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Oct '14

Police Helicopter

Recently, I discussed the police helicopter that flies at night. I first noticed the helicopter in the Spring of 2012.

Earpiece recently provided more information. There is a large mall in the area– Arundel Mills. The flights I first noticed are mainly because the mall is closing at that time of the evening and they insure everything is okay in the area.

There is a lot of traffic in our housing area– on our street. More than just the folks who live here. Also some of the homes have government personnel. Sometimes they sample the tags coming through the area.

The area is heavily surveilled– you may have noticed.

FYI: Maryland Live the casino adjacent to the mall is open 24 hours a day. It opened in June 2012. The helicopter flights coincide with the mall closing times– however I first noticed them as the casino was about to open.

Oct '14

The other outrage?

I was watching the Swiss [basel] ATP Tournament last week [along with the WTA Finals]. The professional tennis player by the name of Gigor Dimitrov was playing. They continue to say he is a relative. I do not doubt that, in that he looks very much like someone I knew as Chris Hartman.

The suggestion was made that a foreign leader asked to see him. Initially, it was said to have been on my comments to his father about my ugly ass. See It’s Personal for more on this.

Then, over the weekend– it was explained that Bencic is Faith Ford’s granddaughter– Kristen Bell her mother and Clay Jones [of rockwell], Kristen father. I did know this– as of 3 weeks ago– about.

What I did not know was Bencic was Putin’s daughter. And that, according to the earpiece– not only did gigor try to hook up with Ivana but also Bencic. Last night– asked if he made a bee line for her. I long ago– I said Ivana looks like my relatives. I was right. Earlier I asked Ivana how she happened to hook up with him. Angie Goff– talk to her. Told she is an ARmy general’s kid- Eric something. There was some discussion about chris and angie last night too. Several years ago– long before activation– she tried to tell me she knew someone I wanted to know. Chris from a store called Muleh [sp] in washington. Abstract noise at the time. I wrote about this.. search this blog. Chris should not be all over me.. He is too like Hillary in this… too much power here. Hillary and Chris need this.. I do not.. and not on my time. Hillary, has a daughter suzy. she had one of Andre’s kids. She thought Andre was my mother’s kid. He is not… chris had to have one of my eggs… why? Did he get one? please get him off me.

I am not a fan of Clay’s kids.. get the surveillance tapes from the summer 2014 forward. I did not know Bencic was Putin’s kid– according to earpiece.

Also, Gigor was said to have asked the leader if he had programmers to help with Qisoftware..

Notice is hereby given.. Chris Hartman should have flagged US Navy.. that said– neither of those people should speak for me or my company again…

As I explained– I do not play in foreign arenas. Chris Hartman– told you too many times.

Clay– what did FAith tell you to get me fired in 1995? I am told Kristen is older enough for this to be a factor. Get your kids off me.. I am told our government is confirming remarks by Kristen Bell and bencic…

get off me. I am told PUtin told Gigor he was not interested in regina’s business. Gigor should not be either… get off me.

Before, I started this post– I had just finished sending 6 faxes. including copies to DOJ, FBI, Circuit Court, Sheriffs office– Anne ARundel Co. Will provide content of letter to Sheriffs office later…

Oct '14

if there was no need to worry why did you give me limited service?

The woman over at the Anne Arundel Co. Jury Office for the Circuit Court would not transfer me nor give me the number for the Sheriff’s department division that handles prospective jury member check in for the Circuit Court.

She continued to say– all will be fine. All I wanted was for her to give me the number to the division at the sheriff’s department that handled the check in. No. she could not.

Let me back up and say the other night– someone said they hoped that I would become so concerned with this whole issue that I might comment suicide. I am a little amazed by this– in that the events of June 18th 2012 can be researched. I continue to ask the FBI and DOJ to look at this issue.

They allow these people in my ear day in and day out– and there is no threat great enough to nullify my jury service?

Anyway, I then called the Anne ARundel Co Sheriff’s Department and spoke with them directly.

Yes, maybe my concerns about the old 3.5 inch disks I have and the xray process are valid– he was not sure– but yes he took my name and the day of my service. I will also fax him the information I provided to the court, FBI and DOJ so that the Sheriff’s department in charge of security would understand what had been given to the other parties concerned.

Seeing that they are in charge of court security I have no idea why the clerk I spoke with today– gave me such a hard time.

I will fax a Sgt Van Orsdell [AA co sheriff's department] the material– plus emails and phones numbers they requested to insure the sheriff’s office is aware of the situation.

I explained that if the judge thought there was a reason to change the service only a day based on the material I provided– plus my request that they contact the FBI and DOJ– I was a little surprised I still had duty and that the jury office seemed I should not have a need to coordinate the security of my visit.

The whole letter screamed– I have a security issue. Both with my personal safety and business software. They gave me limited duty.. why would not the sheriff’s office need to receive the same data I provided to the court, FBI and DOJ?

The clerk wanted to explain to me that last week she was on vacation and had no idea what the clerks told her at that time. but she saw no need to give me the sheriff’s division number.

Yes, I had the open speaker on.

And when someone is not in my ear threatening me– they are telling me this was done to get the bag.

All morning– I have been listening to earpiece guys telling me the FBI told the court had taken my name out of contention. When I called the clerk said “yes, I see you are due to show up on Nov… ” Tapes will prove this. Why do this. In this case, unless the court sends a letter I should show up… FBI why are these people allowed to do this?

Everyone in my ear– agrees it is too dangerous. Why do this? The sheriff’s department said yes– good idea to coordinate– but they too confirmed I could keep my book bag with me at all times.

For some reason– my sister told me to tell them she was a FOP officer and this might help. I thought my sister was crazy. But why volunteer this information to me. I did not inform my sister of the jury duty summons. Did she see it on the blog. My mother gave me her suggestion.

My mother and sister are also concerned? FBI– what don’t I get here.. Judy Thomas– Homeland Security.. why volunteer this. By the way in March 2004 she worked for DOJ. When asked when they were polling jury members inside the court room — I provided that information.. I was not allowed to leave then either… I did not discuss it with either my mother or sister.. but they may have read the blog posts.

My mother did hand me the mail when the summons came two weeks ago. Maybe they were trying to be helpful… but my sister has always worked for dOJ or homeland.. and my mother did not use that excuse.. My sister came to pick her up Saturday. She told me she had other plans– Saturday and then all of a sudden my sister was coming to pick her up. Before she left– she gave me the information. I knew this would not work.. My personal safety and business issues should have worked. The thing was- my mother told me before she even arrived to pick her up.. We had not discussed anything about this since the day I received the summons. Yes– this should be a concern to many. Even others who want the bag. they have said as much… how can this happen again in broad daylight?

Review surveillance tapes from Friday, Oct 24th, 2014 through Saturday Oct the 25th. She said she would be doing this– and then all of a sudden my sister is coming to get her– and she said do this [tell them she is fop].. Get the tapes… I never brought it up– though I am worried.

I am told many have called DOJ/FBI to find out what’s going on. Me– I am being threatened.

When I tried to call the jury office again to provide I would be sending them the same fax and letter that I was sending to the sheriff’s department– someone hung up on me. I never said a word. Tapes will show this.. do they have caller ID..

All of this– why would I still have jury duty?

Oct '14

thugs, inc.

A lot going on in my ear.

Rosenbaum– US Attorney in Maryland, his wife a “states attorney” really? Wanted to teach me something in Annapolis. Teach me what? My life is threatened? People at Walmart know who I am? I had jury duty in March 2004. Teach me what? This the reason my name was put in, again. I am told he was asked to get it out– and refused.. His wife said no. Is any of this possible?

Do you live in Hanvover, MD? every night there is a police helicopter visible from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm or so. It circles. I am told my mother and I are of interest to many.

This has been going on for about 2 years now… do you see the helicopter at night? Circuit Court– I am told a Judge and the ACLU asked you to take me out of the roll call for jury duty because it is too dangerous.– but Rosenbaum and his wife wanted to show me something? Really?

Also the CIA is mad. The Counselor airing a lot on my cable network. Yours. I often believe I get special programming. Last night when I was watching I was reminded of the Bruce Lee issues. Green Hornet was mentioned when the counselor is talking with brad pitts character.

The counselor [the star who plays him], reminds me of someone I thought was a Rockwell Executive who worked on the ninth floor of our building in crystal city va. A Meetup I went to at RIPS in Bowie MD several years ago– has a surveillance tape of a guy in an expensive coat bumping me as I am trying to leave. I walked out the store area of RIPS from the restaurant. People from WUSA were also at the meetup.

Anyway– the guy who bumped me could have been a lawyer. I am told that the rockwell executive was actually tied to or the lawyer handling the issues with Bob Rostikies child. Bob married to Max. Lindey gave them a child from one of my eggs. Lindey had AIDS. The child died. It was said– Max’s son was too upset she gave him AIDS. They wanted me to say it was bob’s son… after providing me with some of the details. Chirpy [Maclaughlin Jr should be contacted for more info]. The guy who comes out as a bald headed ARmy general is Bob’s son. I did not get it was bob at first. Chirpy mentioned Chris too. I was unsure what really happened or if there really was a child. Even at BWMC when I met Lindy– I was unsure. I was told after I left– she was the birth mother.. she would spontaneously hug me. Tapes should show what I mean. Lindy looks like Natalie merchant… she is my aunt Judy’s.

Anyway– the reason they thought they could get away with the cover up– according to someone last night in my ear– was because in 1995 when Rockwell Fired me– the Bruce Lee son incident had happened in SeaBreeze. Said it was cheryl. Thought they could blackmail me and my family.

I never knew there was a tie to my family, even though I remember seeing the article where he was killed in Seabreeze NC. Think it was 95 or so. Saying Bob’s child died in 92 or 93. Also saying that was why Chris was not given one of my eggs.

Lot of noise right now as to who the tennis player’s egg belonged too. . I am not concerned. I did not have any kids– but it was offered as a reason as to why Zeta was given her own egg or her mother’s [cheryl]. I say again.. that is not my argument. I had no children=== I do not care who the egg belongs too.

Chuck Hebron was in my ear with his wife Miriam Sheppard.

Lawyers pissed off about the interest on trust accounts. Say a lot of complaints filed with DOJ on this issue. People who asked lawyers to set up a trust account, read the fine print. IF it says the lawyer gets to keep the interest– you do not have a case. Quite a few did not have the lawyer was owed the interest from the trust- in the agreements with the lawyers and many lawyers are mad.

Check with your bank. It is easy to set up this type of account. Because it is often a large amount the bank really administers the account.

Some lawyers are mad because it is in the agreements and their clients are mad. Many are mad because DOJ has too many fraud cases now.

FBI– I have several calls on my mobile line from an Al Edwards– I am told he is one such lawyer. Too many threatening me. I did not research online what the number would show. Soemoen in my ear– told me why he as calling… Does the circuit court of Maryland have all of this?

I am told all they needed was the cause célèbre issue which many in Maryland get. I am too known. Why– any case I sit on– could cost the Maryland taxpayer more == just because they forced me to do this. The appeal process. I am not owed a lesson from Rosenbaum and his wife.

Did he look up Driving Miss Daisy. How many rich jews existed in the 1940s. The writer– a Ulrey– something like that.. no.. read the fine print on his wiki page.. odd when his mother a “social worker” married his dad.. jews at that time could not afford drivers.. Look up Leo Frank [don't be fooled by the wiki drawing-- he looks black in that drawing but jewish in his photos]. then look up the hollywood studio bosses. Jewish from poor backgrounds with the exception of Zanuck. His daughter, I am told is Amy Irving. REad the wiki pages.. Germany gave them ideas. Most were vaudville, bookies. Harry Cohn– read his… there were not many rich jews in the 40s. and the author has nothing to base his fiction on… why belabor this? I am being hounded by thugs. and I am tired.

Jews took Germany movie technology and made a profit here. Non- jews got the cars and planes from germany… then we got mad with germany… Hollywood won.. read harry cohn’s wiki page– i repeat.. tired of these thugs all over me..

Including Clay Jones– and his people. Why? I will go into Chuck and Clay later.. right now- being tortured and threatened.

Why? told the CIA started the jury issue. wanted me in a wide open situatuion… the neck thing with brad pitt. Told DOJ taking out the problem– but I have yet to receive a letter from maryland… I need a letter. Not its taken care of in my ear.

The day I went to rips– look up blue bird driving school… Clay Jones– I am told you see that lawyer online often.. Your people got one of my eggs and mars and bencic do not like the nigger princesses playing pro tennis. Your people took one of my eggs? did you tell your idiot bastards? Faith Ford they are saying she is yours. I am surprised.. those girls should not be in my ear– niggering anything nor torturing me. Clay, thought I met your daughter in annadale, va. saying John Winston’s christmas party was at your house really.. Elizabeth I met that night was really your legimate daughter with Zach.. pretty blonde I met in 1996 or so. Why would your bastards be threatening me now? tied to FAith Ford. I have no prove of an incident when I was 12 and sleeping. I said no thanks.. now please get them off me.

And clay– I am told blumenthal, and glen close your relatives.. maybe you should give your bastards to them.. not to me.. I am the wrong nigger princess and tired of your ugly bitches.

Can any photo analyze Faith Ford with Clay Jones– ex rockwell ceo– to see if Veronica Mars and tennis player bencic fit? Not sure why these two won’t leave me alone.. said no thanks at the time of the US open 2014, Mars on when I was Watching– “walking the dead”.. the star in that movie is Applegate’s husband’s son… she told me. if Mars is Faith Ford’s daughter.. applegates husband is her brother. I do not owe faith ford. I cannot point a finger. I owe her? for what.. get out of my ear and get off that console.. Don Chedia– she seems really mad with you.. get the tapes…

Clay– I met the real kids.. not the bastards and whores… get off me.

Clay Ana Inanonic– I call her Ivana– tennis star– is Paula’s [Robin Thick] sister. My relatives. your girls are calling folks ugly.. really? John winston– Halep looks like you and Jan.. Bencic said somethings you may want to hear.. I am not sure why I have to hear them.. FBI– not kidding.. tired of those bastards. Too dark girls? Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Merchant, Catheryn Zeta Jones also a relative… get off me… see if your brothers want to talk for you. Bencic beat Jelena Janovic [sp] at the US Open this year. One of Jan’s kids… her brother is the president..


Salma– that’s without the plastic surgery. Now let me tell you why I am going to bring you up again… Awhile back I noticed the counselor in that movie reminded me of the RIPS guy and the executive from Rockwell. The link to you? I thought I met you in the elevator as a Charles E. Smith janitor around 1993. You said to me several times– “muy bonita”, Muy bonita.. you got some more? you were there visiting Mary Buffallow the women that raised you and Doug Rose?

Something else that happened in one of the elevators– as I was riding– the corporate executive got on the elevator and asked me what I thought of Dan Quayles latest remark… either it was the Murphy Brown thing about unwed mothers– ‘faith ford” cory on that show– or the mis-spelling of potato. I said– “open mouth and insert foot”.. back then everyone made fun of dan quayle. I didn’t but when asked– that was my short reply– not really thinking aobut it.. Keep in mind– Doug Masterson had a child with Salma.. the guy that was married to katy perry.

any reason– you are smelling messy— lawyer? He and his son on a lot… get the tape from rips… he bumped me. he looks like the executive from Rockwell.. not clay jones.. Jones was on the 12 floor. the other executive who supplied the cover up lawyer– on the ninth. we were on the 11 floor.

Kay the senator is with Ivan… Ivan a corperate executive I used to ask about all the time before actiation in Feb. 2012. I was having problems with the local jewish community not leaving me alone. couldn’t figure out why.. I used to ask Ivan what gives. I told him he looked like the jewish mafia– but I liked him anyway… then I found out his senate appointment– jewish Kay from NC is all over me and my credit cards… said he was doing a friend a faover fo rhis x wife. Kay told me I should have been sucking her pussy and nto her kids. I am told she is numb– first they said they cut it off… x-ray can see… Ivan– Rock told me the other night– that his mother did not go to college and that’ why she was a whore. I did go to college and I told him I was glad we cleared that up… His sister had my father’s child.. she was really angry with my mother and father. She is Paul Zahn’s mother, Ben Affeck’s and Brian Williams mother…

Driving Miss daisy really did not happen that much in the 40s– ivan… A rockefeller I am told did this to my eyes when I was 1.5 years old or so… Not an old jew that was a whore or burlesque worker… I want your criminal thug off me ivan.. I do not owe old jew whores… people who hurt me were, rich, white, who had my father’s kids and named rockefeller… not crazy jews with no education..

By the way– QT, Martin O’Malley– you and Verconica Mars having the conversation about “no sucky wucky” if you take her console– goes on the FBI tapes too. Please get your girl friend off me.. Asked her dad too.. I used to know him… Luke Wilson– did you know?

And Vericonica– I told you this before. I do not owe Faith Ford.. a jail cell if the incident happened in 1973. She was not born in 1964. Ask Karen Eldridge. I was born in 1961. I am two years younger than most of the people in my high school and college graduating classes. I am tired of your idiot shit in my ear… get off me. You look like clay jones to me. I am surprised you are her kid if this is true. She is quite pretty, thin. Told there may have been some plastic surgery– but the mole was not removed. the reason I got it. That said.. you have a lot of nerve. get off me.

What have I been up to? I used to think jewish people came over here with more education. I thought white people came over as criminals. Then I watched the Roosevelt from PBS. And thought about Redford writting in the way we were. Germany was probably using us a lot for there products and then we got mad with them. I was trying to show why– I was confused about the amount of idiot crap jewish people talked about. Not real stuff. Yes, then can edit a sentence but that is about all. I have been researching this. The problem– they had hollywood, did you know that in the olden days in europe if you were into acting you were thought to be of a lower class? That’s why I was asking Rock about his family. Rich and white. The men who built america also a series on the HistoryChannel I have been watching lately. This about [carnigee, frick, rockefeller, ....]– non-jews. Watch the Roosevelts. Watch the men who built america. Whites used to go to Harvard, Yale, PRinceton… not jews.. they owned hollywood.

The reason, I am doing this research– we are in trouble– and it is my position we cannot afford idiots. In FDRs time– those in washington were educated and passionate about why they were there. Today, most are uneducated whores there folks have put into place. they also make them insure. We cannot afford uneducated people in business. We need to move forward…. Hollywood made its stars insure. Bonzo probably started the AIDS in washington via Reagan. This because of the thug jewish guys who were really made with non-jew whites… this is not my fight.. What is my fight? I think the Navy knew there was a problem. They wanted to to help… Washington VIPs insure.. they cross breed. Earliest I can find- the 50s. I believe in a mother, father and me. My parents worried. There are a lot of bastards in washington with VIP connections. They do not go to school. Mostly they parents do not care. They also got aids– some are cured.. this is hurting washington. I think the Navy knew that.

the Jews– I think blackmailed on some of this and got into washington… We can not get ahead with Jewish people that want everyone owned. Then they do not want to evolve. My mistake, I thought they came over hear with religious persecution but with education. No– looks like Germany did not like them even before hilter but did not mind if they took their cameras. White people– non jews– ran their auto and plane factories here.. then there were the two wars.. Germany against us– cutting a long story short. Then Hollywood [jews owned hollywood] won and washington got aids…

We need to move on.. Jewish people trying to own me– is a mistake. I am soup to nuts.. I do not owe loud crazy uneducated people who tell me to suck their privates.. I owe them unemployment.. get off me… we are in trouble.

By the way, one more check. Every time I watch the Counselor– someone says in my ear- the blonde who sets up Brad Pitt at the airport is actually Max’s granddaughter. Her father is said to have hurt Lindy’s child. Her mother Diana [Max's daughter]. Why do they keep telling me this? Brad Pitt looks like he is playing — Max’s son in the movie. Me- I think I am Rosie. but, Rosie’s son in the movie is known as the Green Hornet…

This post has a lot of different topics. I am getting a lot of threats. Also being tortured by the kids.. Yelp, those kids are making me angry… Told FBI and judges are trying to get it under control.

Bottom line– I have done a lot of research over the last 20 years to figure out why I was seeing the things I was seeing. There are problems in washington. But a bigger problem– in my opinion is the jewish community’s interference with others in almost every sector of life. Done through lawyers [many of who are not really-- make sure you do a paper trail if you need a lawyer]. they tend to talk to everyone like they are a stupid 5 year old. even listening to Rosenbaum and his wife last night. It was easy to do what she asked rather than continue listening to her crap– was what he seemed he was saying. I do not owe an idiot female who is used to owning her “put upon” 5 year old. Listen to what they are saying. ask them why you have to insure.. I do not owe these thugs who think I am their kids. Do you? Ask for their resumes. are they qualified to own you? They are not qualified to own me.

Oct '14

Mastering Part Two

The first time I noticed a jewish matchmaker was in the movie “Crossing Delancey“, with Amy Irving.

In the movie, Yental with Irving and Streisand a match is made between the two females– by mistake.

In Crossing Delancey, I was a little surprised with the amount of insistence the matchmaker displayed while trying to get Irving’s character to date a jewish deli owner of the “neighborhood”.

No, I am not of the jewish faith nor familiar with the jewish culture. So the fact that they seem very pushy to me— should be of no surprise.

The problem, I started noticing this pushiness in my travels after I left Rockwell in 1995. To be fair, not really in 1995 [I spoke with several jewish lawyers in that time frame-- and though there were problems they soft pedaled- Roy Goldberg {he wanted me to take his contingency offer after he pulled my case from the eeoc-- fired him and asked him to return my $2500 when I asked to see the EEOC file, he asked me-- "why kill a tree?"}, Annette Rubin Leesburg] but more in the early 2000s.

I believe the local jewish community began to know who I was in 2002 or so. I thought they thought I wanted to be a celebrity through my family ties– and I explained no.. over and over.

I was a software consultant and wanted to be left alone. Little things. I was on rt 301 once visiting a southern maryland town with a community college- and a jewish guy stopped suddenly, and I tapped his car. I insisted we call the police. A state trooper showed up. I had a photo. I took a photo of the guy’s car and the state trooper.. I will check later to see if I have the photo. What was odd about the state trooper– he had the longest arms I have ever noticed on a guy. The photo was odd.

After my work became more well known– qisoftware, it seemed every time I went out there was a new jewish person all over me. I said no thanks each time.. I do not need an agent. I have a website.

There was a Diane Lafferman at Rockwell. I am not sure what she did but she was not an engineer. I think she was married to a jewish dentist. I think she was more into business initiatives. We had an omnibus contract so I had little dealings with her.

I mostly knew white men. Guy Allen now claims to be jewish but I did not know that when I knew him.

Back to the matchmaker… The show matchmaker with the pushy jewish woman has another example of a master. I saw an attractive blonde female who was slightly overweight as the episode in question began.

I turned away– because I cannot stand the personality of the show’s host. I think she is loud and uncultured. I also saw the guys that were going to be offered to her– once the blonde female had jumped through all of the host’s idiot hoops.

When I turned back– there was a carriage and the guy she said she was not interested in — instead of the guy she thought was showing up… the host explained sorry he was unavailable and I gave you what you should have picked.

I wanted to scream… what happened to polite people and the “Dating GAme”. Now some plastic surgeon’s work was screaming at guests about who she thought they should be and why.

She had a long neck.. was she a mastered person herself. I would never deal with anyone like this… when did this crap become popular… after jewish women learned to own their 5 year old kids? See the last post for more on what I mean.

I had noticed the matchmaker before. Dave Levine a client had been on her show. I did not watch his segment all the way either… I would never deal with a person like this.. the problem– too many in my ear and around are this person.. Mastered pushy witches that seem to think I asked them who I should be.. I did not.

I do not like smart women? No, I love smart women. I am used to smart white men. I had white secretaries. Jewish women over talk you. they are not really smart. they are loud and pushy. I listen well. Most people tell me that. I am someone who can sit in a lecture– and get it.. on most topics. even outside of math. I love listening to intelligent people.

Jewish women are not.. sorry. they only sound like they should know something. You should have looked at my school photos. My professional colleagues, my own way of doing things. I am more a quiet person… I never want to own someone else.. I have too much to do in my own life… You should have checked my IQ scores.. SAT scores..

Get off me idiot. Oh, and I am really tired of hearing about the jewish way. I am not jewish.

Side issue: Roy Goldberg, why would I have so many jewish lawyers in my ear trying to get me to use them in a contingency case? We– have been here. I do not like this, right? Yet, these lawyers have tried everything. including torture. My affiliates have the money. Not the US government. I have stated over and over I do not need a contingency lawyer. My deals were negotiated in May 2012… Why do these idiots continue in my ear… My affiliates are not going to pay a lawyer the funds the US Government owes me.. why is this hard for them?

contingency? roy– did they talk to you? What are you chopped liver?

Oct '14

Mastering… Part One.

What is mastering. It is a term I defined.

Jill of the Housewives of New York has a certain mouth type, so does Ducky, Barbara, Adam, etc.

A Mossad agent, in the Spring of 2013 explained to me why certain mouths look the way they do. But you have to see it in the elementary school photo to understand what I mean by the “mastering” term.

Why was I given this story? Harvey is said to be part arab agent– Harvey claimed that Jason Weinstein had pissed him off when Jason explained why a lot of mossad types had rounder bottoms. They insure standing up with guys… I wrote about Jill’s behavior before. Jason said Jill hung around all the time. told she was on tonight. did they hope I would say jill got her mouth when she was young? why are jill and johanna hanging around.. I told johanna– her mother owed her and jill– I told her long ago I stopped watching that show because of her crap… DOJ sue me for what? I did not know why her mouth then…. Jason– why did Harvey tell me?

I am told that the body language explanation for the mouth is this– the guy sticks his flaccid p*nis into someone’s mouth. When the p*nis becomes erect he does not move nor does the mouth. At some point– and this may take awhile– he does ejaculate and the act is over.

In one scene from the Housewives of New York, I was horrified that Jill insisted more than once, her daughter give her husband a kiss/hug.. not sure which now– but I wrote about it at the time. This post long before activation in Feb. 2012. and certainly before the Mossad agent explained the mouth in the Spring of 2013.

I always thought the mouth was related to sex– but did not really understand how.

Anyway, in another scene– Jill’s mother wants to have a little chat with Bethany and gives Jill a diamond ring. I was horrified by the behavior of these women and stopped watching the show.

In an episode of “SEx and the City” Hop, Skip and a Week there is a scene with Charlotte where a jewish mother wants Charlotte to date her good looking jewish son… And she says something to the effect– most jewish mouths in New York need braces– his does not. The show where Charlotte and Harry are on the outs– in the middle of her jewish training.

So what do I mean by “mastering”? Did you find the elementary school photos?

This is the story I heard about Kagan. Her father is a well known lawyer in New York. He married another woman other than Kagan’s mother. Earpiece said [was it Kagan? not sure-- she talks too much and I want her to leave me alone]– her stepmother required she oral her. I am told this has gone on quite a bit in Jewish households. Trista did not know an orgasm… Barbara in Meet the Fockers II– wants Robert DeNiro to surprise his wife and teach her. Waspy men I am told do not do this. Jewish men do.

Anyway, it was not explained if the stepmother’s child was Kagan’s father’s or not. What kagan thought was she could ask the child to oral her. I am told the child was pretty young and the step mom smelled something wrong. Kagan was arrested and charged. When her father went to clean up the situation– he did not do it right– because when big names in washington were looking for a pedophile lawyer for an appointment to the surpreme court– Kagan was chosen for the insurance court.

I told Kagan– her step mother mastered. I believe Jill’s mother mastered but not because I know that she made jill oral her nor do I know that Jill’s mouth looked like that as a child. That is not heredity. that is sex.

One of the first things Kagan did in March 2012 or so– was to offer kudos on my handling of myself when I was at the bank. those consoles can access any camera or any listening device. since I had been going to the bank since 2004 once a week when I opened the account I could not figure why this woman was offering me kudos. I asked her not to get in my ear again. I am told this is a way to “frisk and fuck”… pretend like someone is an idiot and give them kudos and wait to see if they get mad. I did not. I told her idiot ass to go get the tapes from the last 7 sevens and amuse herself. These people do this… I do not need this offensive person anywhere near me.. When I returned from BWMC, Rock told me he had not expected her to be such a problen ands she should not have sigend the paperwork to have my stay extended. He also told me he and david had hired her but later recanted and the reasons. He apologized. I am not sure where he is in that lie– but I am told the police have her real record and I wawnt her off me.. she is a mastered jew– that will not leave me alone. She also feels I should know her….. she has tried everything from why she is an in thing in Israel to why men do not want her.. I want her filth off me.. Lick her tick [she said this to me once, I would not go within 6 feet of Kagan let alone shake her had, why would I know her filth-- did she lose her clitoris too? Not sure.. told Kay of the senate lost hers.. both these women I am told-- jewish and hired because they are pedophiles. I want both off me.

Jason Weinstein of DOJ taught me quite a bit. His father was a Halsidic [sp] jew.

So what does mastering mean? I am well educated. yet I have a lot of jewish lawyers telling me I need them. I believe because of life style these parents learn to control their kids very early.

Then these people tend to think that if their smart kids can be mastered so can everyone else.

The jewish legal community has made mistake after mistake with me. I am not of insured washington. One reason I think they were allowed to get in.

I like many thought jewish people came over here very educated. I thought they simply stopped evolving and knew nothing about technology.

Then I watched a PBS series on the Roosevelts. That combined with an Alan Alda documentary about burlesque changed my mind.

But what have they done? They took over hollywood. and that was a great move and made them very powerful. Redford was a hollywood writer in the way we were. Margarat Mitchell, Hemmingway.. writers in hollywood were not jewish..

FDR was very smart. By the way they are saying Meryl’s’ washington kin is FDR.

What the jews owned was hollywood. Washington– stopped going to Harvard, and yale but signed on with Hollywood.

I am told many jewish lawyers are not really lawyers. By the way– if you have a trust set up for someone you love that uses a lawyers bank account– make sure the interest from the trust is being given back to you. Many lawyers like suggesting it is standard procedure for them to keep the interest. You paid them to set the trust up. It is fraud if they try to keep the interest from the trust.

Anyway– I hope to make this more clear in coming posts. Bottom line– jewish lawyers want to own me and my settlement– and for some reason think I am an idiot. I am not.

they have tried a lot of things….the biggest mistake is assuming I am their 5 year old child that they must own– and control so the child does not go out telling everyone about their mouth.

sometime after 2008 when I learned of deep throat I watched a documentary on abducted kids. One case was about a young girl from boston. I was shocked to she the poster the parents put up showed the child with a pouch in her throat. So did most of the siblings. I guessed that the little girl had told on her father– and he had given her to a pervert. When they found her– they got the story of what he did to her..It was horrific.

The point in telling you this? Non-jewish mothers I am told tend not to know about oral sex and do not ask their kids for this… I am told jewish parents do–both… then they try to control their kids… then everyone else should fall in line too..

Judges, lawyers and psychiatrists are mostly jewish..what scares me about this? Most of the judges and lawyers are not lawyers.. they are appointed through black male. a psychiatrist looks at a patient and declares– yes you have a mouth like mine– and we are sane.

The rest of us are left asking our jewish lawyer partner why he thinks we need to see a shrink– like the italian chef reality star in 1996.

This was the first time I noticed that. Then there was a segment with 6o minutes where a jewish woman was telling the host that the waspy woman with her had just left her abusive husband with her help. Then she went on to say what a needy person the woman was. I wanted to scream.

Did the jewish woman master her 4 year old? I am not 5. I said get off me..

I have only begun.. I said get off me. I am not kidding.. I am going to have the whole world looking hard at our history from 1900 to today..

How did washington let these blackmailers in… probably the cross breeding project. Very few jews have kids.. I am told gene has a child with a jewish woman. It was said Nancy reagan was part black and part jewish herself.

I met someone at BWMC that looked like a marine General I knew and John Winston .. Mooody/Moony… for those who remember my stay. I am told he is the son of the marine and john winston’s sister. He was older than me. I asked recently why they did things like this back then. cross breeding. It was confirmed that Erlhich is the son of trish and john winston. Halep the daughter of Jan an John Winston… John’s dad was very important cia. Angus is his brother. Elizabeth phillips someone from my 1977 class at arundel is related to Angus. Angus’ daughter was in a Cspan hearing once. She looks just like Elizabeth Phillips. John’s dad knew her mother. Samatha Stousr of tennis also looks a bit like elizabeth. I am told they are related.

When I asked why Jewish people were not part of the washington cross breeding project– I was given an odd answer.
What do I think this caused? black mail in washington…

Jew lawyers are really mad with me. I said no– and they don’t like it.. I mean no.. please get off me..

I am going to have everyone looking. Is that judge really a judge? is that lawyer really a lawyer..

I do not like being owned because a jewish lawyer wants to flimflam me.. My affiliates are not jewish..

I said no… You look around.. does that jew couple think you are his 5 year old? They don’t even want to date their own mouths– but when it comes to someone looking for justice– we are jew and you owe Regina.. No– I do not.

I owe you jail cells. get off me.

Why was the FBI in New York for the US Open.. those prizes were inflated. who paid? Jews do not own tennis. they own the us open.

They are making a mistake with me.

A Wilmington, NC House Hunters segment showed a son who wanted a house near his parents. Did you see anything wrong with his eyes. A doj lawyers was looking at the case.. confirmed your worst fears.

Kay [nc senator] told me — it should have been me– sucking her off and not her kids. I am told she lost her clitoris in the deal from the prison. then she is torturing me? Jason– is that why you wanted to marry her…

I am not 5, I am well educated– and I said get off me.. Not kidding.

I am going to show more examples of this.. We need FDRs harvard. Your doctor is what color? REdford was writing not directing…Jews were directing. look at the Roosevelt’s documentary…

they are not smart.. asia is smart.. jews are not. mostly they both like their kids.. in boston– only the dads. then they convince themselves if their kids can be owned so can you and i…

go watch that old reality show with the chef and the jewish lawyer… said get off me.. go watch nuts. go watch sex and the city… they are not educated for the most part.. the ones in my ear- are clowns. I said no.

oNe jewish guy keeps trying to vibrate me.. as if to say I can own you.. I know a water drip and have asked the fbi to get him off me… his parents know their kids. I do not need your help and my parents did not molest me… get off me.

Why so many problems with black football players recently? ask a jewish lawyer.. Why bonzo for reagan.. ask a jewish hollywood type. What they should not do is wait for me.. I will be poor before I hire a jewish lawyer… criminals that steall.. get off me.

Oct '14

Anne Arundel Circuit Court– Timestamp You May Find Useful

Over the years my frustration with Washington and congress was apparent in the posts that I wrote. In February 2012 when an earpiece was activated– I found it was even worse than I thought– and many were angry with me. Even their kids.

Washington has adopted a way that I would never sign up with.

Let me provide an example- Sander Levin is Tina Fey’s dad [fiction question-- but I think this is right]. He has another daughter– a blogger who I indicated I am not interested in knowing. I have said no thank you to a lot.

She, like a lot of kids of washington– uses her father’s equipment to bother me. If Tina has been on– I have been unaware of it.

This morning- and a lot of mornings the FBI have been running “sorties” [my term] to pick up some of the consoles when the folks who signed them out allow them to be used in an abusive manner.

This morning– around 5:37 am another sortie was on. The FBI asked the party to turn off their console so as not to embarrass themselves.

Instead– the party in question said “I want to kill this n*gger”.
{The internet police will flag the word- the reason it is written in the manner I have used.}

If you listen to the tapes between 4:00 am and 6:00 am this morning you will find enough evidence to support my claim of threats, torture, hate crimes, etc.

This morning– someone said– I just did not understand that using this console to vibrate her meant it was extortion. Another crime.

These are congressmen, washington vips and their kids.. There are lots of examples of this type of behavior. Please get the tapes and listen.

They wanted to blame me for aids/hiv. I never had aids… I have always been HIV negative. I did not even know about aids before feb. 2012. Most [in washington, I am told] have used the cure. Most of my family too.

Why am I still being bothered by these people?

Oct '14

Draft Anne Arundel Court ref. Jury Duty Summons

I plan to provide the following to the court, DOJ, the FBI, the US Attorney here and the Anne Arundel County States Attorney.

My name is Regina Denise Thomas. I am a business owner, QiSoftware [www.qisoftware.com- see state database using QiSoftware search name], and currently have any number of extreme issues which I would like the court to consider- as to why I should be excused from jury duty.

Foremost, safety as related to me personally and software I have developed over the years. I am well known. I have publicly documented many of the issues in the personal blogs I maintain here:
[1] http://personal.qisoftware.com/
[2] http://qblog.qisoftware.com/
[3] http://qisoftware-support.blogspot.com/

My business blogs are located here:
[1] http://remix.qisoftware.com/
[2] http://blog.qisoftware.com/

The posts in the blogs– should raise a number of red flags and the court asking DOJ and FBI to confirm. If not, I have listed specific posts which anyone investigating this issue- should be able to confirm.

[1] http://personal.qisoftware.com/archives/2012/07/entry_89.html
[2] http://qblog.qisoftware.com/?p=3918
[3] http://personal.qisoftware.com/archives/2014/10/entry_361.html
[4] http://personal.qisoftware.com/archives/2014/10/entry_360.html
[5] http://qblog.qisoftware.com/?p=3972 post mostly about something else however recent jury summons discussed.
[6] http://qblog.qisoftware.com/?p=3974 this post.

I am told the State of Maryland owes me a great deal of money for civil rights violations and harassment over the years. The blogs will show that I would consider this jury duty dangerous and another attempt to harass me. I have already contacted the FBI in Baltimore and publicly raised the issue. I am told many have contacted DOJ and the FBI in Washington and raised the same issues.

Further, above I provided a post about issues related to a June 18th, 2012 incident. Please contact BWMC for details. This was another example of rights violations and harassment by Maryland. The ACLU and a judge protected my software and the contents of my bag at that time. That is why the photographs of the police officers that came to the house that day were still available in my camera.

I have been blogging for a long time. I am known online. I am known around the state. This looks suspect to many. Please look into this. Also check with the FBI and DOJ.

In 2004, I developed something called the Blogger Calendar Java Version [http://blog.qisoftware.com/2004/09/dating-your-blog.html]. This software tool gave me a lot of notice, especially in the blogging community. You can find versions integrated on the blogs I have listed above.

In addition, I am the publisher at WiredPages [wiredpages.qisoftware.com], a news service. In its heyday, software tools I developed for the service were well known and used. I stopped updating the tools because of security problems and the incident on June 18, 2012 when I was separated from the proprietary software I developed. Asking me to attend court sessions wherein I have to worry about storing the bag somewhere is a big security risk for me. Also, I have had threats to my life. My home is under surveillance for reasons provided in the blog– and I am subjected to personal threats day in and day out. Please obtain copies of the tapes. I believe DOJ and or the FBI can provide evidence.

What this means, one– my software tools are known and the software is currently desired by many, if for no other reason than to claim I did not write the code. Excuse this adage: Ownership is nine/tenths of the law. Proving I wrote the code is important. I have security issues as related to my software and [2] personal safety issues– which I believe can be confirmed by DOJ and the FBI.

In addition, I do not have reliable transportation. My only registered automobile has historic tags, which I cannot use everyday and is in need of some repair.

Check my bank accounts. I have a $40 a week loan from a relative. You may run my social security and talk to my bank. They should also have evidence that a settlement template which has been submitted to my bank over the last two years starting in 2012 and through 2014 showing Maryland has a defamation/punitive settlement amount showing. The amount is in the millions.

Please take seriously the objections I have raised and allow me to be excused from this jury duty summons.


Regina D. Thomas


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