insure standing up with guys… I wrote about Jill’s behavior before. Jason said Jill hung around all the time. told she was on tonight. did they hope I would say jill got her mouth when she was young? why are jill and johanna hanging around.. I told johanna– her mother owed her and jill– I told her long ago I stopped watching that show because of her crap… DOJ sue me for what? I did not know why her mouth then…. Jason– why did Harvey tell me?

I am told that the body language explanation for the mouth is this– the guy sticks his flaccid p*nis into someone’s mouth. When the p*nis becomes erect he does not move nor does the mouth. At some point– and this may take awhile– he does ejaculate and the act is over.

In one scene from the Housewives of New York, I was horrified that Jill insisted more than once, her daughter give her husband a kiss/hug.. not sure which now– but I wrote about it at the time. This post long before activation in Feb. 2012. and certainly before the Mossad agent explained the mouth in the Spring of 2013.

I always thought the mouth was related to sex– but did not really understand how.

Anyway, in another scene– Jill’s mother wants to have a little chat with Bethany and gives Jill a diamond ring. I was horrified by the behavior of these women and stopped watching the show.

In an episode of “SEx and the City” Hop, Skip and a Week there is a scene with Charlotte where a jewish mother wants Charlotte to date her good looking jewish son… And she says something to the effect– most jewish mouths in New York need braces– his does not. The show where Charlotte and Harry are on the outs– in the middle of her jewish training.

So what do I mean by “mastering”? Did you find the elementary school photos?

This is the story I heard about Kagan. Her father is a well known lawyer in New York. He married another woman other than Kagan’s mother. Earpiece said [was it Kagan? not sure-- she talks too much and I want her to leave me alone]– her stepmother required she oral her. I am told this has gone on quite a bit in Jewish households. Trista did not know an orgasm… Barbara in Meet the Fockers II– wants Robert DeNiro to surprise his wife and teach her. Waspy men I am told do not do this. Jewish men do.

Anyway, it was not explained if the stepmother’s child was Kagan’s father’s or not. What kagan thought was she could ask the child to oral her. I am told the child was pretty young and the step mom smelled something wrong. Kagan was arrested and charged. When her father went to clean up the situation– he did not do it right– because when big names in washington were looking for a pedophile lawyer for an appointment to the surpreme court– Kagan was chosen for the insurance court.

I told Kagan– her step mother mastered. I believe Jill’s mother mastered but not because I know that she made jill oral her nor do I know that Jill’s mouth looked like that as a child. That is not heredity. that is sex.

One of the first things Kagan did in March 2012 or so– was to offer kudos on my handling of myself when I was at the bank. those consoles can access any camera or any listening device. since I had been going to the bank since 2004 once a week when I opened the account I could not figure why this woman was offering me kudos. I asked her not to get in my ear again. I am told this is a way to “frisk and fuck”… pretend like someone is an idiot and give them kudos and wait to see if they get mad. I did not. I told her idiot ass to go get the tapes from the last 7 sevens and amuse herself. These people do this… I do not need this offensive person anywhere near me.. When I returned from BWMC, Rock told me he had not expected her to be such a problen ands she should not have sigend the paperwork to have my stay extended. He also told me he and david had hired her but later recanted and the reasons. He apologized. I am not sure where he is in that lie– but I am told the police have her real record and I wawnt her off me.. she is a mastered jew– that will not leave me alone. She also feels I should know her….. she has tried everything from why she is an in thing in Israel to why men do not want her.. I want her filth off me.. Lick her tick [she said this to me once, I would not go within 6 feet of Kagan let alone shake her had, why would I know her filth-- did she lose her clitoris too? Not sure.. told Kay of the senate lost hers.. both these women I am told-- jewish and hired because they are pedophiles. I want both off me.

Jason Weinstein of DOJ taught me quite a bit. His father was a Halsidic [sp] jew.

So what does mastering mean? I am well educated. yet I have a lot of jewish lawyers telling me I need them. I believe because of life style these parents learn to control their kids very early.

Then these people tend to think that if their smart kids can be mastered so can everyone else.

The jewish legal community has made mistake after mistake with me. I am not of insured washington. One reason I think they were allowed to get in.

I like many thought jewish people came over here very educated. I thought they simply stopped evolving and knew nothing about technology.

Then I watched a PBS series on the Roosevelts. That combined with an Alan Alda documentary about burlesque changed my mind.

But what have they done? They took over hollywood. and that was a great move and made them very powerful. Redford was a hollywood writer in the way we were. Margarat Mitchell, Hemmingway.. writers in hollywood were not jewish..

FDR was very smart. By the way they are saying Meryl’s’ washington kin is FDR.

What the jews owned was hollywood. Washington– stopped going to Harvard, and yale but signed on with Hollywood.

I am told many jewish lawyers are not really lawyers. By the way– if you have a trust set up for someone you love that uses a lawyers bank account– make sure the interest from the trust is being given back to you. Many lawyers like suggesting it is standard procedure for them to keep the interest. You paid them to set the trust up. It is fraud if they try to keep the interest from the trust.

Anyway– I hope to make this more clear in coming posts. Bottom line– jewish lawyers want to own me and my settlement– and for some reason think I am an idiot. I am not.

they have tried a lot of things….the biggest mistake is assuming I am their 5 year old child that they must own– and control so the child does not go out telling everyone about their mouth.

sometime after 2008 when I learned of deep throat I watched a documentary on abducted kids. One case was about a young girl from boston. I was shocked to she the poster the parents put up showed the child with a pouch in her throat. So did most of the siblings. I guessed that the little girl had told on her father– and he had given her to a pervert. When they found her– they got the story of what he did to her..It was horrific.

The point in telling you this? Non-jewish mothers I am told tend not to know about oral sex and do not ask their kids for this… I am told jewish parents do–both… then they try to control their kids… then everyone else should fall in line too..

Judges, lawyers and psychiatrists are mostly jewish..what scares me about this? Most of the judges and lawyers are not lawyers.. they are appointed through black male. a psychiatrist looks at a patient and declares– yes you have a mouth like mine– and we are sane.

The rest of us are left asking our jewish lawyer partner why he thinks we need to see a shrink– like the italian chef reality star in 1996.

This was the first time I noticed that. Then there was a segment with 6o minutes where a jewish woman was telling the host that the waspy woman with her had just left her abusive husband with her help. Then she went on to say what a needy person the woman was. I wanted to scream.

Did the jewish woman master her 4 year old? I am not 5. I said get off me..

I have only begun.. I said get off me. I am not kidding.. I am going to have the whole world looking hard at our history from 1900 to today..

How did washington let these blackmailers in… probably the cross breeding project. Very few jews have kids.. I am told gene has a child with a jewish woman. It was said Nancy reagan was part black and part jewish herself.

I met someone at BWMC that looked like a marine General I knew and John Winston .. Mooody/Moony… for those who remember my stay. I am told he is the son of the marine and john winston’s sister. He was older than me. I asked recently why they did things like this back then. cross breeding. It was confirmed that Erlhich is the son of trish and john winston. Halep the daughter of Jan an John Winston… John’s dad was very important cia. Angus is his brother. Elizabeth phillips someone from my 1977 class at arundel is related to Angus. Angus’ daughter was in a Cspan hearing once. She looks just like Elizabeth Phillips. John’s dad knew her mother. Samatha Stousr of tennis also looks a bit like elizabeth. I am told they are related.

When I asked why Jewish people were not part of the washington cross breeding project– I was given an odd answer.
What do I think this caused? black mail in washington…

Jew lawyers are really mad with me. I said no– and they don’t like it.. I mean no.. please get off me..

I am going to have everyone looking. Is that judge really a judge? is that lawyer really a lawyer..

I do not like being owned because a jewish lawyer wants to flimflam me.. My affiliates are not jewish..

I said no… You look around.. does that jew couple think you are his 5 year old? They don’t even want to date their own mouths– but when it comes to someone looking for justice– we are jew and you owe Regina.. No– I do not.

I owe you jail cells. get off me.

Why was the FBI in New York for the US Open.. those prizes were inflated. who paid? Jews do not own tennis. they own the us open.

They are making a mistake with me.

A Wilmington, NC House Hunters segment showed a son who wanted a house near his parents. Did you see anything wrong with his eyes. A doj lawyers was looking at the case.. confirmed your worst fears.

Kay [nc senator] told me — it should have been me– sucking her off and not her kids. I am told she lost her clitoris in the deal from the prison. then she is torturing me? Jason– is that why you wanted to marry her…

I am not 5, I am well educated– and I said get off me.. Not kidding.

I am going to show more examples of this.. We need FDRs harvard. Your doctor is what color? REdford was writing not directing…Jews were directing. look at the Roosevelt’s documentary…

they are not smart.. asia is smart.. jews are not. mostly they both like their kids.. in boston– only the dads. then they convince themselves if their kids can be owned so can you and i…

go watch that old reality show with the chef and the jewish lawyer… said get off me.. go watch nuts. go watch sex and the city… they are not educated for the most part.. the ones in my ear- are clowns. I said no.

oNe jewish guy keeps trying to vibrate me.. as if to say I can own you.. I know a water drip and have asked the fbi to get him off me… his parents know their kids. I do not need your help and my parents did not molest me… get off me.

Why so many problems with black football players recently? ask a jewish lawyer.. Why bonzo for reagan.. ask a jewish hollywood type. What they should not do is wait for me.. I will be poor before I hire a jewish lawyer… criminals that steall.. get off me.

Oct '14

Anne Arundel Circuit Court– Timestamp You May Find Useful

Over the years my frustration with Washington and congress was apparent in the posts that I wrote. In February 2012 when an earpiece was activated– I found it was even worse than I thought– and many were angry with me. Even their kids.

Washington has adopted a way that I would never sign up with.

Let me provide an example- Sander Levin is Tina Fey’s dad [fiction question-- but I think this is right]. He has another daughter– a blogger who I indicated I am not interested in knowing. I have said no thank you to a lot.

She, like a lot of kids of washington– uses her father’s equipment to bother me. If Tina has been on– I have been unaware of it.

This morning- and a lot of mornings the FBI have been running “sorties” [my term] to pick up some of the consoles when the folks who signed them out allow them to be used in an abusive manner.

This morning– around 5:37 am another sortie was on. The FBI asked the party to turn off their console so as not to embarrass themselves.

Instead– the party in question said “I want to kill this n*gger”.
{The internet police will flag the word- the reason it is written in the manner I have used.}

If you listen to the tapes between 4:00 am and 6:00 am this morning you will find enough evidence to support my claim of threats, torture, hate crimes, etc.

This morning– someone said– I just did not understand that using this console to vibrate her meant it was extortion. Another crime.

These are congressmen, washington vips and their kids.. There are lots of examples of this type of behavior. Please get the tapes and listen.

They wanted to blame me for aids/hiv. I never had aids… I have always been HIV negative. I did not even know about aids before feb. 2012. Most [in washington, I am told] have used the cure. Most of my family too.

Why am I still being bothered by these people?

Oct '14

Draft Anne Arundel Court ref. Jury Duty Summons

I plan to provide the following to the court, DOJ, the FBI, the US Attorney here and the Anne Arundel County States Attorney.

My name is Regina Denise Thomas. I am a business owner, QiSoftware [www.qisoftware.com- see state database using QiSoftware search name], and currently have any number of extreme issues which I would like the court to consider- as to why I should be excused from jury duty.

Foremost, safety as related to me personally and software I have developed over the years. I am well known. I have publicly documented many of the issues in the personal blogs I maintain here:
[1] http://personal.qisoftware.com/
[2] http://qblog.qisoftware.com/
[3] http://qisoftware-support.blogspot.com/

My business blogs are located here:
[1] http://remix.qisoftware.com/
[2] http://blog.qisoftware.com/

The posts in the blogs– should raise a number of red flags and the court asking DOJ and FBI to confirm. If not, I have listed specific posts which anyone investigating this issue- should be able to confirm.

[1] http://personal.qisoftware.com/archives/2012/07/entry_89.html
[2] http://qblog.qisoftware.com/?p=3918
[3] http://personal.qisoftware.com/archives/2014/10/entry_361.html
[4] http://personal.qisoftware.com/archives/2014/10/entry_360.html
[5] http://qblog.qisoftware.com/?p=3972 post mostly about something else however recent jury summons discussed.
[6] http://qblog.qisoftware.com/?p=3974 this post.

I am told the State of Maryland owes me a great deal of money for civil rights violations and harassment over the years. The blogs will show that I would consider this jury duty dangerous and another attempt to harass me. I have already contacted the FBI in Baltimore and publicly raised the issue. I am told many have contacted DOJ and the FBI in Washington and raised the same issues.

Further, above I provided a post about issues related to a June 18th, 2012 incident. Please contact BWMC for details. This was another example of rights violations and harassment by Maryland. The ACLU and a judge protected my software and the contents of my bag at that time. That is why the photographs of the police officers that came to the house that day were still available in my camera.

I have been blogging for a long time. I am known online. I am known around the state. This looks suspect to many. Please look into this. Also check with the FBI and DOJ.

In 2004, I developed something called the Blogger Calendar Java Version [http://blog.qisoftware.com/2004/09/dating-your-blog.html]. This software tool gave me a lot of notice, especially in the blogging community. You can find versions integrated on the blogs I have listed above.

In addition, I am the publisher at WiredPages [wiredpages.qisoftware.com], a news service. In its heyday, software tools I developed for the service were well known and used. I stopped updating the tools because of security problems and the incident on June 18, 2012 when I was separated from the proprietary software I developed. Asking me to attend court sessions wherein I have to worry about storing the bag somewhere is a big security risk for me. Also, I have had threats to my life. My home is under surveillance for reasons provided in the blog– and I am subjected to personal threats day in and day out. Please obtain copies of the tapes. I believe DOJ and or the FBI can provide evidence.

What this means, one– my software tools are known and the software is currently desired by many, if for no other reason than to claim I did not write the code. Excuse this adage: Ownership is nine/tenths of the law. Proving I wrote the code is important. I have security issues as related to my software and [2] personal safety issues– which I believe can be confirmed by DOJ and the FBI.

In addition, I do not have reliable transportation. My only registered automobile has historic tags, which I cannot use everyday and is in need of some repair.

Check my bank accounts. I have a $40 a week loan from a relative. You may run my social security and talk to my bank. They should also have evidence that a settlement template which has been submitted to my bank over the last two years starting in 2012 and through 2014 showing Maryland has a defamation/punitive settlement amount showing. The amount is in the millions.

Please take seriously the objections I have raised and allow me to be excused from this jury duty summons.


Regina D. Thomas

Oct '14

Gwen and Reggie Patel

I lived in Odenton, MD from June 1974 until June 1982. During that time, I completed high school– grades 10th through 12th.. my high school [arundel sr. high, gambrills md] was so large it was on a double shift and only had grades 10th through 12th. No freshman class. I also completed four years of college — graduating in the spring of 1981 and living at home while I worked my first year at Boeing in Tyson’s Corner, VA.. I moved to Falls Church VA in June 1982 to be closer to my office. My parents moved from 628 ChapelGate drive in odenton to Hanover Md in June 1984.

In Dec. 1974 the Kings moved to my street. This included Mr. and Mrs. King , sonia king, perry king, dede king [mentally retarded-- told perry's daughter with odessa], stephanie drake [their cousin], stephanie’s son calvin. Darnetta was supposedly away at school [college-- Norfork State] having graduated from Arundel in June 1974.

I was just starting in September 1974– high school that is.

Let me back track for a moment and explain why recently, I was looking for faces that were familiar to me when all of this began in 1996 or so. Scott one of John Winston’s sons– came over in a Sears truck to repair the riding mower. Our yard is too large for my mother and I and we need the rider. I cannot afford anything– so I never use it… I have used push mowers. Anyway the task is very easy with the rider– and this young man who looked like John Winston was making me angry. I have been in loss prevention ever since losing my position with rockwell, my home in bowie and many of my household goods. I did not realize scott was actually john’s son. I thought Rockwell had moved on… I thought it was more of a message. Like the reporter on MSNBC.. darnetta always seems mad– why? Oh she really was darnetta’s kid.. back then I did not get it… but recently I asked investigators to look for the girl. Scott seemed to be amazed I did not understand he was really John’s son.. I explained they did that all the time and I really was not sure. I thought John and Rockwell had left and had no idea what happened to me… why would his son be here playing with the riding lawn mower we need?

MSNBC a cable network collaboration between Microsoft and NBC, first went on air on July 15, 1996.

I noticed several people that reminded me of folks I once knew. Included an Indian/american [the country] news reporter who reminded me of Darnetta king/Bondon. Salma Hayek also reminded me of Darnetta but I did not pay much attention to her. Lester Holt to me sounded just like Darryl Anderson. This is important. Brian Williams, Soledad and Frederika were also there.

I do not know when I first noticed the news reporter who seemed to be an angry darnetta– but I did think it was a clue as to what was going on.

Darnetta King and I really were not that close. I met her around Easter 1975, when she claimed to be home on spring break. Cheryl came up for the first time that easter. I had a car and a student license– and so darnetta acted as my licensed driver when we took cheryl places.

Cheryl seemed to hit it off with the guys– but that is another story.

I never saw her [darnetta] doing drugs nor even a beer. Sonia neither. Perry and Cheryl taught me how to have marijuana smoke in my face. I never got hooked on marijuana.

Why is the marijuana use important? Because Sonia, Darnetta and Sharon did not touch it… And when Sharon made a big deal in my sr year at ARundel– in front of Cathy Fitz or Moultree and TK explaining she was behaving oddly because it was her first time.. she got into trouble– I am told.

I know she left for 3 or 4 months right after we got out of school. In this time frame it was explained to me that the incident in the school parking lot with Tk violated her parole and she had to go to jail.

Explained to me this morning– both darnetta and sharon were pedophiles when they came into my life. sharon 1973, darnetta 1975. it was said Don Evans met sharon at juvy. Her daughter with don– is the black actress in the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone. keep in mind this is a fiction question.

When we first moved to Odenton– Dan and Pat brown lived in the house next to us. Dan Brown looks a lot like the current mayor of DC.

They left my second year of college and the Patels moved in. Reggie was a dark skinned indian guy who worked for the state of maryland and Gwen was a waspy white woman with red hair that she kept in an Aunt Bee style.

I was always either working or in school– Bowie school, Beltsville Circuity City… so I barely knew the new neighbors the patels. They had a daughter that was in school with Judy– Niki and several younger kids. boys… the kids were not gwen’s. It was explained to me once– but I can’t remember now.

I really did not know the browns that well either– but I knew the patels even less so.

Judy and Niki become friends.

This morning when discussing who Darnetta’s kids were– it was explained to me that the indian reporter who was lighter than darnetta was actually the daughter of Darnetta and Niki’s son with a white guy.

I never knew Niki had a child– but that’s not important I never knew Judy to have one either. That said Niki did look a little old insofar as shape when I knew her.

When did she have the white guy’s child? Not sure. When did darnetta have the indian reporter not sure. But what was explained to me this morning– Reggie Patel moved next door to us in Odenton my second year in college because he was Darnetta’s probation officer.

Yelp– darnetta and sharon did not use drugs around me…

In 1997 or so– my mother, judy and were at costco in glen burnie and reggie gave me this mean look.

I had no idea why– nor did I care. I did think of the incldent in 1985 or early 1986 when my sister and I had a fight. I was living with my parents for about 5 months while I searched for a new place in Northern Va. The place I had on Pershing st in ARlington, VA did not work out and I had to move suddenly. So I lived at my parents hanover address for about 5 months starting 11/85 to 3/86 or so.

My sister had music on the stereo in the den. I wanted it shut off. I took the record off and did not put it down gently. she threw my head into the kitchen cabinet. My sister is 5′9″ then about 350 lbs i was 5′6″about 120 lbs.

I went to work with black eyes. Anyway Niki came over that evening. My parents were out. she parked in the drive way… I asked judy to have her guest get her car out of the driveway… I was still mad about my face.

I thought Reggie was mad– I told Niki to get her car out of the drive way..

But there is more than that… this morning– investigators stated that reggie said– darnetta hated me.. hated everything about me. He lied in the mid 90s on me. I am not sure what lie– but they claim he did…

I believe that part of the rights violations I suffered were because of Reggie and state worker and darnetta’s lies.

What I don’t get is how a pedophile could lie on me and get away with it… Don Evans– do you know?

And this morning when they told me who the parents were of the indian reporter– I said that’s it. Yes, she reminded me of Darnetta and Niki. They confirmed she was Darnetta’s earlier in the week. then yesterday– DArnetta had oralled a baby– then this morning the rest.. reggie was her probabtion officer before he moved next door to us in odenton..

Who were all the little boys in that house reggie… an investigator this mroning said you said the reporter was so light you thought it was mine. Are you stupid? I never paid any attention to any of the young people in your house not even judy’s friend niki other than to say hi and bye.

you lied and said you thought the reporter was mine because of her skin tone? That does not explain what Darnetta did to require a probation officer in the first place. Earpiece said– Doug rase showed her oral and then Salma was required to do that also. I believe this to be a lie. Doug rose may have done that but earlier info provided Darnetta did not know Salma until she was older. Roses raised her in the other part of odenton… I never met her either.

This morning, I was also given the explanation for James brady… He tried to shoot himself just before what looks like an assassination attempt on Reagan in early 1981. I find it odd there is a memorial service for him this morning that I just noticed. Why?

My step grandfather– Howard Freeman Sr. Cheryl’s father, zeta’s grandfather died in early 1981. Explained in Spring 2012 cheryl shot him for bothering a visiting Zeta– who could not go to washington with her father. She is also known as Cathy Freeman. At the time– someone claimed Howard freeman was upset about Cheryl… that’s odd because it was said he always tried not to claim her. sometimes things are embellished when given to me. Cheryl looks just like her father. Why not the son’s. she has her father’s eyes. Not howard freeman jr.

In the spring of 2012 — it was explained to me that Howard Freeman Sr was actually my Aunt Judy’s [Virginia Johnson] first husband. Howard Freeman Jr. who I have always called Uncle Howard– really my first cousin. He is father to Jim Webb. My family tends to do that. Aunt Judy– who I have always called Aunt Judy really says– Judy my sister is my grandmother’s youngest child. Aunt Ruby– Roni’s mother who is really no relation to anyone but Roni– is really Ruby Atwood– another of my grandmother’s kids. She is mother to Ivana, Rick Sanchez, Dwayne Johnson, Paula [Robin Thick], Frederica. Frederica is also my niece. Lester her dad. Blanchette Rockefeller grandmother to Ruby Atwood.

Roni’s dad— Howard Freeman Jr. Howard Freeman sr. 100% Mexican. Dark good looking man. Brenda Robinson Moore Baptist– had his child– Cheryl. Hoda is also said to be their child. Brenda was also my aunt judy’s — Virginia Johnson… Howard Freeman Sr.. went to live with my grandmother.

James Brady found he had aids — earpiece saying reagan and was upset.. they tried to get reagan to leave….

the jury summons. I am told Doug Genzler had a clerk in Annapolis put the name in. I am closer to Glen Burner so I am not sure why annapolis. They said Don Evans asked him to do it. Evans and his people want the bag and me dead. I have met Doug Genzler. Ben Chintz Montgomery co. rights violation. I am told he is really not a lawyer but Guy Allen’s half brother. Guy allen is said to be Gen. Matthis’ son with his sister and the couple I met at Guy’s wedding– more likely Genzler’s parents. In 2012, it was important that another marine general explain Matthis was jewish. When I knew Guy he was catholic. His day time wedding was a catholic service– his late afternoon service was hindu. Grace went to the earlier service– the rest of us went to his hindu service. I did not know guy was jewish.

He is not a lawyer. Maryland– I have been discussing any number of things that have led to a lot of threats. I am told Aids something they want to give me.

I am told the fBI is working this– too many in the washington insured game are threatening me. I am not sure if it was Matthis or Evans who asked Genzler to put my name in– but it is said the fbi is mad too. I will ask the court to check with the fbi on this…

I am not sure why maryland continues to do this.. you will not leave me alone. my bank has the settlement template.. why would you do this?

They are saying a lot of calls into washington… general public not the threat to me.. evans, washington… maryland making me a sitting duck.

Just hearing darnetta wants it explained correctly.. Reggie Patel is her father. Odessa King her mother. Yes, darnetta has hands that remind me of indian hands. Some of my doctors [professors at bowie] had the same hands…. kind of fat and stubby. I thought she was part indian– this lines up. I did not know Reggie was her father.. is someone checking?

Priya David– think she has had some work done too. I am also told filters are really good these days.

Sep '14

do not waste my time again.

The local peach orchard is gone and in its place new town homes and one or two new single family homes. That is why our street has been been without its surface since July. Yesterday, they finally completed the resurfacing.

This meant I did not get to the bank on Wednesday, [they did a side at a time and I did not want to wait on flag men] but instead went this morning.

Why am I telling you about a bank visit? Because it never ceases to amaze me that my bank will allow what appear to be government employees [mostly black] to engage me.

They want nothing… I had a bad night. The ACLU attorney has walked by the house twice. Once when I was returning from the bank.

Why are black men trying to see something? I am not sure. I wish they would stop… I am too seen, too tortured and too tired of your bama crap… stop…. Surveillance tapes between 9:15 and 9:45 am this morning.. No, not a big deal– but does he work there…

I really resent the invasion to my privacy so government employees can play bama on my time.

No– did not start settlement process… all I can do is wait. Bama got on the line when I returned– and asked –”no you do not want to know me?”…

I am not here as a clown show… I am being tortured and denied basic rights… I go to the bank, I am polite and I do not clown shit… save it for your friends… I am not.

Bank, been with you too long… please get these idiots off me.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson– I never see you guys in the limelight for black causes.. No, I am not one. That said– too many black people– insured and playing in filth watching and thinking I am kidding… I said get off me. I need fbi/doj… not your bama asses thinking this is a game– or nothing you can do because you are too insured…

I forgot they said Sheila insured with the Trish Regan child.. It may have been she [sheila] was mad about aids… this is a fiction question…

You sent your daddy to my house because you got aids and not because those people were abusing him? I had no idea he was… I only know who he is because of the cspan coverage of the arrival of diners for the correspondents dinner… Some blacks want to think there is a good reason for this crap? I did ask if the clown this morning was related to sheila hoping to hold an account for her insurance issues… Everyone is walking [cure treatment aids].. tell her to walk. I do not owe because of the washington orgy scene… nor a person that claims to be of one of my eggs… I have always been HIV negative. told he was born with aids… Heart check is the way to prove that… cannot create plasma… Monkeys live in trees.. Folic Acid [one major component in Speed] and AZT come from trees. treatments for aids…

Known are to insured and clowns too prevalent.. I said get off me.

Jessie– sounded like Gizzie asked who Jesse Jackson was this morning. Could you check with Denzel and have that idiot [gizzie] get out of my ear.. asked too many times. not kidding.. Also tell her who you are.

PS– Bank issues: About 3 years ago my business bank merged with another large bank. Ever since– once clerk or another has tried to get me to change my bank account type [mainly the credit card associated with the account]. Why? My card acts like a credit card and monthly reports are sent to credit rating services. I use the card with most of my bills– including Amazon purchases.

I also have another credit card– I applied for years ago… I have excellent credit– due to this credit card and the bank credit card. I did not want any gifts from the new management several years ago…I go to the bank once a week for a deposit and I do not like gifts. I want to pay a monthly fee. I do not pay a monthly fee on the new savings account [believe it or not my bank charges if the balance is too low-- they really want a CD]. I know a couple of things about banking… Rock and his lawyer told me a lot in May 2012 when the deals were first set up.. because I am owed a lot. Someone upped my deposit limits around that time also.. I confirmed this independently… I can deposit a lot of money in my accounts.

I also know a lot because I opened my first checking account when I was 14.. I have had one almost all my life.

This morning was another attempt to get me to change my account type. Yes, I pay a lot in fees on the checking account but I knew that when the merger happened. I looked at my options..

Every time I go there they want to change it… I have said no often… It has become a contest as to which teller can get the credit… the guy that came to the window was not the clerk who waited on me…I have known her a long time..

I need the credit ratings.. I need to pay for the clerks who help me every week… Does my bank still have the template for the settlement? Why on earth would the strange bank employee continue to do this..I was polite… No means no.

The Manager and recent employee who helped me to open my savings account also asked again. When does no thanks not mean no thanks….

Did he ask me to switch this morning? No. When I asked them to provide me with deposit slips he told me they were changing to debut cards and trying to get away from using deposit slips.

When I recently opened the savings account they gave me a book with deposit slips. They have general deposit slips in the bank… I had two deposits this morning.. one for my checking account and one for my savings account.. how would he be able to handle the transactions with only my credit card…I filled in the deposit slips at home before leaving.. I hate people who do this in the drive in… I try to– not waste time.. So the bank can waste mine?

Tired of idiots thinking they are smart on my time… Yes, people at the bank know me..I go every week. I opened the account in Nov. 2004. The Columbia branch… the Hanover branch opened within a year. They know me.. I am polite– say thank you and leave…. I pay to have tellers help me– service fees… I am not being paid to have my time wasted.

I really could not call my credit card company and tell them off about interest charges on a cash advance I sent separate payments in to have them credit immediately. Most of the time, cash advances are more expensive than regular credit. I had an emergency and needed cash. I called the credit card company and asked how to pay the advances off directly.. they gave me a separate mailing address. when I noticed on the next statement that only one of the checks was applied and a cash advance balance was remaining with a higher interest rate– I was stuck… Kay of the senate called. she yelled. they thought it was me… I paid for her screams. I am told Law schools observing this situation guessed correctly as to why I did not call. Kay told everyone I was a stupid idiot and that she was trying to help but they got mad when she yelled at them as me… things I was told starting in Feb 2012 when I got earpiece activation. The cash advance was in 2008 if I remember correctly. Why– when I got the card my household income was bigger. They know I am a good credit risk.

I am too seen and everyone should handle my affairs? get off me.

My bank? I pay to have polite service.. I do not pay to have my time wasted.

The other thing… I have never asked for money out of my account at the drive in window. I always provide my driver’s license.. why do they continue to ask for my bank credit card when I am only depositing money?

Can you imagine what I would have to put up with if I paid little or no service fees? Believe me– most want to think they are doing me a favor and waste a lot of my time…

Did you ask for my IQ results? I was told in the second credit higher than average. People today, tell me I am smart. One of the reasons they do not want to let me go… Cheryl used to call me Doogy Houser. I skipped two grades and started college when I was 15. Richard Nixon said I could? Check my sat scores… I am really not that stupid. I do not want to give you carte blanche to waste my time because I get a free account… I want to pay… do not waste my time. Get off me.

PSS.. my dad and mom both have larger than average heads…My grandmother was King George’s daughter.. do you think they become royality because they are stupid? I have always tested high… let go.. and give me some peace.. I go out once a week.. I am screwed.. leave me alone.

Do you know how many times someone has told me via the earpiece I am too smart? Play stupid to have stupid waste my time? No thanks…

Kay, if I am so stupid– why would I call to ask for a separate address to pay off the cash advance balance? I have the cancelled checks to prove it. Not the email you sent as my credit card company about money they owed me they never credited.. amazing what the cia and kay can do with someone else’s email domain… Did the law school want to know if I was going to call based on the email? I did not ….. Kay did you try to set me up with the email… she was Jason Weinstien’s [US attorney] girlfriend… Got most of the story from him in 2013 or so.

Sep '14

Charles Rivkin…

In yesterday’s post I discussed a Stuart Halliday. Discussions via the earpiece over the last 10 months or so led me to believe he was the French Ambassador I discussed here. Why didn’t I look this up before now? Stupid…I also post “Fiction Question” with info provided by the earpiece.. they have the option to disavow. I also do not post a whole lot I am given.

Using the “grep” Unix Command on the directory where I maintain the text files on the Macbook for all entries I post to the blog, I discovered I should not have relied on the earpiece information for his name. He maybe using Stuart Halliday now. But when I posted his name on June 7, 2013 it was Charles Rivkin.

[I maintain blog posts in the form of text files in duplicate on my MacBook and external harddrive [and also backups for the site] for all entries I post.]

Why the earpiece did this is not important. I think I know why… this post just to line up who’s who.

Rick Sanchez of CNN is related to me. He is Ruby’s son with Gene. He has a son… with a blonde woman who is also a news media personality. That son also uses the name Stuart Halliday sometimes. He said Stuart got mad with him when he used the name for a promotional thing and he had to stop. I call the young relative “Simon”.

Others over the last ten months have all referred to the Tennis Match guy as an older guy that looks like Charles Rivkin. My young cousin [Sanchez's son] is younger and looks more like Rick Sanchez and his blonde mother.

A lot of the girls that get in my ear like my young cousin– but he is not Stuart Halliday… The older guy likes telling me how important he is and he did not appreciate me discussing him as related to the tennis match. He is also the one asking about all of us and the kid.

He is too high at the Pentagon and I am outing a spy? No… he has made a lot of mistakes over the last 10 months and too interested in my affairs and those kids that are not mine… I have asked the pentagon over and over to explain… most say they are not sure where he came from.. then chris and his son showed up when I was watching the Open… Stuart is all over me, the little kid with the marine officer dad, simon and ivana and not Chris’ kid? why not? Pentagon saying they do not know why he is doing this crap.. Not national security..I do not owe the little kid a trust..why does he need to manage what I do not owe.

I think the last post is important.. I had to clear this up…

Sep '14

Master of the Game….

  1. Chris Hartman marries Melanie Chambers soon after I arrive at Rockwell in 1985. Melanie a pretty blonde. Chris said he was a Naval Academy Grad. He was older than the rest of us… at the time I thought he was 34 or so. In 1985 I would have been 22/23.
  2. I met Mel Kaufman in August 1982– Pall Malls Georgetown.
  3. Chris Hartman had an older Porsche. Mel owned a brand new shiny red Porsche 911.
  4. Mel had a god son– Chris.
  5. Mel asked me to read “master of the Game” by Sidney Sheldon. 1989 or so.
  6. Turns out Mel Kaufman is [said to have died] also the brother to Phylsis Armstrong of WUSA. She is also said to be my mother’s. Earpiece claimed she was forced when we lived in England. Hospital visit. I did not know this but I am told it is easy to obtain sperm and insert manually so to speak… Julie is Victoria Beckman’s mom I am told. part of nixon watergate. Julie was not Pat’s daughter. Trish was. No wedding at the white house for her and David…. why?
  7. Earpiece is claiming a tennis player– Dimitov Giogor is the son Chris sired with one of my eggs. I just found out. They are saying Zeta carried the child which caused friction for Greg. I am told she wanted to.. I had no idea. Greg’s kid with Zeta is the guy on Criminal Minds.. not Breezy. Breezy is Cherly’s child with Greg according to earpiece.
  8. I am told Chris has another son via my family.. Erik of Bloomberg. Both reminded me of Chris when I first saw them.. April of a black news organization is supposed to be the mother…
  9. In 1988 or so Chris Hartman left Rockwell. I told him and John Winston my boss– that if I had to do the programming I lead the project. this was not as arrogant as it sounds here. As I said Chris was older but a member of my group and I was not mad with him. Chris was not a programmer. In 1992 or so he sent me a birth announcement for a son….
  10. jUdges have said far and wide I do not owe because many took eggs of which I knew nothing about and sired kids.
  11. Trish Regan is Bob Dole’s child. Patricia Cox is my aunt. Zeta is Reagan’s child. I am told she [trish] also carried a son for her dad. Raonic another tennis player is her son with Doug Masterson. Her father’s child is younger… I thought she was mad she was not a president’s daughter. Check with Sheila Jackson.. I am told that son has had problem after problem… Most in washington and Joe Kernin of CNBC know of the problems. I am told Trish was upset her father’s son– lighter better looking than Ranoic and she resented me for this. I never knew– and have said over and over I would have told everyone NO.
  12. One summer, a guy in a white cadillac came by the house. My mother and I were outside doing the lawn and bushes. He would not leave. My mother did not say she knew him and I never stand outside and talk to people. I had the impression he wanted to say something and at the time both his looks and abstract noise suggested he was related to Sheila Jackson of congress. I was really mad. within a month she had no hair. At another time I noticed Sheila in the lobby of a hotel in washington for the correspondent’s dinner. She had on white. she stood there forever with what appeared to be light mulatto or hispanic lanky guy. about six months ago I was told that was the son Trish carried. They were trying to get me to help with him..I had no idea he existed.. look through cspan coverage of the correspondent’s dinners for the tape… I thought he was sheila’s “white” son.
  13. One more– Does Tsongas look like Cheryl and Tyler Perry? I am told Tyler Perry’s friends know his son..He plays tennis very well… the rich can afford those lessons. I know Cheryl well. Look up Maxwell. Here– see this photo.

Enlarge the photo.. I first posted the photo here. See discussion on photo date.. Keep in mind my grandfather is Richard Nixon and look at the date typed on the photo… cheryl on right second from the right. I am next to her looking a her shiny new shoes. Jan is on the far left. Do you see Maxwell and Tsongs? See older photo of Cheryl for Zeta.

jan, deann, me [regina], cheryl, Sondra.

Chris, why insist Zeta? You decided you and gigor would own this software… I said no chris.. recently I asked the child if he had talked with his father when he thought he would tell me something..

Chris– not playing master of the game.. I do not owe any kids.. I never had any, was never asked and said no. I am told the Judges have lined up with me on this… get off me.

I could go on and on with this list that investigators can check.. why so many kids.. why is stuart all over the others and not Chris’. Why continue to tell me his is the prince… Zeta gives him princedom if she claims him.. I give him nothing… I had no kids. Did not know of kids… did not want kids… I said no.

Stuart Halliday on a lot. Stuart Halliday knows about torture… I have asked DOJ to find out why this continues. I talked about Stuart in 2013 when I was watching the French Open.. some sort of US government liaison to France at the time. Earpiece talking about him when I was watching a match he showed up to…

If I am trying to get out without telling everything said to me== why this? I believe this is important to my case. I wrote about Trish before. I wrote about Erik before. Believe me I am not writing about it unless it is important to my case… I hesitated a long while.. then I remembered Mel’s master of the game and the issue with the task… was Chris mad? Maybe… And then– there is a younger son…BWMC Deborah key… good looking little guy… father Marine officer… I am told he is the last… Stuart wanted me to let him run the child… Dad too insured. I do not claim any kids.. why. and why was Chris’ off limits unless he is already a part of the Stuart scheme?

I am owed a lot. I do not owe Chris and his friends.. they are pressuring me the wrong way and for some reason I believe doj and the FBI need all the pieces that maybe important…

I am asking for photo analysis confirmation on Gigor… Asking Chris and Zeta… told she is the birth mother.


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